CBS Reporting Trey Burke To NBA [Disputed]

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It's been a long time, Henri, the otter of ennui. I hate you.


Trey Burke is leaving Michigan after just one season.

The Wolverines point guard, according to sources, is expected to forgo his remaining three years of eligibility and declare for the NBA.

Article also says Michigan's bringing Spike Albrecht in Thursday. You have permission to panic.

UPDATE: Nick Baumgardner pinged Burke's dad and got this in a text:

Benji Burke tells that "Trey has not declared"

I'll be in the bomb shelter.

UPDATE II: Burke's father also has a twitter account:

Trey Burke has not declared for the NBA draft. He is still enrolled at the University of Michigan.

UPDATE III: I have an unconfirmed email from a guy who isn't established with me stating that Burke already has his evaluation, that it's 20-35, and is gone. He's got enough of an online presence that I can confirm he's an alum with a plausible route to that information, but again: unconfirmed, not established. Given the way the wind is blowing I don't doubt it.



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It's not too many cases to be a coincidence.  It's (maybe) three guys. 

Let's also not forget that a lot of kids are going to look at Michigan as a place where you can show up as a three-ish star player ( a PG, at least) and turn yourself into NBA material pretty quickly.  I realize that Morris wasn't drafted, but he is in the league.  In 2009, nobody would have told you that Morris would be in the league this season...The same goes for Burke.  We were just hoping that he could halfway fill Morris's shoes at the beginning of the year.  Now he's at least potentially NBA material. 


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Sometimes I really hate when average joes post on here with no idea what theyre talking about.  1) Morris was drafted 2nd round 41st overall. 2) D-league is not the league.  3) Morris was a 4 star, burke was a 4 star to scout, just not rivals.  4) If you followed recruits at all especially an ohio one since im guessing youre from dayton, ohio then you would have known that MR. BASKETBALL OHIO is a pretty big deal and that burke was expected to a lot.  So case in point. 


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Being tagged a troll or an idiot is not "policing"... that's just people expressing their opinion, whether they're right or wrong. The only real policing that goes on here is the application of banhammers, which you haven't gotten, or thread-closing.



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Ol' Matt doesn't see too good.  Is that who you are?

You're right, of course, about Morris.  I forgot that he went in the second round (which helps my point).  Morris is back with the Lakers, though.

Morris was also a three star on Scout, and Burke was a three star on Rivals.  I said, "three-ish" stars, so there you go. 

No one expected Burke to become even a potential member of the this year's NBA draft.  He was going to go to Penn St.!  Being Mr. Basketball in a state doesn't mean you're the best pro prospect. 

All of this said, I'm sorry if I offended you somehow, oh great guru.


Average Joe


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Did you actually read my post or just respond thinking you knew what I said? I said being Mr Basketball doesn't mean shit when there is no OSU offer and you don't have any other offers. 4 guys on your list actually went to OSU, so you point is already shit. On top of that, you listed the arguably the best player in the NBA who didn't go to college and a guy who got paid to go to USC. Plus, what the fuck does Urban Meyer have to do with anything? In short, you have no idea what you are talking about


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But WHY AREN'T WE ALLOWED TO HAVE NICE THINGS?  This is the 100% worst thing ever.  I want to cry.  And drink.  And not care if I cry into my drink.

Damn it all to hell.

MMB 82

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In a glass of neat single-malt scotch is the proper way to drink it. The water combines with esters in the scotch and makes it breathe, not unlike getting a red wine to breathe. The Scotts themselves call it "Angel's Tears." Just a helpful comment for those of us about to kill the pain in style.......


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why it's better to stay in school and improve your game.  No offense to TB, but starting at UM next season and playing the tournament next season better than riding the pine or not making a team at all next year?


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Not that I wouldn't love to see Burke come back, but playing devil's advocate, I can see how riding the bench and making half a million a year could be more appealing than having to go to class and stuff.

That said, I really wish he would come back, develop his game and be a higher pick in next year's draft.  He'd probably end up with a higher net worth two years from now even after not getting paid for one of those years.


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Sure, but if you prove out in college and improve your draft pick then you insure a longer NBA career and thus=more $. You can't tell me Morris made more money leaving for the pros when he did rather than staying and establishing himself. In the short run, maybe, in the long run? The competition at the top rem,ains the same. Whether you go in early, less prepared, or later may make or break your career.

General Mobius

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I agree 100%, but that's a different point. I think education is very valuable, but I don't think a year of it is worth $500,000. If coming back means you make an extra $1,000,000 when you leave, then I like that math a lot.

(Also, I think that math applies here. Trey is not really ready to go. But again, it doesn't have anything to do with getting an education.)


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Fair point. Education in general is another matter. However I don't imagine many other contexts where you get offered 500K to leave school early, and I imagine they might have an immediate gain/long-term return gap as well. But I take your point.


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It's a good thing the NBA doesn't have a 1-year maximum career, then.

500k is what I'll make in 10ish years.  So, yeah, let's not act like this is not a sound financial move, because it is a great financial move.  It could be astronomical if he stays and is a lotto pick, but this is a better career move than most college students have the opportunity to take.


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it's not sound financially at all.  by making $500k in one year, he'll pay a lot more in taxes than you would by making it in 10 years.  plus he has added expenses that you don't, like an agent.

more importantly, he doesn't have anything to fall back on if his career is a bust.  this is a sound financial move if you're certain that you're going to make it in the NBA and that you're going to make more than just one year's contract money.  otherwise, it's more similar to winning $500k in the lottery at age 20 and then retiring.


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Is about the same ($325k for the one year or $332k over 10 years).  This assumes 3% discount, 35% tax rate for Trey's one year, and 22% effective tax rate for the $50k/year.  Those are pretty favorable assumptions towards not leaving.  I think the ETR over 10 years could be higher and the 3% discount is pretty damn low.  More importantly, this assumes that Trey would make no money in any of the other 9 years, which is not at all realistic.

Fact is, if it doesn't work out in the NBA, he can go to Europe and earn $80k a year.  In the off-season, he can take classes towards a degree.  I don't think there is a way you can splice this and think that it isn't a good financial decision, if he can make that $500k in the first year. To me, that's still a pretty big if.

Best of luck Trey!  We'll always have MSU 2012, Part I. 



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There is no guarantee that his draft stock is as high next year.  The main knock against him is his height which is unlikely to change.  If he comes back he is risking injury, a stronger pg class, or having a bad year.  500k is no guarantee next year.

French West Indian

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And the cost of tuition these days is crazy.  With all of those student loans for another year of school, why risk it?

And you know you can't get rid of student loan debt through bankruptcy either.  You are stuck paying that forever, even if you get cut my an NBA team and can't find a job.

So, yeah, probably a good idea to skip school and start getting paid.


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Ok best case scenario for a 5'10'' undersized point guard is he gets drafted maybe second round and plays in the D-league.  Yea he makes league minimum for 3 years and then goes overseas and makes 100k for a couple years before giving it up.  Now if he stays for another 2-3 years, he develops his niche in the league and gets experience with some top talent before the leap to the nba.  First round pick now making a couple million for 4-5 years and if he isnt going to make it he atleast got a better shot and made more money.  So anyone point out money as the reason is wrong.


April 4th, 2012 at 4:24 PM ^

Who's to say he'd develop better at Michigan?  At Michigan there are practice limits, school that takes up time, his practice competition is not what he'll get professionally (especially with our point guard depth).

By every measure except the 30 games would get at UM next (and he may or may not get those or many more in the NBA/NBDL), he can develop better and faster at the next level.

I want him to stay, but this is a fine career choice if he makes it.


April 4th, 2012 at 3:26 PM ^

Staying an extra year in college does not help your draft stock.  If you intend to be a professional athlete, it makes sense to start earning as early as possible because your productive years are obviously limited.  He's not going to be 6'6" in two years, so he might as well start now.


April 4th, 2012 at 3:26 PM ^

Red's lost more than 20 of his best players to early entry... why should basketball be immune?

Next time we have an extended thread about some recruit's assertion that "education is very important to me" and therefore of course he'll choose Michigan because our education is so much more fantastic than an education at MSU or OSU, I'll laugh, because it doesn't mean a damn thing to most of the high-profile recruits we get in our major sports. Most of them are planning on staying here only as long as it takes to burnish their credentials sufficiently for the pro scouts, and not one second longer. The classroom thing is strictly something they have to endure until they leave.

Bando Calrissian

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Except for the fact that hockey is a different animal.  You've been drafted, and you have a team and a GM who can tell you exactly what they want to do with you and how much you'll be paid.  Burke, and all basketball players who bolt early, are taking a calculated risk on where they'll be taken in the draft, which then comes with different situations in terms of playing time, contracts, etc.

Comparing this to the annual Michigan Hockey Summer is a bit apples-and-oranges.