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Tim August 1st, 2011 at 3:50 PM


Notes from Brady Hoke's small-group interviews on Friday.

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Pregame traditions: The Victors Walk will return this year. Brady has never touched the banner (he was already on the field as an assistant), but isn't yet sure if he'll do it going forward.

Captains will be voted by the team in the third week of camp.

Medicals: Teric Jones, Terry Talbott, Christian Pace are all done for their careers. Scholarship numbers: "I don't know... It's maybe 81 guys on scholarship right now.

On the #1 jersey: "They're going to have to earn it. And they're going to have to earn #2 after Vince [Smith] is gone." #1 will always be a receiver, and #2 will always be a DB.

"Football now at this level - for good or bad - is 12 months a year." It's hard not having coaching contact with the players in the summer, but he trusts they did the right work. "A guy like Denard who's played a lot of football and has a voice on our team, you give him that [summer leadership] responsibility." The strength coaches can help with workouts, but it's up to team leadership to hold guys accountable.

Strongest positions: "I think the wide receivers as a group, from what I can digest coming back, have done a good job. I think the O-line have done a good job." It's not fair to evaluate the overall talent level on the team at this point, but "I like our kids, how they've reacted to a transition." They're not a finished product at this point though. "We'll always have those discussions" about who will get serious playing time, but at the end of the day, the coordinators will get a lot of leeway, with Brady helping.

"I tell our coaches, when we start [summer camp] on the 9th, assume [the players] know nothing." They'll re-teach fundamentals to make sure everything is up to par. They didn't follow this approach following the 1997 season because they thought they could get by with three returning starters on the defensive line, and it backfired at the start of the '98 year.

Defensive line and offensive line are the two most important positions on the field. Everyone wants a great quarterback, but you can't move the ball (or stop the opponent) without winning battles up front. I think Al Borges [a QB-centric coordinator] would tell you that our offensive line has gotta be the lead for our football team."

Michigan is fortunate to have so many rivals. Lloyd did a great job handling the number of rivalry games, so Brady learned from him.

Possessing the ball, running it, and taking care of the football is an important part of team's success. "Mike Martin I'm sure would love to get zone-blocked all day long."[ed: bler.] The pro-style offense brings a different physical aspect that helps build team toughness. They need to hold onto the ball to help the defense, and the pro-style offense brings that. "We like points, don't get me wrong," they aren't going to hold the offense back from scoring, though, except in end-game situations.

Freshman contributors: "As we look at our depth, the two backs will get a chance. There's maybe some depth issues we have a little bit up front on the offensive line, there's maybe some depth issues on the defensive line." They might use freshmen to fill those roles, but he can't say which ones until he sees them play in camp.

"I think it's a shame - and I said this in my initial press conference - that we splintered or fractured, or whatever you want to call it, because that's not Michigan. We've moved forward from there." On "Michigan Man": There are just some guys who have integrity, love for Michigan, etc., that deserve the distinction.


"My expertise is not offense, and never will be. That's why we've got a great offensive staff." He meets with Borges about the offense twice a week during the season, and they discuss the offensive gameplan. "For me to go to Al and say 'we need to do this' ... that'd be a mistake." [ed: yes!]

The first thing Denard said to Brady was "Coach, I'm all-in." The value of a Michigan degree was important to his dad and him. He even said he'd help the team at another position if need be - but that didn't need to happen. Denard's speed is impressive, but his instincts and vision are great as well. "We're going to still keep some elements of what the spread gives you, because of his ability. But we're going to move to be pro-style offense, which he happens to be pretty good at that, too."

"There's no better running backs coach in the country" than Coach Jack. If they're three weeks into fall camp and there's still no starting RB emerging, then the concern will start to set in. He wasn't surprised or disappointed that nobody emerged in spring. They want to have one lead back carry the load (about 20-25 carries), and have a couple other guys help out with some carries. Stephen Hopkins can play both fullback and running back. He didn't shy away from blocking in the spring, which is encouraging. "Thomas [Rawls] is a bigger back who's got really good vision and balance and has explosion to him. Justice, I think he's got a real explosiveness to him, but also is physical enough to run over a guy."

"Kevin [Koger] I think is a guy who's on the line of scrimmage in some things we ask." There should be more tight end playing time available as well, because they'll use some bigger sets. Steve Watson has a great work ethic, and his skill set is a great complement to Koger. With so many tight ends on the roster, there will be some packages where they can get in and play FB as well, as an Aaron Shea-like position.

There are some pretty tough guys at wideout, which is where evaluations start for every position. WR blocking is crucial to creating big plays. "I think Junior has got a chance to be really a good player, I like Roy's work ethic, I like his attitude, I like Odoms's attitude. There's more guys there: Jerald Robinson has done some things that I'm a little more pleased with." He has matured, as players often do in their first couple years on campus. Junior has been doing great.

The players will weigh in at the start of fall camp. From the guys that have stopped by to talk to Hoke in his office, Taylor Lewan is 304. "By the time he's done, he'll be a 317 pound left tackle, or 320." All the other guys look pretty good. Molk is a bit bigger.


"I was talking to Bo a little bit - Pelini - and he had to build a confidence in the defense. We have to do that too, but the only way you do that is by stopping people." They still need to identify some guys who are playmakers, and put those guys in positions to succeed. That will take more than just fall camp.

Mike Martin has good movement skills, which is why they've been able to use him in different ways (along with his intelligence). That doesn't mean he is a perfect player, and they gave him some technique things to work on over the summer. Martin has the potential to be mentioned among some of the great defensive linemen at Michigan. He needs to improve using his hands.

Will Campbell has dropped 17 or 18 pounds - he was out of shape this spring. "Hopefully he doesn't eat it all back in the next 8-10 days." He has enormous potential that hasn't been realized yet. "Part of that is moving back and forth on both sides of the ball, and really finding a home. I think he's learning how to play up front, the expectations of how you have to play up front." He's had the opportunity to work with his teammates this summer, and hopefully he's taken advantage of that.

Craig Roh has matured, and has a better approach to the game now.

Jake Ryan can cause a lot of havoc on defense "because of the fanaticism that he plays with." He plays at a high level of energy, and the scheme needs to adjust to the personnel on the roster right now. "When you look at some of the different packages within a defensive scheme, I think there's some things he'll do a tremendous job with."

Kenny Demens is healthy now. He got scheme work in spring, just didn't do as much of the physical aspects because you want to be careful with shoulder injuries.

JB Fitzgerald needs to play more consistently to see significant playing time. "We'll have hopefully enough guys to have a rotation in there." They want to have guys playing hard for four quarters, which means depth is important. "He's had a really good summer, I'm sure of that."

Marell Evans did some pretty good things in spring practice, but there are some things he has to do better. "When you look at him from a guy who can be a good special teams guy for you, he fits that role. That's a big deal, because we need to play our best players on those teams also."

"I think Carvin [Johnson] had a good spring. He's a guy who is passionate and hungry and loves to play." He'll compete for a safety position. He's an intelligent competitor who likes to drop big hits. Courtney Avery had a good spring as well. "There will be a great competition between Woolfolk - because Troy'll be healthy - Courtney, JT Floyd will be healthy, and a young man named Greg Brown." Fall camp is important for Marvin Robinson, because he didn't get all 15 spring practices due to a class schedule. JT Floyd and Troy Woolfolk are both moving around fine and doing everything.

"We probably have more safeties than we do corners at this time, but it'll be fun to watch those guys compete." Corners need to learn to have a short memory if they get beaten.

Special Teams

Kicking will be resolved in fall camp. The young guy will be coming in (Matt Wile), but even during camp, they might not know because "kicking on State Street is different than kicking on Main Street." They won't know how guys kick in front of 113,000 fans until they get the chance. Dan Ferrigno will coach the kickers, and he's studied the fundamentals of kicking. However, they trust that the kickers are getting good advice from their external kicking coaches. "We're not settled in anywhere, honestly." There will be competition and expectations in fall camp.

Will Hagerup has an extremely good leg. "It's a weapon for you, and we want to make it part of our offensive package. From fakes and things that we might have to pooch punts." He needs to keep working on the finer points.

There are some candidates in mind for return duties, but it's too early to say who it might be.


Ohio recruiting: "There's a lot of familiarity, being from there." He's been recruiting there for 20 years. Michigan has 2 Heisman winners and plenty of great players from the state. Recruiting in the midwest is going to be an important part of the effort, but "also we're very fortunate that we're a global education." You can recruit nationally at Michigan, in addition to hitting the base areas. Georgia, Texas, Florida, California are other places to get talent. Big Ten Network is a good selling point for out-of-area kids, because it's nationally available.

Recruiting others' verbal commits: "We have a Signing Date for a reason, and that's the first Wednesday in February." In Brady's experience, the contact with soft commits has been from the kids reaching out, not the other way.

"Guys recruit well because they're honest and they work at it. Period. Michigan's not for every player. It's hard academically, and we're gonna have expectations of how you go to class."

It's tough to get junior college players into Michigan, so they won't really pursue that route. He didn't recruit JCs much at Ball State or San Diego State, either.



"Winning's fun."

Jim Delaney's meeting with the Big Ten coaches on Thursday wasn't addressed specifically to Hoke and Fickell (whose schools he singled out in his speech at the podium), but to everyone, a reminder of the value of the Big Ten brand, and the importance of upholding that brand. "It's probably something that we all needed to hear to some degree. But at the same time, it's something that he felt - as the guy who leads this conference - he needed to make sure that we all were on the same page." Every conference commissioner that Hoke has encountered has taken advantage of similar opportunities. With so much change happening in the Big Ten (new coaches, new team), it was a good time.

Game day is more fun and easier with tough practices during the week. Even Hoke is hoping to have fun coaching.

It'll be a tough situation to play against San Diego State this fall, because there's a great group of kids there. They'll be a good team, with a 5th-year QB and a solid running back, and all 5 OL starters back. "Tremendous linebackers, that unit will be real solid for them." Rocky Long is a tough, no-nonsense coach.

Hoke is open to Full Cost of Attendance scholarships at Michigan, but there's a question of how far it goes. It is different from paying players, though. "I honestly don't have time to figure it out. That doesn't mean I don't care about it." It could create a bigger gap between the big and small schools. "Right or wrong, there's a division. We're fortunate because we're Michigan, with 110,000."

Hoke hasn't thought about proposals to raise minimum GPA requirements. [The interviewers tell him Bo Pelini and Kirk Ferentz said they support it, but SEC coaches were not in favor]: "I can't understand why" [Sarcastically].



August 1st, 2011 at 4:14 PM ^

When I first read that Hoke was talking to Bo my reaction was, "no wonder this guy got the job...he can talk to Bo!"  Oh well, instead I hope we beat Bo and the huskers this year.  Go Blue.

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Requiéscant in pace.

Yostbound and Down

August 1st, 2011 at 4:19 PM ^

Only two tremendous's? (tremendi?)

Good information, thanks for the summary Tim. It is refreshing to hear confirmation from the coach himself that he's letting Borges and Mattison take care of their own business and not micromanaging.

Mention of the conversation with Pelini is interesting to me, as it wasn't long ago the Blackshirts were basically the joke of the Big 12. Obviously the recruitment of some great defensive players changed that unit (Suh, the cornerback formerly known as Prince) but the philosophy also had to change. Looks like Mattison and Hoke have been working to correct this along those lines.


August 2nd, 2011 at 10:39 AM ^

I too think this is a great idea. I think the "down years" & "rebuilding" talk that has surrounded UofM for the last few years is best illustrated by the lack of the #1 jersey. If no one on the team is doing the things to earn that honor, I think it says a lot about the team, leadership among the players, etc.

So of course the defensive minded guru that is Brady Hoke comes up with this great idea to help jump start defensive team development. Since Hoke started, I have watched him say things that don't exactly, how should I put this, sound very smart. He doesn't have that stellar of a resume. He was clearly not the first choice for the job. But be damned if he hasn't done every single thing right so far. We've yet to see his team play football, so I still hold out hope that he's a screw-up. But from recruiting and player interviews and comments so far, the kids seem to love him and that's very important. He's turning the tide with OSU battles over recruits, particularly from Ohio, which definitely concerns me. He's got Denard on his side, when all accounts when he was hired was that his hiring alone would cause a Denard to leave. He's even started to annoy some OSU fans already.

From an outsider's perspective, your AD did something right when he hired this guy. Or so it seems so far...


August 1st, 2011 at 4:31 PM ^

Good to hear that they are working so much with Big Will and that he has gotten into shape in the offseason.  Losing 18 pounds would put him at about 315 and that seems like a good number for him.  This should help with his pad level and make him a little quicker.  

Also, Denard is the ultimate team player.  End of story.

Maize.Blue Wagner

August 1st, 2011 at 4:37 PM ^

Great update, this feels like a Monday during the season with the normal coaches press conference report.  

I like how he says "a young man named Greg Brown", like no one has ever heard of him.  I feel like Brown committed about 5 years ago. 

Born N' Maized

August 1st, 2011 at 4:52 PM ^

It was interesting to hear that Hoke thought Evans would only be an important special teams player.  Even though Demens is the obvious fit for MLB, I know there has been a decent amount of discussion about Evans ending up at the WLB.  That being said... is the season here yet?  Hearing Hoke talk about this teams work ethic wants me to see any sort of improvement from last year's D.

Tha Quiet Storm

August 1st, 2011 at 5:12 PM ^

Hoke isn't sure if he will touch the banner?  HE DOESN"T GET IT!!!!!

Obviously I'm not serious, but I can just imagine the snarky Sharp/Rosenberg column and talk radio idiocy that would've resulted if RichRod had said something like this. The last 6 months of media coverage have been quite pleasant compared to the last 3 years.

Jon Benke

August 1st, 2011 at 5:15 PM ^

I was hoping to hear his name mentioned, though I loved the individual breakdowns of a few players, most of which I was wondering about.  I also love what I am hearnig about the defense, especially that D'Line.  We didn't have a good defensive unit last year, though I honestly think we have good, athletic players on defense .. and that our coaches will find a way to use them all and construct that into a decent defense.


August 1st, 2011 at 5:45 PM ^

I believe that's the '97 Championship ring???  Cool that he wears it and also that he doesn't show it off like some coaches have.  You know who!!

Bando Calrissian

August 1st, 2011 at 7:16 PM ^

I hope this happens, too, but there are some obstacles.  The Michigan Replay name is owned by Bob Lipson, who produced the show for 30+ years, so it's up to him if it comes back or not, I guess.  Hopefully it does.  I've never been able to get into a weekday preview show.  Sundays are for Michigan Replay and the game tape from the day before.


August 1st, 2011 at 6:45 PM ^

Just what is an "external kicking coach?"

That's the first time I've ever heard it mentioned.  Why didn't our kickers have them under RR?  How does this work when you're only allowed a certain number of assistant coaches?  To my knowledge we don't have any coaches on staff who coach special teams or kickers, so just who are these "external" coaches?  


August 2nd, 2011 at 7:29 PM ^

Every kicker had them under RR. They're private, individual kicking coaches that are not affiliated with Michigan or on Michigan's staff. To the best of my knowledge, they're generally only used during the off-season, but I guess guys could travel for a workout with their kicking coach (or vice versa) if they had the means.

I believe Brendon Gibbons' kicking coach, for example, was/is Chris Sailer.

Bando Calrissian

August 1st, 2011 at 9:40 PM ^

Braylon Edwards does not have, and has never had, the ability to vet who does or does not wear the #1 jersey.  It's the coach's decision.  He endowed the scholarship with the understanding that it would go to the receiver who wore the #1, or if there wasn't a player wearing it, a receiver in general. 

He has no "ownership" on the jersey, other than the fact he ponied up the cash for the scholarship. 


August 1st, 2011 at 8:19 PM ^

Didn't Hoke have four of them last year at San Diego State?

Also, good thing that Mike Martin will finally develop some toughness thanks to Hoke's teaching methodology.  /s



August 2nd, 2011 at 12:56 PM ^



Hoke had three starters returning — Rob Renes, Josh Williams and James Hall. Hoke assumed they were well versed in technique and fundamentals, so he became more involved in coaching scheme.

"We lost the first two ball games," Hoke said. "We got beat by Notre Dame and (Syracuse quarterback) Donovan McNabb — we made him a top-five pick. I blame myself for that to this day.

"I assumed they knew how to play the game. You can't assume that. In fall or spring, we will never assume those guys know. I don't care if they've played 35 straight games and started."

We thought we were doing everything right," Martin said. "For me and Ryan especially, we've played a bit of football, and not to say we were cocky or anything, (but) it's like the way they were coaching it was like we had never played football.

"But we caught on real quick. By the end of the spring, (the coaches) weren't saying as much. They weren't critiquing us as much because we were doing it right."

Hoke is careful to say that by emphasizing fundamentals and technique, he is not criticizing Rodriguez. It's just different coaches have different approaches, and for that reason, he will not evaluate the defensive talent he inherited.

"I don't think that's fair," Hoke said. "You're playing in a different scheme for a couple years, you may be taught differently, the techniques are different, the fundamentals. I like our kids. I like how they've reacted to a transition. I like how they've started to really bond as a team and be accountable to each other. (But) we're not near a finished product."


August 2nd, 2011 at 2:47 PM ^

Great work on this information. So much so that ESPN cited your work in the Big Ten Lunch Links today! Thank you for keeping us informed!