Burke Announcement Timetable Update

Submitted by Brian on March 22nd, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Michigan guard Trey Burke calls out to teammates on the court. Angela J. Cesere | AnnArbor.com


In the immediate aftermath of yesterday's Trey Burke PANIC I said that Michigan wouldn't have to wait too long to know whether Burke will make us all emo. A correction: the NBA early entry deadline is the 29th. The deadline to withdraw is the 10th. IE, there is no deadline to withdraw anymore.

Burke will get his evaluation back from the NBA on the sixth, so a day or two after that would be a potential announcement timeframe. If it doesn't happen then Burke is on the fence and a final announcement probably won't come until the deadline nears. So… yeah, try not to think about it for the next month. I'll have kittens/muppets on standby.



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In your earlier entry, you said  "Michigan has two open scholarships for now or 2013 and a third that could go to a grad-year transfer."  Please help me understand.  Is this something other than having 3 scholarships available?  Is there something wierd about one of them or about signing grad students?  Anyone other than Brian able to help answer this? Thanks.


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the NBA advisory board is going to tell him that he's a second round pick to undrafted.  the problem is that some (or several) jackass agent is going to tell his family otherwise.


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No GM will do that, unless they're lying.  No GM in the first 20 picks wants to sniff Burke, and there is so much talent in this draft that none in the last 10 would be willing to make that promise. 

Now, that doesn't mean an agent can't say that, but it doesn't make much sense for an agent to lure a kid to the NBA who will just drop him right away for lying to him.


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Maybe a strong term. But say "we want to take you there" and then don't? Happens all the time. "Well, we didn't know so and so would be available" so when they don't get taken and drop a round, not their problem. Players are looked at as commodities. And a whole lot of disrespect and lying goes on.

Marley Nowell

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While its true that this is a weak draft PGs, there really aren't many teams looking for a PG.  Even crappy teams like the Wizards, Bobcats, and Nets have PG options already.


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The list of small, slow, good-shooting point guards who have had 5 year careers in the NBA are Jameer Nelson and . . .. Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.  I like Burke and he had a great year.  But, come on.  His absolute ceiling is Jameer Nelson or Tu Holloway (both of whom were/are bigger, more physical, better defenders, and fantastic shooters.)  Interestingly, that was also Daniel Horton's ceiling (didn't get there.) and literally hundreds of other solid guards in the NCAA (Steve Logan, anyone).   Yes, there is a .5% chance that Burke becomes the second Jameer Nelson type to contribute in the NBA.  However, he's not screwing himself by coming out now or later.  It hurts Michigan some, but those folks that think he'll "develop" into an NBA caliber player are fooling themselves.


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I don't know if his height is the problem so much as the fact that he's just not a good enough defender yet. Stu was clearly the superior defender this year and typically guarded the opposition's #1 scoring guard. Stu is a good defender, but if you're thinking about going to the NBA, you'd better be better than Stu on D.


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and then McGary will turn pro before he sets foot on campus. Who needs a Michigan degree anyhow? It's just a piece of paper to a lot of people.


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Agree.  I thought maybe the 29th meant this month, since it didn't make sense otherwise.  But having the deadline before the season is over is also dumb.

What's the point of the April 10th deadline?  Why would you declare before the 10th, especially if you're not sure?


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I know it's easy to pick on the NBA for being so horribly evil, but the reason why those rules are incongruent is because the withdrawal deadline - that is, to preserve college eligibility - was set by the NCAA in the best interests of their member institutions, and not set to make sense with the other dates established by the NBA.

Trey, I wish you the best in your dreams of becoming an NBA player, but those dreams are not best served by going pro this year.  I'm pretty sure you'll hear the same from the NBA committee, and I recommend taking their feedback to heart.  In any event: best of luck.


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There vanishingly few players listed 5'11" in the NBA - Burke would be shortest person in this draft by about 3 inches. The NBA, simply, doesn't have a huge demand for guys this size.


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Especially guys his size that don't have blinding athleticism.  (Although to be fair, some of those listed heights are ridiculous; Burke would almost surely be listed at 6'0" on an NBA roster).

The two things that would best allow a player that size to play at the NBA level are (1) blinding quickness and speed, allowing you to beat your man off the dribble with regularity, and (2) the ability to shoot from the outside at a very high level.  Trey can work on getting quicker, but he can only improve so much there; and while he's a good shooter he can and will get much better there.  He shot what - 36% on three-pointers this year?  That equates to 36% on mid-range jumpers in the NBA - 20-footers - which while not horrible is certainly not yet a strength.

Trey was only a freshman this year.  He's got the chance to get a *lot* better even considering the physical aspects (height and quickness) that are mostly out of his control at this point.  While there's a tiny chance at some upside to going pro now - MAYBE he sneaks into the end of the first round - there's a huge, massive downside.  Obviously as a Michigan fan I'm concerned about what our team would look like next year without him, but I'm far more worried about the adverse consequences that going pro so early could have on Trey.


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Burke's season was not insanely different from Kalin Lucas' sophomore and junior seasons - 14.5 ppg, 2:1 a/to ratio, 36% on treys, 45% from the floor.

I'd venture to say that Lucas was even a bit bigger than Trey.

Lucas never even got drafted.

If you read the scouting reports on Lucas they sound devestatingly similar: good, not great athlete. Lacks explosiveness. A bit small.


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When money is involved, never underestimate the ability of people to completely disregard logic and facts they don't want to hear in favor of poorly-reasoned advice they do want to hear.


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This is a great point. Kalin Lucas is a comparable player, may have been a bit faster. He stayed four years and has found a pro career in Europe. Jalen Rose was probably a better player as a true frosh, stayed three years. Kids just don't want to build careers anymore, in any profession. Someone needs to get through to these kids.


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There is no doubt Jalen Rose was a better player than Burke as a freshman and probably will always be a better player.  Not a knock on Burke but Jalen was so smooth, could shoot and had 6 inches of height on Burke.  That being said, I love Burke's game but in no way is he ready to compete at the NBA level. 

The Granddaddy

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got a quick comment i'm probably going to be wrecked for but whatever.   I, like all faithful wolverines, love trey burke.  honestly though, even if something terrible happens, what could be worse than exiting the tournament in the first round?  that's what happened this year--hate to break it to you.  see all these B1G teams we were "better" than still performing well?  I mean Wisco is on right now--meanwhile, our team is graduating, leaving, or undecided.  just some food for thought.   

Even though I would LOVE for trey to stay--I mean we just got beat in the first round anyway...

UM Indy

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All the players that didn't go pro last year because of the potential lock out will go this year (Sullinger et al). Not to mention probably 4 players each from UK and UNC, 1-2 from Kansas, Myers Leonard and a few euros. There's your first round. Where does a 5'11" freshman PG fit in to this draft?


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I think I posted this elsewhere in the heat of the moment, but I'm really starting to believe that someone close to Michigan's bball program is giving really bad advice to a succession of our best players.


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Maybe I just don't see it and I'm in the minority here.  When I see Burke play, I see a fairly average to above average college basketball player.  i DO NOT see anything that makes me think "...this guy belongs in the NBA".  


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My favorite bad reaction post was the hangover Muppets doing "Bohemian Rhapsody" after NEVAR FORGET and Woolfolk's broken bone. Kittens will also suffice. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.


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year was a weaker field and that this year's field would be loaded?  Why does Trey think that he will fare better?  Small guys are never in favor in the NBA draft, whereas just about any big (I'm looking at you Darko) gets a look.  They will likely take every big in the pool until they are gone, before they even look at a sub six footer.

And where are the Burks getting the info that Trey is a first rounder?  Surely they aren't listening to agents.