Damien Harris Decommits

Submitted by Brian on January 21st, 2014 at 11:28 AM


This is very 2013 of you, recruiting.

Sam Webb is reporting that Damien Harris is no longer a Michigan commit($).


For what it's worth, his mom says that "Michigan is #1, and that hasn't changed," but that he wants to make sure he goes through the recruiting process and whatnot; also Borges's departure was a factor. (His high school coach used to be a GA for Borges.) Time will tell whether this is like the Jabrill Peppers wavering or more like George Campbell. Nussmeier made his first stop as OC Madison Southern, Harris's high school, so Michigan is on it, insofar as they can be on it.

I suggest we immediately move Fred Jackson to Beverage Coordinator and hire Mike Hart but that's just me.



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Mike Weber seems like a very top end "4 star" type recruit, is at our pipeline school, and seems to be in love with Michigan.  I'd be over there with staff this afternoon if this is an open recruiting period. 


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i thought this was 2014, not 2013!

seriously, though, this stuff works itself out. kid looks like a stud, but if he is not coming here because of al borges, then so be it. 

SF Wolverine

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But, important for the staff to keep us on his radar, get him back to campus, etc. 

And, bonus points for knocking it out of the park on the field next year to demonstrate that we are on on upward trajectory.

The Claw

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I'm not up on this stat, but I bet there are several kids that commit during their Junior year, only to decommit and go elsewhere.  That's a long time to wait for signing day.  I think if he truly is a Michigan fan, and UM plays well next year, to include showing off our RB's and WR's, we could certainly get both Campbell and Harris back.  They committed once because they loved it.  Lets show them the love is still there along with results!  Stay positive.  Hoke, Nuss, and crew can make it happen.  Work, work, work.  Lift, lift, lift. And above all play nasty!


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The most important coach on our team is not Jackson. It is Hoke and he has to prove that he can win at this level equal to his final years at his last two stops.  Despite the titles, the HC is in charge of both the offense and defense. Coordinators do so in the image of their bosses. It was obvious that Borges did not use the pass effectively to set up a rushing game that actually could have been more than non-existent. Most offensives are built upon this theory, and that is the reason Denard was able to pass to receivers completely uncovered and waving their arms as they did on the playground when growing up. Defenses were so keyed on him that he could with far less than precise passing ability accumulate so much yardage in both categories. BH should have realized this, and by not doing so cost us at minimum two games this seasons, possibly three.  He must get over the dam 70s must run at all cost mentality.  And our inefficiencies on both sided of the ball the past two years indicate, to me at least, that RR was a far better evaluator of talent then his successorl. Afterall, the only decent season we've experienced since Brandon's latest experiment since putting cheese in crust has been due to the talent RR put on the field for us despite the many four and five stars that said no.  Stars ratings do matter and it's nice to have the roster littered with blue chippers, but even more important is to grab three and lesser rated 4 stars and have them perform at 5 star level. 


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If this is the result...we basically have to give up Harris in order to cut Borges loose, I am OK with that.  My only concern is, now that it looks like we won't get any of the 3 RB targets for 2014, will Nuss be good enough to make our offensive line competent enough to run the ball well and give us offensive balance next year and give us at least a 9-3 type-plus season?  I am very worried this recruiting thing may trend downward if we lost 4 or more games again.


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Meh, it happened.  There was lots of smoke for a long time.  We'll see what happens, but with a whole other year of recruiting I'm not super-worked up right now.

Mr. Brownstone

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I think people are missing the connection between Harris, his coach, and Borges. Borges needs to get on the horn and assure Harris and his coach that Michigan is the best place for Harris to go.


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              For all the people who bitch about only hiring Michigan Man, that's pretty much Mike Hart's sole qualification.  It's like people can't handle the fact that Borges was somewhat invovled in recruiting and his firing has some negative consequences.


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It has been said - time and time again - that the "Michigan Man" thinking is far less damaging when considering a position coach instead of a head coach or coordinator. For a running backs coach, it is probably not damaging at all.

We know Jackson couldn't get anybody to block well last season. None of his guys have played at a really high level since 2007 (unless you count Fitz in the second half of 2011). The guys he has personally vouched for in recruiting (Rawls, Drake Johnson) have not proven worthy of offers yet. And now he has had a significant recruiting failure. I think Brian, quite justly, is asking what he's good for anymore.


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Not to speak for Brian, but I will I guess.. From what I heard Harris is a Michigan fan and a huge Mike Hart fan. That he grew up watching Michigan and idolizing Hart; therefore, having his childhood idol being the coach recruiting him couldn't hurt.

That is what I heard, but I am just a guy on a blog.


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I hope we take Jeff Jones. Sam Webb said we are done with running backs but Sam is far from perfect. He thinks were landing Mcdowell still. On Damien Harris, if losing Fat Al means losing Damien then so be it. Running backs are a dime a dozen but no one is as inept as Fat Al. Go Blue!


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Sorry for the second-hand resource stuff here, but I was told by a friend that he talked to Mike Hart at Little Brown Jug in summer of 2011 when Mike was released by the Colts and wanted to begin his coaching career. My friend reported that he said he called Brandon personally and left a voicemail saying he would be willing to take a volunteer job on the staff. He said Brandon never returned that call. He ended up as offensive quality control at Eastern, obviously.

If this is at all true (I don't doubt my friend and he didn't seem to think Mike was just playing around), don't expect to see Hart here while Brandon is. Wouldn't be surprised if DB had him blackballed because of PR concerns due to Mike's, uh, quotable nature.


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department. If Michigan lands Peppers, and there is still time for him to decommit, it will be quite and accomplishment. 

Michigan seems to have the ability to generate a lot of interest among top kids but for one reason or another can't close them. Not saying they won't retain Harris in the long run, but this pattern seems to be reminiscent of recent recruting year patterns that predate Hoke's arrival as head coach. 

I don't recall Lloyd losing out on a ton of guys late, and I think that was so only because recruiting wasn't as high profile and volatile during his tenure.  But he had drop outs and so did Rich Rod. I remember Sammy Watkins, Dee Hart and Kris Frost in particular. And, of course, there have been others. 

The idea that Michigan couldn't get one of three recent rb targets to commit based on the idea that Harris was coming up behind them or vice versa, now seems an invalid contention and argument.  


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You simply cannot lose 11 games in 2 years and get 5 star kids. We need to win with what we have and then worry about getting the big fish. We have solid talent and Green and Peppers already. Every awful showing last year was a big deal and everyone needed to be freaking out because it ultimately led to this. No more room for error in Michigan football and the honeymoon of 2011 is over.


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Having two all-world athletes decommit (with re-commitment a very real possibility) is not the metric I think we should use for 'losing it.'  Especially when other (in my opinion, even better) all-world athletes are coming to Michigan.  The classes of 2012-2014 are stocked with talent and the class of 2015 is already shaping up nicely.  Whatever one thinks of Hoke's performance (admittedly, I am a fan), he has brought in an incredible level of talent.  If neither Harris nor Campbell had committed and Peppers, Ferns, Harris, Mone, etc. just committed today, then the board would be cheering and praising Hoke's recruiting.  This team is loaded and it will be good.  Admittedly, 2014 could be rough and that will hurt 2015 recruiting.  But, 2015 is our year and we already have the talent to make it special.  And... we have far more scholarships in 2016 than 2015, so even if a calamity happens next year we should be able to recover.

Kermits Blue Key

January 22nd, 2014 at 7:51 AM ^

Yes, it is very hard to understand why a fanbase would celebrate the school's all-time leading rusher - who happened to be an undersized, 3-star player who rarely went down on first contact, never fumbled, had a huge heart, and provided some entertaining quotes.



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and go 10-2, Harris will commit once again! We should have more top recruits wanting to play here as well. This only happened since we went 7-6.