College Football Playoff Is Brought To You By Lars Von Trier, Of Course

Submitted by Brian on May 2nd, 2013 at 2:23 PM

Via @mocomber, can you pick out the cofopoff logo?


You cannot, because you cannot decide if the current state of the NCAA is a Lars Von Trier movie or not. Specifically: Dogville, progenitor of THE MOST MISLEADING MOVIE TRAILER EVER. Kidman represents the athletes, the town the NCAA, but you knew that or have never seen a Lars Von Trier movie.

I would recommend not starting, actually. There's a… well… just trust me. Some things don't want to be seen.

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the Glove

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I'm hoping that they are only using the symbol as a template and that the major city who wins the bid can spice it up a little bit. An example would be the final four template, each city puts their spin on it.


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and I truly believe with the content that Brian has posted lately, that he is personally welcoming me to the offseason.

So, thanks Brian. It really means a lot.

[edit TNSLAA]: Not that the content is crappy (okay, it's a little bit crappy), but it does make me laugh.


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You guys really need to expand your LVT canon.  Boss of it all is very funny:

a failed, over-intellectualizing actor portrays this imaginary boss, and proceeds to improvise all his lines, to the consternation of both the buyer and the company staff, who finally get to meet their ghostly boss.


Hardware Sushi

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The creepiest thing about Dogville, to me at least, is John Hurt as narrator.

His voice is too similar to Anthony Hopkins, the narrator for The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The entire time I felt like I was watching a bizzaro Dr. Seuss book on film.

And then * SPOILER ALERT * dead, with some more Dr. Seuss narration.


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Dogville is a pretty powerful film.  We watched it for my Religion in Film class with Prof. Cohen.  It is definitely not your ordinary movie (it is basically shot as a recorded stage play, with limited props).

Althought, the metaphor of Kidman : Dogville :: Players : NCAA is a little harsh on the NCAA if you've really seen the film.


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Well, Kidman's character is
literally raped twice and then chained with a collar and a bell put on her like a cow, raped again, and turned-in to the mobsters she was trying to escape (though she does get revenge).

I understand the idea of the comparison to NCAA and athletes, but really the extremes of Dogville do not relate to the NCAA powers that be earning money off of kids who, for the vast majority - benefit far, far more than they are taken advantage of. 

Really, there are very few student athletes that solely create more revenue than their scholarship + living costs + opportunity to continue playing a sport, possibly professionally, are worth.


May 3rd, 2013 at 9:04 AM ^

We're getting a little heavy handed here.  It's not like these "exploited" players don't benefit greatly from the fame and glory platform that is college sports.  

We're still hearing from Jalen Rose years after his national fame at Michigan.  He went on to have a successful pro career.  Now he's a broadcaster.  Without the nation-wide exposure he gained playing college Basketball, would we have ever heard of him at all?  He'd be working at an auto factory somewhere . . . if he was really really lucky.  

And then is the trivial matter of a free top-level education, assuming these poor exploited athletes bother to take any classes.

If this is expliotation, sign me up.


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since I never plan on watching it. Now that I've read the wiki page I do believe I'll stick to that plan. Not often I find myself saying "geez" out loud to myself.