Chris Bryant To Enter Lineup

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I may have accidentally typed "Christ Bryant" when attempting to tag this post.

Per all of everyone on twitter but here's Tim because we go back:

Brady Hoke confirms Chris Bryant and Graham Glasgow are the LG and C, respectively.

That was couched in "as of today"-type rhetoric, but you can stop with the rumblings and bumblings now. It's all but official that Michigan's going to debut Chris Bryant on Saturday. Heiko mentions that Hoke also brought up Kyle Bosch and Joey Burzynski as guys "in the mix," along with Miller.

FWIW, I'd heard that Michigan was going to start Bryant against UConn but for a shoulder injury that week in practice. Parsing out how much confidence this gives you about Bryant's ability versus how much terror it gives you about Bryant's ability to remain on the field is left as an exercise to the reader.


Hoke said Jake Ryan has been doing some full contact work "but we're smart with it," in term of letting him do too much.

No return date set, so not this week. Indiana still seems reasonable.


biakabutuka ex…

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Well, what are Miller's prospects as a blocking TE?

And Funchess as a WR?

And while we're at it, lets position switch Will Campbell one last time from NFL guard to college guard, for old time's sake.


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I don't believe so, no. The coaches travel during bye weeks for recruiting (I assume) and don't do a presser. I seem to remember people being kinda upset about that because we lost going into a bye last year or the year before (2011 vs Staee?) and people wanted answers but didn't get any.


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Unless Bryant can't stay healthy this year, I think this marks the end for Jack Miller. We return every interior lineman next year and we will have some really good RS frosh ready to plug in where needed. Considering true frosh Kyle Bosch is already in the mix, I can't see a situation where Jack Miller can see the field unless it means he got WAY better in the offseason.

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Please let's not shovel dirt over Miller just yet. By all accounts the dude has been working just as hard as the others. He has plenty of time left at M, and anything can happen, including injuries. It's likely that we need Mr Miller again, and I bet he will be ready.


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Bigger holes, right?  Well, if those bigger guys are just as smart and more athletic, then it should hold true.

Lord knows, something has to improve on the o-line.

It's great to see Bryant finally get a chance to show his stuff on the field.

Go Blue!


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Just fyi, UM is the leader in the country among BCS teams (tied with Cal) for tackes for loss allowed at 8 per game.  Assuming 80 plays a game on offense that is 1 blown up play per 10.  An awful %. 

For comparison sake leaders such as Stanford and Louisville have 1 tackle for loss allowed at 3.25-3.5, or once per every 28 plays.  It is a startling difference. 

If the revamped line and/or just youth getting experience can drop this to 1 in 6 it would be a small victory.  So aside from the turnovers the simple fact once every 10 times we run a play, the play is a loss, have been the 2 major offensive issues.

I don't expect much change with Bryant in as he has very little game experience, but at this point just modest improvement would move the needle for this offense since it is starting at such a low base.


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The good signs here are:

[1] Glasgow is the best option at guard opposite Kalis. This says more about Glasgow than it says about Bryant. Glasgow is talented. He was given one of the walk-on scholarships.

[2] Glasgow has been practicing at center on a regular basis. The reason he started the season at guard wasn't because he doesn't play center well, but rather because he plays guard better than anyone else on the team (except, maybe, Kalis).

[3] In retrospect, this must have been the plan all along. Try Miller at center and let Glasgow play his natural position. If Miller struggles, then shift Glasgow to center for this season and re-open the competition at guard. Bryant gets first shot, but it sounds like Bosch is going to get in as well.