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Brian October 31st, 2014 at 11:06 AM


[Eric Upchurch]

It might be happening, and soon. Chatter has picked up after the most recent last straw. Today I've gotten two reports that Brandon is resigning in… a couple hours(!). One comes second-hand from within the department, the other second-hand from the regents*. Premium sites seem to have the same chatter.

Prior to what seems like a major shift today but after the most recent last straw I had heard that the next bye week (ie, after Northwestern) was a point at which something might happen, with another independent report from within the department asserting that knives were being sharpened, and a report from one of the events being held in the run up to the regents' election that he was done in a couple weeks.

The the emails supposedly blunted a lot of pushback Brandon's supporters were trying to muster. While you should keep in mind that someone who would relate this to me might be inclined to believe such a thing, John Borton is… uh… not so inclined, and he asserted that white flags are being waved($) inside the department. Sorry if that sounds like self-tootin'. Nobody likes a self-tooter.

*[Note: I endorsed Mike Behm. I should clarify that none of this comes from him or his camp.]

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What an outstanding addition to my Friday! Couldn't be happier. This feels like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Of course, this had to happen on my busiest day of the week, but I ain't complaining. The Big House should be ROCKING tomorrow.


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This news is, by far, the BEST news that I've had all day!!!!!

Step 1 - #FIREDAVEBRANDON              CHECK!

Step 2 - #FIREBRADYHOKE                    pending..........

Step 3 - #HIREONEOFTHE HARBAUGHS        pending..........




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pressure from all sides to force this move, I am wondering if John U. Bacon's assessment of the situation and blog forecast a week ago that if, in fact, the president were to seek a change he would have to do it before Tuesday's election in order to avoid the political fallout resulting from a later messy split or no change.

By resigning, Dave Brandon, would be simply acknowledging that his time is up and that the powers that be have lost confidence in him and that for the good of the school and the Athletic Department he needs to step down. However, this transpired, it means the president has acted both smartly and swiftly and put the wheels in motion to hire a new AD whose first order of business will likely mean the firing of Brady Hoke and staff.

There should be no doubt about this linkage going forward and it will immediately impact the remaining recruit class and all recruiting efforts going forward until a new coach is named.