Coaching Hello: Al Washington

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Washington background

This isn't quite official yet but Sam Webb says Cincinnati DL coach Al Washington is telling Cincinnati recruits that he's leaving, Brandon Justice tweeted about it, and Chris Vannini is confirming Justice's report, so it seems good enough for bloggin' work.

So: Washington was a three-year starter on the DL at Boston College from 2004 to 2006 and then went into coaching. He's been a DL coach for the duration of his career with the exception of one year as a LB coach at Elon and a stint from 2013 to 2015 when he was BC's running backs coach; BC RB Andre Williams won the Doak Walker and was a fourth-round pick in 2013. FWIW, he also gained "special teams coordinator" titles at his last two stops.

There's conflicting information about where Washington will end up; Justice reports that he'll be the RB spot but there's other chatter that he'll slot in at linebackers as Partridge moves to safeties. If it is RB that's a bit odd since this is more of a Don Brown hookup than a Harbaugh one. OTOH, RB is a spot that's generally regarded as a recruiting-heavy one. Washington's young, has a good reputation...

...and is well-known to Brown, so that seems like a good bet to work out. BC folks weren't happy at his departure:

This is... pretty bad. Al Washington is one of BC football’s most important coaches, in particular with his ability to sell the school and bring in some of the Eagles’ best recruits. And as @BearcatJournal pointed out, Washington was the DL coach for Harold Landry, who tallied 15 sacks and may be an NFL first round pick this season.

We'll see how the rest of the coaching staff changes shake out. Michigan has at least one more guy to add since a tenth coach has just become official, and probably a few more since there are rumors of a wholesale overhaul on the offensive side of the ball.



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at least, not any more than any other top program from an institutional standpoint. They recruit better than any program not named OSU because they have elite coaching and elite recruiters working really, really hard to make sure they continue to have great talent.  And that's why they would want Partridge.  Have to stay ahead in the arms race.


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this gets us recruiting Ohio well again, but looks like his history is in the NE which is a bit redundant with DB's recruiting footprint.  Hoping he made enough inroads with Ohio schools while at Cinci.


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Is it confirmed that we were able to retain Partridge?

Regardless of whether he is coming in as an RB or LB coach, this seems like a solid hire in the youth and recruiting department. It would make sense that Brown asked for one of his guys to come in and coach the LBs, especially with all of his recruits now entrenched in starting roles.


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Finally got back in town and was catching up with some colleagues last night.  Here is what they said:


Looks like Pep is taking an NFL gig

Coach Mattison has told JH he has max 2 years left (actually a long/funny story)

Enos is IN - but not confirmed and he not in AA yet..

CP wants to stay, also wants to grow and continue to move up the coaching ranks.  Has multiple overtures to leave from big schools

Sounds like something is going on with Drevno but maybe not leaving.  Frey thing was going to be left up to Frey.  Willie got JH blessing, Frey is welcome back if he decides to stay ($$)

1-2 more coaches still getting figured out

Apparently the strength coach is an animal

Chase was always coming back, told coaches, Falk, teamates at banquet.

Bush Sr. is going to be a coach next year in some capacity.

I'm sure all or most of this has been covered in the past 5 days.  Just thought I would share what has been told to me, last time I wrote anything it was that KW was in AA, and JBB was awol.  Again I apoligize for the vocabulary.


I asked about the transfers, and attrition.  Sounds like there is news coming on both fronts.




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If Partridge wants to stay we should give him a bump. Unless someone is offering him a DC role we can match it.  He is currently the best recruiter on the staff and did an amazing job with a young LB core.

Nooooooooo to Drevno staying.  Dude provides nothing on the recruiting front, saw almost no progress on the oline outside of on run plays where the coaching is hit the guy in front of you hard and just overall has zero track record to indicate he is actually a good coach and not just riding coattails.


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JH won’t be messing with his d coordinator at all Brown has and earned everyone’s respect. If Partridge feels he needs to move along to somewhere like bama which position wise he will be making lateral move then so be it, but you don’t do silly things like promote a 3 year coach to co defensive coordinator to try and keep him around. Pay his dues and the time will come.

Mr Miggle

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You're just giving him the title to keep him happy? Either that or you are demoting Brown. If money alone isn't enough to keep Partridge, then why assume it's enough to keep Brown around? It's hard for me to see him happy about that. That Texas A&M offer would seem a lot more appealing.

I really don't think that's how things are done in the coaching world. 

If you want to keep Partridge, give him a pay bump and maybe responsibilty for a different position group. That will help his career. Demote your best coach and see how it affects your relationship with other assistants and even prospective hires.



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Hoke would come back to take Mattison's spot. Hoke has made his money and doesn't seem to be the type of egomaniac who will keep trying and failing at coordinator positions. He has proven to be an elite identifier and developer of DL talent, and despite his many failings as Michigan's HC, getting the guys he wanted to sign was never one of them. Dude is an ace recruiter somehow.

This post started in my head as a joke, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

All that said, this guy seems like an excellent heir apparent to Mattison. Just need to find a spot to put him for the next year or two.


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"Sounds like something may be going on with Drevno but maybe not leaving." I don't like that the door may still be open for a return. I expected JH to realize that Drevno sucked at his job and to follow etiquette and tell him to look elsewhere so that the press releae would say that Drevno decided to leave rather than say he was fired.


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Not like I have much knowledge on the matter. Seems like BC didn't like losing him a year ago from the looks of it - hopefully this means we're getting better with this addition.


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BC folks weren't happy at his departure:

That's how you know if you made a good coaching hire . . . how upset the school is that you hired him away from.

Alabama was not all that upset about the loss of Nuss. That should have told us something.

BC was upset about losing Don Brown. For good reason.

Of course, WVU was upset about losing Rich Rod and SDSU was upset about losing Brady Hoke, so the system probably needs some fine tuning.

For the record, we're not upset about losing Pep and Drevno.  If we lose Partridge, we'll be apoplectic.