Class of 2012: The New Numbers

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The 2012 Football Media Guide was released last night. Like all media guides it has lots of information reporters will Google/Bentley anyway if they ever need it. This one also comes with an extensive section on 100-yard rushers and 100-yard rushing duos in case, you know, anyone needs to write an article this year about two guys rushing for over 100 yards in a game or something. It also has a roster. A ROSTER!!! OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD, OBSESSIVE ATTENTION TO ROSTER NUMBERS, GO!

Notable non-bullets:

NO position switches: Everybody who was a thing in spring is still that thing. sayed

Baquer Sayed not on it again. This same thing happened last year and then he turned up back on the team so this could be nothing. (UPDATE: Confirmed he has left the team.) Baquer was in the Spring Game and caught one of those passes listed as "unknown" in the box score. He was a 2010 preferred walk-on, one of those tall, loping-type receivers who look like they're hunched over until they extend to unworldly lengths. He turned down MAC offers to walk on here. Tim Sullivan interviewed him on MGo a few years ago. Yes, that Fordson.

Devin Gardner a junior, not RS soph. You shouldn't expect him to be since they won't say until he applies following the 2013 season, but I always look anyway.

WDEs the Biggest Gainers. Brennan Beyer is now 252 lbs., up 27 from the Spring roster, meaning he has gained the mass of the world's biggest lobster. Space fact: it now takes as much extra energy for Beyer to jump as it takes an astronaut in his space suit to jump from the surface of the moon. Frank Clark is up 32 lbs. for a listed 260. In other guys moving down the line, Jibreel Black is up to 276 (+16) and Roh is listed at 278 (+9).

Holy Ondre! Ondre Pipkins, at 337 pounds, is the biggest dude on the entire roster. For reference, Will Campbell arrived at 309, Richard Ash was 320, and freshman Gabe Watson was 358.* Other freshmen arriving much larger than advertised are Willie Henry (6'3-302, from 6'2-270), Ben Braden (6'6-319, from 285), Erik Magnuson (6'6-290 from 275), Amara Darboh (6'2-218 from 190), A.J. Williams (6'6-282 from 270), The Funchess (6'4-225 from 6'5-205), and James Ross (6'1-225 from 6'0-209). Only RJS arrived smaller than sites said (6'2-206 from 215).

* "That's all?" —everyone my age who ever played against Southfield


On to the fully digit-ed freshmen!

No. Name Pos. Ht Wt Note
12 Allen Gant S 6'2 196 Nice compromise btw dad (14) and cousin (2)
13 Terry Richardson CB 5'9 154 154 pounds = 11 stone, $239 U.S., "small"
15 James Ross LB 6'1 225 Much closer to LB size than as a recruit (209)
19 Devin Funchess TE 6'4 225 Much closer to TE size than as a recruit (205)
22 Jarrod Wilson S 6'2 195 Spring
26 Dennis Norfleet RB 5'7 161  
29 Drake Johnson RB 6'1 203  
34 Jeremy Clark S 6'4 191  
35 Joe Bolden LB 6'3 224 Spring
39 Sione Houma FB 6'0 221  
43 Chris Wormley DE 6'5 268  
49 Kaleb Ringer LB 6'1 230 Spring - up 11 lbs. since
50 Tom Strobel DE 6'6 250  
52 Royce Jenkins-Stone LB 6'2 206 Winner of "I'm Ray Lewis" sweepstakes among Mattison LB recruits. Guessing redshirt.
53 Mario Ojemudia DE 6'2 223 Wore 53 in high school
56 Ondre Pipkins DT 6'3 337 He asked for 56 - for Woodley
62 Blake Bars OL 6'5 282  
67 Kyle Kalis OL 6'5 292  
69 Willie Henry DT 6'3 302 How did they miss a kid that size at a program like Glenville?
71 Ben Braden OL 6'6 319 Is this OT depth is see? Size: yes. Technique: unlikely.
78 Erik Magnuson OL 6'6 290 Same as with Braden.
82 Amara Darboh WR 6'2 218 I was so sure he'd take 15
84 A.J. Williams TE 6'6 282 Is it legal to make a guy that size an eligible receiver?
86 Jehu Chesson WR 6'3 183  
99 Matthew Godin DT 6'6 270  

You are welcome to see how wrong I was at guessing. Or you can burn that. You know what, burn that.

Number Changes:

Not as many as in years previous.

Name Pos. Was Now This is not the reason
Drew Dileo WR 26 9 Step 1: Get assigned locker next to Gallon. Step 2: Steal cloaking device.
Devin Gardner QB 7 12 Bought a Gutierrez jersey in '04 before he got his Henne one. Recently discovered it in back of the closet.
Paul Gyarmati FB 99 31 Inaugural "Name Legends" jersey, will include patch honoring Herman Everhardus (1930-'33)

Meet the Walk-Ons:

The new guys. Those listed were not on the spring roster.

No Name Pos Ht Wt Elig Hometown (H.S.)
3 Bo Dever# WR 6'2 189 FR Lake Forest, Ill. (Lake Forest)
6 Brian Cleary# QB 6'3 202 FR Detroit, Mich. (Detroit Jesuit)
18 Devon Micou WR 6'0 184 RS FR Ann Arbor, Mich. (Huron)
31 Andrew Offerdahl S 5'11 192 FR Fort Lauderdale, Fl. (Cardinal Gibbons)
46 Chris Maye# DB 5'11 178 FR Union City, Mich. (Union City)
59 Mark Lawson# LB 6'2 207 FR Ada, Mich. (Forest Hills Eastern)
63 Ben Pliska OL 6'3 267 FR Kirkland, Wa. (Lake Washington)
79 Dan Gibbs# OL 6'7 311 FR Birmingham, Mich. (Seaholm)
91 Kenneth Allen# P 6'3 205 FR Fenton, Mich. (Fenton)
91 David Mitropoulos-Rundus TE 6'2 242 RS FR Ann Arbor, Mich. (Pioneer)
95 Anthony Capatina K 5'9 181 RS SO Novi, Mich. (Detroit Catholic Central)
96 Ryan Glasgow# DL 6'4 285 FR Aurora, Ill. (Marmion Academy)

# = preferred walk-on. Interesting note: Glasgow is listed at DL, though the little chatter about him on the interwebs expected him to be an interior offensive lineman.

Counting Things on Scholarship


(note: Brink, Heininger and Kovacs counted as scholarship players)

31! Thirty-one scholarship players with junior (19) or senior (12) eligibility, ah ah ah! Last year was 18 juniors and 15 seniors; 2010 was 14 and 11. This year there are only 11 sophomores (since few redshirted in '10 and many did last season.

38! Thirty-eight players left from the '08-'10 classes, ah ah ah! This roster is already mostly Hoke's. Show? Show.

Class of: 2012 2011 2010 2009
2005       6
2006     8 16
2007   9 11 12
2008 8 17 17 18
2009 15 17 18 22
2010 15 18 22  
2011 15 19    
2012 25      
Total on Scholarship 78 80 76 74

7! Seven receivers on last year's August roster who are now gone. Odoms, Grady and Hemingway by graduation, Stonum by action, Stokes and Williamson by volition, Terrence Robinson by unrenewsion. AHHHH!

14! Fourteen scholarship players at defensive back, ah ah ah! As opposed to nine on the roster in 2009.

44! Forty-four of the guys pictured in the Media Guide with facial hair, ah ah ah! This has to be a new record since the '70s.

Team 133 Photo Day



They are Demens, Allspach, and Mealer.



(EDIT: Almost forgot:


They are Wolverines with lions' manes sticking out of their helmets, soaring through the air in much the same way Odre Pipkins doesn't. They are: J.T. Floyd, Chris Eddins, Gibbons U PUT IT THRU THE UPRITES, Denard with something on his upper lip that shouldn't be there, Roh's left eyebrow, Roh's right eyebrow, Hopkins, the Jake (love the Jake), and Bolden. Here's some dudes trying to get into the club:


T-Gordon, Gallon, Jarrod Wilson, Dennis Norfleet, Justice Hayes, Seth Broekhuizen.



Josh Furman.



Delonte Hollowell. Somebody get this man a bow-tie.



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...The Jake, but now we can love The Drake [Johnson] as well. And does Jake Ryan need an alternate cultural reference to the most obvious one?


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Lucky for me I was only a Sophomore when our team played Watson at Southfield, so I didn't have the pleasure/demise of facing him on the field. I was a 6'0 160 lbs not-very-athletic RB who I am sure would have died. /coolstorybro


August 3rd, 2012 at 10:33 AM ^

He's responsible for my brother's lifelong shoulder problems (Seaholm '99). Campbell knocked out two of their strongside guards before they took to submarining him every play while the all-Albion backfield (four guys played for Albion, but the QB went to Cornell) ran nothing but sweeps. Turns out in high school the refs miss a lot of chop blocks.

True Blue Grit

August 3rd, 2012 at 11:01 AM ^

Somebody's going to have to stop him from getting any larger before he gets to "Gabe Watson-ville".  Coach Hoke probably has already told him something to the effect of "lose 20 pounds or you're not seeing the field this year".  I was really hoping he could give us some depth on the DL this year. 


August 3rd, 2012 at 11:10 AM ^

If he's related to Snake*, we may have a player

* Yeah, I know it's Plissken, but that's who I thought of when I saw the name, and his flow fits with this thread.


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Woh woh woh!!!  Did I miss this or was there some sort of hype when the great John Offerdahl of the WMU Broncos and Miami football Dolphins announced his boy would walk on to the Wolverines??  


31 Andrew Offerdahl S 5'11 192 FR Fort Lauderdale, Fl. (Cardinal Gibbons)

Dude was a beast and a probowler several times.  Lets call this a possible high ceiling

walk on based on nothing more than his old man.


Anyone have some actual intel?


the Glove

August 3rd, 2012 at 9:22 PM ^

I do not know how anyone could not smile when they look at Mealers photo. I chuckled at that thing for a good 5 minutes. Gibbons photo for whatever reason just creeps me out. He looks like he belongs on the show how to catch a predator haha. Bolden's here is just beautiful, nothing more to say about that.

Blue boy johnson

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40% national representation. Players from 20 States are on the Michigan 2012 Roster:

Can you name a player from each State?

1 Arizona 2
2 California 3
3 Colorado  1
4 Florida 11
5 Illinois 5
6 Iowa 1
7 Kentucky 1
8 Louisiana 1
9 Maryland 2
10 Michigan 46
11 Missouri 2
12 New York 1
13 Ohio 25
14 Pennsylvania 2
15 South Carolina 2
16 Tennessee 1
17 Texas 2
18 Utah 1
19 Washington 1
20 Wisconsin 1


Blue boy johnson

August 4th, 2012 at 5:31 PM ^

By State:

Name City  State
Lewan, Taylor Scott sdale Arizona
Roh, Craig Scott sdale Arizona
Burzynski, Joey Carlsbad California
Magnuson, Erik Carlsbad California
Wile, Matt San Diego California
Zeller, Charlie Centennial Colorado 
Gallon, Jeremy Apopka Florida
Robinson, Denard Deerfi eld Beach Florida
Off erdahl, Andrew Fort Lauderdale Florida
Barnum, Ricky Lakeland Florida
Jones, Mike Orlando Florida
Miller, Ricardo Orlando Florida
Ash, Richard Pahokee Florida
Hawthorne, Brandin Pahokee Florida
Smith, Vincent Pahokee Florida
Gibbons, Brendan West Palm Beach Florida
Robinson, Marvin Winter Haven Florida
Glasgow, Graham Aurora Illinois
Glasgow, Ryan Aurora Illinois
Bryant, Chris Chicago Illinois
Dever, Bo Lake Forest Illinois
Schofi eld, Michael Orland Park Illinois
Darboh, Amara West Des Moines Iowa
Clark, Jeremy Madisonville Kentucky
Dileo, Drew Greenwell Springs Louisiana
Furman, Josh Annapolis Maryland
Countess, Blake Owings Mills, Maryland
Lawson, Mark Ada Michigan
Mateus, Kristi an Ada Michigan
Jackson, Jeremy Ann Arbor Michigan
Johnson, Drake Ann Arbor Michigan
Micou, Devon Ann Arbor Michigan
Mitropoulos-Rundus, David Ann Arbor, Michigan
Gibbs, Dan Birmingham Michigan
Gyarmati , Paul Birmingham Michigan
Esterline, Dylan Blissfield Michigan
Beyer, Brennen Canton Michigan
Campbell, William Detroit Michigan
Cleary, Brian Detroit Michigan
Eddins, Chris Detroit Michigan
Gardner, Devin Detroit Michigan
Gordon, Cameron Detroit Michigan
Gordon, Thomas Detroit Michigan
Hollowell, Delonte Detroit Michigan
Jenkins-Stone, Royce Detroit Michigan
Norfl eet, Dennis Detroit Michigan
Richardson, Terry Detroit Michigan
Simmons, Floyd Detroit Michigan
Taylor, Raymon Detroit Michigan
Funchess, Devin Farmington Hills Michigan
Ojemudia, Mario Farmington Hills Michigan
Allen, Kenneth Fenton Michigan
Hayes, Justi ce Flint Michigan
Rawls, Thomas Flint Michigan
Allspach, Nate Grand Rapids Michigan
Brink, Nathan Holland Michigan
Broekhuizen, Seth Holland Michigan
Morgan, Desmond* Holland Michigan
Kwiatkowski, Mike Macomb Michigan
Gunderson, Erik Milan Michigan
Capatina, Anthony Novi Michigan
Godin, Matthew Novi Michigan
Demens, Kenny Oak Park Michigan
Ross III, James Orchard Lake, Michigan
Keizer, Jonathan Portage Michigan
Reynolds, Joe Rochester Michigan
Glanda, Jareth Rochester Hills Michigan
Braden, Ben Rockford Michigan
Kerridge, Joe Traverse City Michigan
Maye, Chris Union City Michigan
Kennedy, Jack Walled Lake Michigan
Wilson, Steve White Lake Michigan
Backey, Al Ypsilanti Michigan
Pipkins, Ondre Kansas City Missouri
Chesson, Jehu St. Louis Missouri
Swieca, Alex New York New York
Wilson, Jarrod Akron Ohio
Robinson, Jerald Canton Ohio
Black, Jibreel Cincinnati Ohio
Bolden, Joe Cincinnati Ohio
Graman, Curt Cincinnati Ohio
Poole, Antonio Cincinnati Ohio
Williams, A.J Cincinnati Ohio
Ringer, Kaleb Clayton Ohio
Clark, Frank Cleveland Ohio
Henry, Willie Cleveland Ohio
Omameh, Patrick Columbus Ohio
Kovacs, Jordan Curtice Ohio
Heitzman, Keith Hilliard Ohio
Kalis, Kyle Lakewood Ohio
Avery, Courtney Mansfield Ohio
Strobel, Tom Mentor Ohio
Miller, Jack Perrysburg Ohio
Carter, Tamani Pickerington Ohio
Gant, Allen Sylvania Ohio
Wormley, Chris Toledo Ohio
Moore, Brandon Trotwood Ohio
Roundtree, Roy Trotwood Ohio
Mealer, Elliott Wauseon Ohio
Ryan, Jake Westlake Ohio
Toussaint, Fitzgerald Youngstown Ohio
Paskorz, Jordan Gibsonia Pennsylvania
Wilkins, Kenny Washington Pennsylvania
Floyd, J.T. Greenville South Carolina
Washington, Quinton St. Stephen South Carolina
Bars, Blake Nashville Tennessee
Bellomy, Russell Arlington Texas
Hopkins, Stephen Double Oak Texas
Houma, Sione Salt Lake City Utah
Pliska, Ben Kirkland Washington
Hagerup, Will Milwaukee Wisconsin