CBS Reporting Trey Burke To NBA [Disputed]

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It's been a long time, Henri, the otter of ennui. I hate you.


Trey Burke is leaving Michigan after just one season.

The Wolverines point guard, according to sources, is expected to forgo his remaining three years of eligibility and declare for the NBA.

Article also says Michigan's bringing Spike Albrecht in Thursday. You have permission to panic.

UPDATE: Nick Baumgardner pinged Burke's dad and got this in a text:

Benji Burke tells that "Trey has not declared"

I'll be in the bomb shelter.

UPDATE II: Burke's father also has a twitter account:

Trey Burke has not declared for the NBA draft. He is still enrolled at the University of Michigan.

UPDATE III: I have an unconfirmed email from a guy who isn't established with me stating that Burke already has his evaluation, that it's 20-35, and is gone. He's got enough of an online presence that I can confirm he's an alum with a plausible route to that information, but again: unconfirmed, not established. Given the way the wind is blowing I don't doubt it.



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get an agent, and when Sully went pro today I thought best friends going in the same draft would be really cool for them. I just had a gut feeling he would love to do this with Sully for some reason or another. All I can say is FTW


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This makes me wonder if Trey was ever all BLUE or just here because it was the best place that offered? Not trying to knock the guy, or anyone else, or be a Dick, but something makes me feel deep down he is still a Bucknut and used Michigan to get to the next level. Best of luck to him.

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If he's drafted first round, this was totally the right choice. But, I'm starting to think there's someone in the NBA advisement committee that hates Michigan.

Assuming Darius Morris could have been a first round pick by staying and assuming he isn't ever getting more than a rookie contract (a safe bet), he forfeited $1.5 million (~$3 - 1.5 million) by leaving early. Someone gave him bad advice.

You've got to think Manny Harris would have at least been drafted if he'd stayed another year. Instead, he's living off of 10-day contracts right now.

I really hope this doesn't happen to Burke.


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But it will. The NBA is full of good PGs, most teams have back up PGs better than him. Not only that, but he's probably the fourth or fifth best PG in this draft , and there will be somewhere around four or five PGs better than him in every class going forward.

I hope it works out for him, but I seriously doubt it does.


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Terrible decision by Burke, but Michigan will survive it. At least some of our European mgobloggers will have a chance to see trey play 8 minutes per game.


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How about Denard Robinson for a year at PG? He's about the same size as Burke, has serious quickness, and has a similar turnover (read: interception) ratio.


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Honestly, I feel he is less prepared for the NBA than either Manny OR Morris were, and neither of them managed to go in the 1st round.  Every draft is different, but man, talk about not looking at what's right in your face when making your decision.

Manny was a better scorer and taller.  Morris was a better passes and taller.  Burke is a nice player, but at his height, he is likly ticketed as a back-up PG at best, since other teams will create matchups to abuse him on defense.


I had heard some rumblings from an insider that there was some bad blood between Burke & THJ during the season.  I have to wonder if that had something to do with this.


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There is still plenty about Burke that could have improved.  He was a good point guard, but at times he struggled to make the right decision with where to go with the ball.  I have no doubt with another year or three he'd be one of the guys labeled as a "smart player" and that reputation could have gotten him picked higher.  Oh well, Coach B always finds a way to cope in these situations and I have no doubt he'll have a solution. 


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Burke is only a significantly better college 3-point shooter than Manny was.  From 2, their percentages are almost identical.   We have no way of knowing if Burke will continue to hit lots of 3's from the longer NBA distance.

Plus, Harris had to shoulder the load as "the man" which meant every time the shot clock was running down, he ended up going 1 on 5 to try and score.  Burke certainly did some of that too, but he had a lot moe quality options to pass off to than Harris did.

MI Expat NY

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Playing Devil's Advocate:  Saying congratulations is a bit like saying congrats to someone who has just declared "I'm going to go get a job."  Sure, that's a great sentiment, but you haven't accomplished anything yet.  Shouldn't we save our congratulations for if/when he gets drafted and/or makes a team?  At this point, hypothetically for the time being, you're simply congratulating a decision that might turn out to be a huge mistake.

And, yes, I played sports, certainly don't know what it's like to be able to play professionally, but I'm not sure how that would disqualify an opinion.


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Classic "lose-lose" scenerio here. 

So on draft night as pick after pick roll by and Isunga Isoolatvialian, a 6'9" PF from Eastern Boslonvia, is the pick instead of Trey and the draft ends with Burke going all MannyHarris and having to try and stick as a Free Agent someplace, which poster will be the first to say.....

"You can't be critical of his decision.  He's a Michigan man and he did what was right for him and maybe this will work out for the best" instead of calling it like it truly is and saying "Burke totally f'd himself. Like Harris and Morris before him."

Way way way too much smoke billowing out the windows here.  He is GONE.

EDIT: How ironic.  Looks like we already have a candidate signed up for the honors (see post directly above mine)


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Right because it's better to be anonymous internet tough guy and say "This dumb ass.  Why the hell didn't he listen to me when I told him he wouldn't get drafted."  This is the reason I don't like posting on this blog.  It is filled with people who most likely have never played sports in their life and have no idea what it is like to fulfill a lifelong goal of getting paid to play you favorite sport.


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Hey MgoLogan....

I'm 52 and own my own business.  A few years ago a good friend of mine got upset when he wasnt promoted to partner in the firm he was working at and wanted to quit in protest.  I told him "dont be stupid-as upset as you are, stay put until you find something better cause quitting in anger will just hurt you and your family.  Not the company."

I told him that not because I dont like him but because i do and i didnt want my friend to make a decison that would hurt him.  I think Trey going pro now will hurt him (forget the team here) as an undrafted Free Agent has a very, very short shelf life in the NBA.

So was a collegiate athlete? No.  I was a student at U of M and a fan...that's it. And as far as downvoting you dont get all riled up over it.  One - they dont matter anymore and two - it wasnt me. 


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I apologize to you first for my immature remarks.  I became extremely frustrated today reading several comments directed at Trey.  I was in a similar to position to Trey and received very similar feedback from the local fans.  Regardless, I should not have responded to you in the fashion in which I did and for that, I truly am sorry.


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but there are people like you who also fail to see the other side.  true, burke turning pro is his dream.  but he could be putting his heart before his head.  ya, he "may" get drafted this year.  but if he doesn't, then what?  it is very difficult to make it to the nba undrafted.  manny is probably an exception, but he is still up and down between the D League.

his draft stock is much more likely to be higher next year:  his game should improve, several players stayed in college an extra year this past year due to lockout potential, UM will have better front-court talent for burke to showoff his assists and give himself easier shots.

there just seem to be more evidence to stay than jump.


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His draft stock will not improve - the NBA doesn't draft on production, they draft on potential.

Staying in college will not make him taller.

Staying in college will not improve his quickness.

He has already demonstrated elite floor awareness, strong leadership, and an above average stroke.

MI Expat NY

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First, that's not true, if it were the NBA never would have instituted the one and done rule, and you'd have an MLB model for drafting.  

Second, where it is somewhat true, is drafting of big men.  As the saying goes, you can't teach size.  

Third, the general thinking these days is that big men develop faster in the NBA, while guards develop faster in college.  I think the difference is that young post players develop more with one on one drills.  Guards develop more with playing, something that the 11th or 12th man on the bench doesn't do much of.

Burke won't get taller, but he can cerntainly get quicker, and he can certainly improve pretty much every aspect of his game.  A little improvement would go a long way to advancing his NBA dreams.


MI Expat NY

April 4th, 2012 at 5:50 PM ^

Frankly, Marquis Teague is the only one of the three that put up inferior numbers to Burke, and I'm not sure that's a fair comparison when Teague was playing on a virtual all-star team.  Did you watch him play?  He's pretty good.  He's also likely to go a mid-late first round draft pick, who in my opinion, would benefit from another year in school to show that he could handle more of the load.