Burke Departure: Possible

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Trey Burke may have said he'd be back next year in the immediate aftermath of Michigan's ouster from the NCAA tourney, but those things are always subject to change once the emotion of a tough loss wears off.

It has, and now Burke's dad is saying stuff like this:

"We figured we had to at least see what's going on," Benji said. "That's where we're at. We're wanting to see where we're at and go from there.

"Trey just got to Ann Arbor. We just got here, and now we're talking about him leaving. It's just tough, it's a tough decision but hopefully we'll be back in Crisler this year. ... As of now, we're coming back. But anything can change. We're open."

That AnnArbor.com article is headlined "Burke to look into NBA draft stock, still leaning towards staying." The analogous article at the Free Press is of course titled "Trey Burke strongly considering leaving Michigan for NBA draft," because obviously. Pick your probability from amongst options.

Burke's dad says he's had reports that Trey could go anywhere from 18-24th overall. That is greatly divergent from draft boards maintained by Chad Ford (where he ranks 72nd) and Draft Express (not in the top 100, last pick of the first round in their 2013 mock) and could be agents trying to get a kid to sign; that's why they have advisory boards.

I don't think Burke's in a situation like Darius Morris, who left with full knowledge he probably wouldn't be a first-rounder, but at this point any Michigan fan who's assuming is doing the understandable thing.

If Burke does end up declaring Michigan is of course totally boned. At this point the #2 PG is either a walk-on or a 6'6" shooting guard who isn't even on campus yet. They'd probably get a transfer or late commit or something given the obvious opportunity but Trey Burkes don't grow on trees. With the NCAA moving up the withdrawal date over and over again at least we won't have to wait long to know: Burke is in or out by April 10th.



March 22nd, 2012 at 10:32 AM ^

Just a kid with a dream. 


But seriously, he should stay.  If he was football or hockey I would be more understanding, but basketball career-ending injuries just dont seem as common.  The seasoning he would get from an extra year prob outweighs that risk. 


But as a risk-averse young man who has worked extremely hard at something all his life, I can see why he would want to start to get paid for it.  Damn.  I just hope whatever happens that it works out for him bc he's a tremendous player. 


March 22nd, 2012 at 11:12 AM ^

I realize this will probably sound a lot like the typical "why so-and-so-player should not go pro" argument we get every year, but seriously, Trey's dad is being fed some baaaad info. I mean 18-24?!? Really?!?

Trey was amazing for us this year but I've got to be honest, if  I were an NBA GM, I would never consider a 5'11'' freshman PG, even if he did have a pretty spectacular season. Guys like Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight are another matter, because even if they don't play up to the level you expected them to, you still have their height to work with. There were four freshman PG's taken in last year's draft, and all of them were 6'2'' or over and came out of college bball powerhouses (UConn, Kentucky, Texas, Kansas). With a guy like Burke, it's a shot in the dark, and the bust potential is enormous. Unlike the other guys, he was not highly touted after high school. You're basically hedging your bets on one year.


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How many players who jump early end up playing in Greece?


This would be one of the ALL TIME stupidest decicions a young kid could make..I hate the NBA and the agents and hanger-ons who fill these kids heads with $$$$$$ and ideas....

Not to mention the fact that after a couple of years then getting cut then WHAT? you have no degree and end up like Maurice Clarett or any number of other kids who end up in the streets, jail or god knows where....



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The analogous article at the Free Press is of course titled "Trey Burke strongly considering leaving Michigan for NBA draft," because obviously.

The Free Press recently sent me an offer of $75 for one year of home delivery service. I threw it in the trash. The above confirms the correctness of my decision.