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Submitted by Brian on April 9th, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Light 'em if you've got 'em and praise any available deity or animal spirit. The official Michigan basketball feed:

Big News from Ann Arbor! Trey Burke will be continuing his collegiate career with U-M!

You may cease running in a circle. Here are some muppets.

And you can't have one without the other...


UPDATE: Quotes via press release.

"Over the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying about my future -- not just about next year but many years down the road," said Burke. "After gathering information, I am excited to be continuing my education at Michigan as we look to accomplish even more in our 2012-13 season.

"I have so much more to develop as both a student and athlete, and there is no better place to do that than here at Michigan. I love my Michigan family and am really excited about playing with my teammates and our incoming freshmen. I want to thank my parents, my teammates and my coaches for the patience and guidance they gave me since this process began a few weeks ago."

"We tried to provide Trey and his family with the best information possible and as much time as possible to make an informed decision," said U-M head coach John Beilein. "We wanted him to think this through carefully so he was 100 percent certain of what he wanted to do moving forward. 

"We loved coaching Trey this season. It is very unusual to have a freshman point guard play with such poise and confidence all year long. He is a clutch performer with a great work ethic and a brilliant future in front of him. As our team leadership changes hands, I know Trey will join the other returning players as we strive to be the leaders and best in all we do."

UPDATE II: Just received this in my inbox from Mark Hollis.

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Going to throw this out there

1. Trey is more of a scorer ball dominating PG

2. Spike is purely a distributor

Granted we would be incredubliy small in the backcourt (which could be mitigated by our frontcourt size) would be possible to see Trey Burke out there as a 2-guard playing off the ball to get him some easier looks??  

You couldn't do this for more than 5-10 minutes a game, but having another ball handler and Trey possibly getting the ball with more space to work would be ridiculous


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...that Burke will receive an avalanche of congratulatory tweets from the same douches that castigated him.

If anything, this should have taught him about the fickleness of fans.


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This is beyond huge for UM hoops in 2012/2013.  We finally have both great talent in the starting lineup and solid bench depth.  

It seems like the football and bball teams are finally getting the breaks in their favor and on their way to firing on all cylanders.  



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This is the kind of break the hoops program has not been able to get for, oh, 15 years or so.  We may be the favorite (or co-favorite with Indiana) to win the Big Ten next year, and a definite top 10 possibility.


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As a Buckeye man, I'm okay with this cause it will only make the B1G that much more competitive.  It'll start with IU who returns pretty much all of their starters (unless Cody Zeller decides to shock Hoosier Nation and declares) plus the current #1 recruiting class, so a lot of preseason polls have them ranked at #1. After them I can easily see the B1G having 3 more representatives in the top 10 (OSU, Michigan State, and Michigan). 

OSU is loses Sullinger and Buford, but they return DeShaun Thomas and decent replacements in Amir Williams and LaQuinton Ross. 
Anybody who counts out a Tom Izzo-coached team, I think is a fool. 
Now there’s Michigan with the return of the reigning B1G Freshman of the Year and a decent recruiting class of their own. Whichever team comes out on top next season is all but guaranteed a #1 seed in the Big Dance.


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He announced last Friday that he was going to return for his Junior year. Buckeye Nation is thrilled to say the least.
The 2013 starting line-up looks like it is going to be Craft, Smith, Ross/Thompson, Thomas, and Williams... Matta will probably find some way to work Shannon Scott in as well.


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Now we can watch Trey lead us in making a Final Four run, improve his game, and magically grow 4 inches over the next 1-2 years thus turning him into a top NBA prospect and exponentially wealthier person than he would have been otherwise. 

Talk about a win-win scenario. 


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I have never been more thrilled to be wrong about something in my life.  He made the right decision, as Don said earlier - not just for the team but for himself.

BTW...is the first Michigan player to NOT jump in a long time when "testing the waters"? I'm trying to remember and the last one I can think of is Tyrone Wheatly after his Jr year.  He came back and probably shouldn't have but I cant think of anyone else who did.