Danny Hope's Team Is Organized And Supervisory Comment Count

Brian August 5th, 2010 at 12:15 PM

For the duration of his tenure, Joe Tiller was infamously supposed to be the guy behind Tom Dienhart's bitchy anonymous quotes in the Sporting News. So it's good to know that the mustachioed Wilford Brimley impersonator doesn't fall far from the diabeetus commercial:

"We've had about 90 kids on campus all summer and they've been in summer school. We don't have a general studies major at Purdue so they've had to take real classes too."

This, as anyone who remembers the grand tenure of Garrett Bushong can tell you, is hypocritcal bunk. Purdue is an engineering college full of nerds that preserves a small section of itself so it can jam Big Ten athletes onto its campus. This is totally fine by me as long as their head coach doesn't take shots at Michigan for doing the same thing. Presenting the Purdue major breakdown*:

Gimme Shelter

Player Year Position Major
Aristide, Ishmael RS FR Safety organizational leadership and supervision
Cooks, LaSalle SO Defensive Tackle organizational leadership and supervision
Crank, Jared JR Fullback organizational leadership and supervision
Ezenwa, Nnamdi SO Linebacker organizational leadership and supervision
Flood, De'Ron FR Tight End organizational leadership and supervision
Foy, Trevor RS FR Offensive Tackle organizational leadership and supervision
Gooden, Gerald JR Defensive End organizational leadership and supervision
Greaves, DeVarro JR Linebacker organizational leadership and supervision
Holmes, Gabe FR Tight End organizational leadership and supervision
Humphrey, John RS SR Linebacker organizational leadership and supervision
Johnson, Josh SO Cornerback organizational leadership and supervision
Kelly, Dennis JR Offensive Tackle organizational leadership and supervision
Lindsay, Jeff RS SR Tight End organizational leadership and supervision
Lucas, Will FR Linebacker organizational leadership and supervision
Short, Kawann SO Defensive Tackle organizational leadership and supervision
Siller, Justin JR QB-RB-WR organizational leadership and supervision
Smith, Cortez SR Wide Receiver organizational leadership and supervision
Thomas, Tommie SO Wide Receiver organizational leadership and supervision
Werner, Jason GS Linebacker organizational leadership and supervision
Bush, Gary RS FR Wide Receiver organizational leadership and supervision

Carlos, Keith

SR Running back organizational leadership and supervision

Count: 21.

I Can Manage And Stuff

Player Year Position Major
Panfil, Jeff RS SR Tight End selling and sales management
Adams, Kyle RS SR Tight End Management
Barry, Dan JR Offensive Guard management
Dierking, Dan SR Fullback management
Carlino, Chris JR Linebacker building construction management technology
Shepherd, James JR Offensive Guard building construction management technology
Wiggs, Carson JR Kicker-Punter building construction management technology

Count: 7.

Basically Kinesiology

Many Purdue players have variants on lifting weights all scientific-like as their majors:

Player Year Position Major
Edison, Antavian SO Wide Receiver health and fitness
Evans, Albert JR Safety health and fitness
Higgs, Antwon SO Linebacker health and fitness
McDaniel, Eric RS FR Defensive Tackle health and fitness
Melton, Xavier RS FR Offensive Guard health and fitness
Pierce, Justin RS SR Offensive Guard health and fitness
Roberts, Gavin SO Running Back health and fitness
Williams, Charlton JR Cornerback health and fitness
Holland, Joe JR Linebacker movement and sport science
Kitchens, Justin RS FR Defensive End movement and sport science
Taylor, Brandon RS FR Defensive Tackle movement and sports science
Ballinger, Kevin JR Long Snapper physical education
Mondek, Nick JR Offensive Tackle physical education
Allen, Ricardo FR Cornerback general health sciences

Count: 14.

Majors That A Lot Of Football Players End Up In Everywhere

Player Year Position Major
McBurse, Al-Terek SO Running Back communication
Mebane, Eric SO Defensive End communication
Pamphile, Kevin RS FR Defensive Tackle communication
Brewer, Andrew SO Center sociology
Davis, Cody RS FR Center sociology
Gravesande, Waynelle JR Wide Receiver sociology
Plue, Ken JR Offensive Guard sociology
TerBush, Caleb SO Quarterback sociology

Eargle, Mike

JR Cornerback sociology
Bolden, Ralph JR Running Back law and society
Marve, Robert JR Quarterback law and society
Reese, Xavier RS FR Wide Receiver law and society
Schmeig, Rick SO Center-Offensive Guard law and society
Smith, Keith RS SR Wide Receiver law and society

Count: 14

Possibly Actual Majors

Player Year Position Major
Drey, Peters SO Center industrial engineering
Maci, Robert SO Defensive End industrial engineering
McKey, Colton JR Offensive Tackle industrial technology/distribution
Kerrigan, Ryan SR Defensive End math education
Jackson, Derek SO Fullback computer technology

Prater, Ryan

RS SR Offensive Tackle mechanical engineering

Count: 6

The Grand Accounting

Type Count Pct
One Specific Fake Football Major 21 34%
Physical Education 14 23%
Standard-Issue Cake Majors 14 23%
You Too Can Supervise A McDonald's 7 11%
Actual Engineering Type Majors 6 10%
Total 62  

60% of Purdue's declared majors are either in one specific fake major or physical education. 90% of them are in stuff like the aforementioned, construction, or the usual diet of communications/sociology. Danny Hope should stick to personal grooming tips during his public appearances. That is all.

*(Notes and caveats: Purdue's site was pretty good about picking out walk-ons but some of the guys without bios or at positions like third string kicker or backup longsnapper didn't explicitly mention it. Kickers, punters, long snappers, and anyone without a bio or with a really short bio that didn't mention recruiting rankings is excluded. So are the folk explicitly declared walk-ons. Undecided players and those who "plan on" majoring in something or another are excluded, but the breakdown of the planning stuff was basically more of the same with a greater emphasis on "management.")


lexus larry

August 5th, 2010 at 12:28 PM ^

with the guy below.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  NCAA Division 1 Head Football Coaches probably shouldn't try to say that their players SAT/MCAT/LSAT/Declared Majors are better than those elsewhere. 

Yes, even you, Jim Harbaugh, should shut up about how smart you (or your players) are...


August 5th, 2010 at 12:30 PM ^

It wouldn't be any better, but that's not the point. No one's claiming that Michigan's players are doing more difficult majors than any other program in the Big Ten. Purdue is making that claim (while taking a shot at UM just for good measure)


The point of the post is that the majority of Purdue's football players are taking easy classes, just like every other school's football players. Oh, and that Danny Hope is a colossal dick.

Yinka Double Dare

August 5th, 2010 at 12:24 PM ^

Industrial engineering?  Unless it's different at Purdue (which it might be), that's the engineering major at other schools that most engineers make fun of as being not really engineering, or at least nowhere near as hard as the others.

That said, I'm sure it's tougher than what most of their others are taking.


August 5th, 2010 at 12:46 PM ^

Same core classes as every other engineering program, but with business classes added. Much harder than LSA. We didn't carry our calculators in our shirt pockets, and as referenced earlier, had the cutest girls in our classes. Enough said.


August 5th, 2010 at 1:19 PM ^

Most of the kids I knew in IOE were there because their parents wanted them to study Engineering but they wanted to do Business.  And I can't make too much fun of my IOE former roommate, because nowadays he could buy and sell me three times before breakfast.  (Then again ChemE grad students come pretty cheap.)

lexus larry

August 5th, 2010 at 12:31 PM ^

In-n-Out Easy (IOE) for nothing.

Even at tOSU, they called it Imagineering.

And for the sexist, mysoginist engineer in me...the hottest engineering women (holy oxymoron, Batman!) were IOE.  ME&AM (Class of '87) had only two hotties....of course, that was the year we had 4 BSE in Nuclear Engineering...all women.  Of a certain husky quality.


August 5th, 2010 at 1:07 PM ^

Would it be fair to say in return that it really doesn't matter how many hot women there are in Engineering, because Engineering dudes wouldn't be able to get a hot woman to go out with them?

Completely untrue stereotype...I had lots of engineering friends, and some weren't socially inept..some were or could have been players...but it's just as much a cheap shot as saying all these other majors are cake.

Beyond the fact that anyone on here who is/was pre-med probably has us all trumped.


August 5th, 2010 at 2:56 PM ^

I'm not going to lie, was it easier than a majority of the other engineering classes?  You betcha.  Did we get made fun of?  Sure.  Did we have copious amounts of free time?  Maybe.

At the same time I have a good job.  I make the money.  I enjoy what I do.  I had a fun time at school.  I'm satisfied with my choice.

Also, since UM is the #2 ranked school in IE, I'm sure the joke exists everywhere.  I'd hate to be at a school that thinks their IE department is super hard and yet not really highly regarded.

Bill in Birmingham

August 5th, 2010 at 12:25 PM ^

Okay, it has been nearly thirty years since I graduated. But if I remember, LSA had a foreign language requirement (maybe two years). And if you were a liberal arts major and didn't want to take a foreign language, your degree was in General Studies. I remember meeting a classmate of mine in graduate school at Vanderbit who did this. And he was a very smart guy who got a great education at U of M in General Studies. Danny Hope is an asshole.


August 5th, 2010 at 2:44 PM ^

I got a BGS degree at michigan, I got to take upper level courses in Engineering/CS, chemistry, Film, Econ, PoliSci, Sociology, cosmology, art, animation, pyschology, sociology, classes in the graduate business school and the law school, plus I still took Italian and most of the people I knew that were B.G.S. still took a foreign language.

They remove the foreign language requirement because B.G.S. is intended to be a MORE challenging path that focuses on getting you into 300/400 level courses in many disciplines and you have the option of talking to professors and doing independent work to skip intro 100/200 level courses if they approve of your work. I got to work on an individual level with a bunch of profs at M and outline a unique and challenging set of reading and individual assigments to do on my own that were waaay more interesting than 100/200 level drudge. It was very cool b/c nearly every professor got really personal with the reading list/curriculum for the work and also came up with creative assignments, i.e. create a documentary film on Vietnam Veterans, easier said than done.

Some people employ both hemispheres of their brain more than others and don't fit neatly into an all math or all liberal arts path as far as education. I wouldn't change a thing about how i went through UM, my B.G.S. degree has served me extremely well since graduating in '90. I work exclusively at start-ups, my ability to write, create and communicate effectively allow me to fill multiple roles from biz dev, to marketing, to design to product management, while my technical skills and background also allow me to work directly with engineers programmers, operations people, etc. My job is always interesting and I have had the opportunity to live/work in Zurich, Paris, London, as well as spending time in Bolivia working for a foundation in La Paz and going onsite into the deepest parts of the Amazon rainforest near Amboro, Noel-Kempf and Madidid National Parks there.

I wouldn't trade my B.G.S. degree for any engineering, liberal arts, business or law degree out there.

Danny Hope Is an asshole, so is Jim Harbaugh.

turbo cool

August 5th, 2010 at 12:34 PM ^

ha! Great follow-up Brian. Danny Hope is a huge douchebag and likely always will be. I'm confident that Rich will take a huge dump on Hope and the rest of his Boilermakers on November 13th.

Wes Mantooth

August 5th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

This is the reason I read mgoblog obsessively.  I heard this quote and it bothered the hell out of me, but no way am I going to have time to break down Purdue's roster by major to point out how wrong this statement is. 


August 5th, 2010 at 12:39 PM ^

This is really making me re-think my stance on IU (never been) and PSU (Beaver Stadium is unreal) as being my only away games this season.  Either way, I can't wait for us to beat the everloving shit out of that classless, arrogant piece of fucking shit.

Fuck Danny Hope and the stupid fucking horse he rode in on, then tried to fuck but was denied.


August 6th, 2010 at 12:07 AM ^

Yes We..cough.. they Still have a ton of tickets and always will. We won't sell out any games this year. And if you talk to a fellow um fan who may or may not work in the Ticket Office. He may/may not be able to get you some seats that are not in the endzone. Come down and get my back when I'm one of the few students wearing maize+blue in the student section. It would be great to see UM represent as good as those people from that state east of indiana have the last few years


August 5th, 2010 at 12:41 PM ^

This is neat quote from the Hammer and Rails blogger:

Rich Rodriguez is terrified internally. You can tell the man is VERY uncomfortable. Sure, Tim Brewster, Ron Zook, and Bill Lynch have been talked about as being on the hot seat, but the brash RichRod of two years ago is long gone. RichRod said little of substance and the fear in both his voice and mannerisms was apparent to everyone.

Ah yes, that young, brash, cocksure Rodriguez of 2008, who stormed into the Big-10 Media Days, brandishing predictions of immediate national championships, and left the established Big-10 coaches fluffing their beards, clucking their tongues, and asking "What's to be done with this Rich Rodriguez?"

I remember watching him in 2008, when he said: "We have work to do. When we deserve to win, we'll win."

I remember watching him in 2009, when he said: "We have work to do. When we deserve to win, we'll win."

And surprise surprise, guess what he said in 2010? But this time, he evidently said it with fear in his eyes.

When we tally 600  yards of total offense on Purdue this year, I'm going to print out 100,000 copies of the shameful, probably suicidal game recap article from Hammer and Rails, and I'm going to wallpaper my house, and design new clothes with it. I will eat the hard copies for meals, and I will blend it into a fine slurry so I can quench my thirst with it after I have finished punching a Purdue logo for six hours every night.

I have never wanted to beat Purdue as bad as I do right now.


August 5th, 2010 at 12:46 PM ^

Did Rich Rodriguez talk shit about the classes that kids take at other schools? No. Hope did. "Glass Houses" is what someone should have told HIM.

And does Brian deny the claim that lots of Michigan players are in General Studies? No. He's objecting to Hope's characterization that Michigan football players take "fake" classes while Purdue players take "real" classes.


August 5th, 2010 at 12:52 PM ^

You took things out of context to take an uncharacteristic cheap shot.

It has as much merit as saying "well, if you're going to comment on it...what are ND's major breakdown?" Which has nothing to do with the point, or have any relevance, no matter if it's really impressive or a joke.