Brady Hoke And The Nature Of Information

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Why is your name all wavy, Wade?

Three years ago when Michigan was waddling about gently poking jowly coaches of the Midwest in search of their next head football coach, I relayed a ton of different things that hit my inbox about Kirk Ferentz and Jim Grobe and Greg Schiano and, yes, Brady Hoke. Many of them seemed ludicrous even at the time, like Michigan offering Ferentz a massive paycut to become Michigan's coach or Greg Schiano accepting the job before changing his mind (twice!), but are now part of what passes for the unofficial history of those maniacal three weeks. It was a weird time.

I tried to balance the inherently contradictory reports by relaying the things I'd heard and laying out what I thought based on those things, but from a distance of three years I think I made a mistake in my coverage. That mistake was assuming that all information being passed was a good-faith attempt to help Michigan fans figure out where the search stood at that point. It did not occur to me that while that assumption was probably correct about the people directly emailing me I had no way to judge the sincerity or connectedness of the people passing them information.

So. Any Michigan message board you pick has both shadowy insiders and now moderators throwing out Brady Hoke's name a "very serious" candidate to be Michigan's head coach. I've gotten the rumor myself from someone I trust, citing solid sources within the athletic department. But this is not then. I'm not going to rush to my keyboard and spit out all the reasons Hoke is not a plausible candidate for the Michigan job like I did three years ago.

I would if I thought there was even the slightest chance Hoke would replace Rich Rodriguez in early January, because that would be the most insane coaching switch of all time. This is not going to happen. Brady Hoke is not a serious candidate for the Michigan job. He is not any sort of candidate. If Dave Brandon was willing to hire Hoke to coach Michigan, Rodriguez would already be out the door because there would be a dozen people he'd rather have coaching Michigan than Rodriguez. Unless meteors hit both Jim Harbaugh and Rich Rodriguez, the chance Brady Hoke is Michigan's coach in 2011 is zero point zero percent.


Yes, single sentence paragraph time.

Do you know how I know this? Because three years ago the rumors about Hoke were heavy enough that I scurried to the keyboard to point out this was a guy with one winning season, that 7-5, at a MAC school. While he's a plausible candidate for the Minnesota job now, back then he wasn't a plausible candidate for the job he was actually at. If Ball State's job was open they wouldn't have hired a coach with Brady Hoke's resume. And yet there were rumblings from within Fort Schembechler that had everyone panicked, just like today.

The obvious conclusion is that there are people who know and like Hoke in the athletic department, who hate everyone else who's ever been rumored for the Michigan job, and there are credulous people willing to relay anything that comes from a person with a job in Schembechler Hall. None of these people are Dave Brandon.

Brady Hoke will not coach Michigan in 2011. You may resume your day-to-day lives.



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Good lord Brian you are going to be busy as hell if the collective lunacy of this board forces you to write articles on who is not going to be our head coach next year.  By my estimation that would mean you're going to need to write something up on everyone not named Jim Harbaugh or Rich Rodriguez and that's a LOT of somebodys.


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Guys, seriously?  I was prepared to discount the first of you two as sarcasm (I think that the whole CC has cried my sarcasm meter - I don't even know if I am being sarcastic or serious now) but now that two of you have posted this, I am getting concerned.  PLease, one of you resply "/s" to this to let me know that you are kidding. 

Hoke's Hero

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Hoke will be the best fit at MICH. That dude knows what he is doing. Ball St. and SDSU are ASStacular schools and he won there, so I'm gonna say Brian is wrong this time. HIRE HOKE


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I just don't understand the thought process of people who would actually think Brady Hoke is a serious candidate if RR was to be fired.  Why they thought that in 2007 still does not make any sense now.  People are weird.


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AD's at good programs don't make odd coaching hires and therefore Michigan won't hire Brady Hoke. That just isn't true. Auburn hired 5-19 Gene Chizik. Florida hired Ron Zook (I've never been a head coach at any level) coming off the 12 year Spurrier era. USC hired Lane Kiffin.

Whatever you think of Hoke, and apparently many on this board think he's awful (a position I don't share), is he really an odder choice than any of those hires.

Blue in Yarmouth

December 10th, 2010 at 3:11 PM ^

but they were very different situation than UM finds itself in. I am unfamiliar with the Auburn situation but in both other cases the coaches left and the schools had to hire someone. Here we have a coach and I believe what Brian is emphasizing is no AD would take Hoke and ditch RR. Harbaugh may be better than RR (I don't think he is, but he may be). Most don't think Hoke is a step up from RR.

Again, in the Florida and USC situations, both their coaches were gone and they HAD to pick someone, but their choices definitely seem suspect to me as well. I have said before, AD's have been known to make mistakes.


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In a vacuum, you'd take Rodriguez over Hoke. It's not a vacuum. It's the job at Michigan and it's within the realm of possibility that Hoke would do a better job AT MICHIGAN than Rodriguez. Not every school is the same.

If Hoke had given Michigan the exact same level of performance as Rodriguez has through his 1st 3 years, I'm curious what the reaction of this board would be? My guess is EVERYONE would want him fired. Rodriguez gets somewhat of a pass because this board supported the hire enthusiastically 3 years ago.