Brady Hoke B1G Presser Notes

Submitted by Tim on July 28th, 2011 at 2:06 PM

A recap of Brady Hoke's time in front of the cameras (and also off-camera media questions) at Big Ten Media Days today.

It's humbling to represent Michigan in the greatest conference in the country. It's the Wolverines' 132nd year of football. "I don't think we're rebuilding. Period." The players understand what Michigan means, and the team doesn't put stock into a rebuilding year.

The players are doing what they've been asked, but the team is still a long way from where we need to be. How you go through camp (attitude, toughness, discipline, accountability) will lead to how the team performs.

The expectation is always that seniors will lead the team. Fall camp is "funnest time of the year." Hoke thinks the guys will show up on August 8th in shape to play.

Fortunate at Michigan to have several great rivalries. "The rivalry with Ohio is as big a rivalry as there is in the sport." If you don't get excited for that game "you may not be human." Hoke says the team understands the importance of that game, and they talk about it all year. OSU is not a wounded team right now. They're a tremendous program with great tradition. Michigan has 42 B10 championships. "When you have schools that have those legacies, I don't see anybody as wounded." It doesn't diminish the rivalry that both teams have taken reputation hits recently.

Hoke is excited for Denard's potential in the offense. He's done a tremendous job so far, and ran the same offense in high school that he'll be running now. The mechanics of taking snap, play action, etc. is not new to him. Borges has done a tremendous job with him.

"We're smart enough to have elements that he does well from what he did in the past in the spread in our offense." They'll adjust the proportion of spread and pro-style elements in the offense depending on how the team executes in fall camp. They still need to worry about finding a tailback, which should happen within the first 2-3 weeks of the fall.

Why would you worry about changing schemes, when they were so successful last season? "Two sides of the ball in the game of football." As a defensive coach, when you play against a pro-style offense in practice, you build a toughness. This is a physical league, and you need to stop physical offenses.

The excitement of adding Nebraska's tradition, adding a championship game, brings even more fanaticism for the Big Ten conference. Even if it means playing OSU twice? "That game always needs to be played the last week in November. That's tradition. I think there are certain traditions you don't mess with." If you happen to play them twice in a row, so be it. It happens in other sports all the time.

Mattison doesn't just bring X and O benefits. Knowledge, teaching. "That's first and foremost: you've gotta be a tremendous teacher." There's a scheme knowledge that is good, but it's the relationships with 18-23yo kids, and motivation skills all tremendous. If the staff or head coach aren't thinking of the best interest of the kids, they aren't doing a good job.

Hasn't made decision on Stonum. There's no timeframe for making a decision, and he's not worried about team chemistry in waiting to see if Darryl does all the right things to earn his place back on the team. Redshirting this season is possible, but there's too much that can happen in between to be thinking about that.

As for other wideouts, Junior [Hemingway] and Jerald [Robinson] have done a nice job. Odoms "brings a lot of life to us." Presents problems in the slot.

Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen, and Will Campbell have worked hard this summer, along with Craig Roh. The seniors are "doing the things that seniors should do."

JT Floyd should be healthy enough to practice right away.

Recruiting: "This might sounds arrogant, but if it is, it is: We're Michigan." Great history, tremendous staff. lifeblood of a program is the guys who come in. Wants toughness, team players, etc. The coaches out on the road do a great job, but Michigan sells itself.

Recruiting is going well, but Signing Day is still a long way away. "We've got 5 or 6 left that we need to be a little picky about." They'll probably sign more than 25 prospects. Recruiting is strong in Ohio, but it's always been like that. Possibly started with Bo Schembechler's roots in Ohio.

Big House night game. "We're looking toward September 3rd first and foremost." First night game with a rival, but the place is going to be jumping with excitement, looking forward to it.

On Kellen Jones: "He's just not enrolled in school." There are no other players that he knows of who won't be on the roster this fall.

Hoke got a bit of time off, but he wasn't able to "turn off" coach mode. He has 115 sons to worry about every day.

Closes with "Thank you, and Go Blue."


Blue boy johnson

July 28th, 2011 at 6:12 PM ^

Brady looked nervous in his introductory comments. I think it was one of those moments where he could sense the magnitude of what he has accomplished in becoming head football coach at Meechigan.

Hoke gets criticism for saying what the media and fan base want to hear, but he is able to come of as genuine, because he does it with his own unique style. This is going to one of the funnest eras of  M football in a while, I can promise ya.


July 28th, 2011 at 6:35 PM ^

At the beginning, he looks likes he's going to puke. He got his ultimate dream job, he's playing Broadway, he's going from critics favorite indy picture director to the next James Bond film. But by the time the press conference is over, he's just talking football, and has everyone eating out of his hand. It's a daunting thing to coach Michigan. Rich struggled with the press conferences at times, and it took awhile for Lloyd to go from grumpy to funny-scary-grumpy. Force of nature personalities like Bo are rare. But Brady's growth arc into the job has been amazing.

Charlie Chunk

July 28th, 2011 at 7:05 PM ^

Has hoke said the wrong thing yet?  He's answered every question with a perfect response.  I love this guy!  He's selling this program like it should be sold!  We're Michigan, Damn it!  Go Blue!!! 


July 28th, 2011 at 10:33 PM ^

He's doing great so far and I hope it translates into on field performance.  I find it funny that he likes the media about as much as he does ohio.

ND Sux

July 29th, 2011 at 8:29 AM ^

so much enthusiasm.  But once again someone had to post the seemingly irresistable comparison to the past.




that?  It's not the least bit productive, and it's a HUGE buzz-kill.