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Brian July 4th, 2013 at 11:43 AM


Jordan with Bluiett, via UMHoops

Well, nuts. Brad Stevens has shockingly bolted Butler for the head job with the Boston Celtics, throwing over lifelong employment at a place that loves him for an awful lot of money right now and getting fired in like three years because he's an NBA coach not named Gregg Popovich.

This would be pretty dang good for Michigan's pursuit of IN SF Trevon Bluiett, who is basically down to Butler and Michigan, except for

“He asked us personally, ‘What do you think (would make) an ideal coach for this program?” Butler forward Khyle Marshall said. “We told him a couple of things. We told him we want someone who is familiar with Butler basketball and knows our identity.”

Butler has long hired from within. Possible candidates to succeed Stevens include former players LaVall Jordan, now an assistant at Michigan, and Brandon Miller, a current assistant with the Bulldogs.

“(Collier) told us, ‘Don’t be surprised if we get a new guy this Friday,’” Marshall added.

ESPN's Jeff Goodman reports that Jordan is the frontrunner in a group of candidates that are all Butler alums or former coaches. Unfortunately for Michigan, slam-dunk candidate Matt Graves, a longtime Stevens assistant,  just finished his first year at South Alabama and has taken his name out of the running. If Jordan goes that would break up Beilein's new-look staff that turned his program around; Bacari Alexander and Jeff Meyer would still be around, but the guy coaching Trey Burke and THJ would be in Indy.

Jordan getting the Butler job would give Michigan an obvious option to turn to when Beilein retires… or at least it would have if Butler wasn't joining the new Big East this fall. The only thing that pirated Stevens away was a 6 year, 22 million dollar contract from an NBA team.

If Jordan does go, everyone and their aunt will clamor for Jalen Rose to become an assistant… which is not happening. Rose has not coached and has a cushy job with ESPN. It'll be a current Midwestern assistant.

UPDATE: Jordan is interviewing today, and Miller interviewed yesterday. They're the only two candidates, it seems.



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What exactly would stand in the way of Michigan hiring Jordan after Beilein retires?  The Big East?  Michigan can certainly commit to paying Jordan more than Butler has shown.   Even if he was getting Stevens' money, Michigan could offer him a significant raise.


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Well, that isn't great news for UM. Good news for Jordan and I wish him luck if he leaves. I still like the idea of Rose being an assistant coach.


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I don't like the idea if losing Jordan, but it would be nice to have a coaching tree....something that we have surprisingly been missing in both basketball and football.

I agree that Rose is not an option, but Juwan Howard might be. He has expressed an interest in coaching and probably wouldn't miss his role of warming folding chairs or waving towels.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Sometimes I think this whole PC thing has just gone too far. There was no intent to hurt anyones feelings there and it was definitely pretty funny. To be clear, I don't have an issue with the PC movement in general, I just think some take it a little too far at times.WolvinLA is one of the funniest guys on here and it is clear he was just cracking a joke.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Seriously, you're one of the posters that, when I am speedily grazing over a thread, I always stop to see what you post. I do because 50% of the time I find your posts hilarious and the other 50% of the time I find them insightful. One of the best posters on here IMHE.

p.s. don't change your pic or I'll miss your contributions...


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Travis Conlan as a candidate seems to make several degrees of natural sense to me:

  • Played guard for Michigan (was a captain), so he'd fit the hole left by Jordan's departure
  • Just left the staff to pursue coaching, so he's intimately familiar with the program and the culture
  • Is originally from St. Clair Shores, so he'd be familiar with the recruiting territory

Quote from Beilein: "Travis was born to coach."


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Assistants moving out of program because of promotion to HC = good thing

Assistants moving out of program and stay assistant for any reason = bad thing


July 5th, 2013 at 9:44 AM ^

the kid was a bit socially awkward and he would hurt recruiting. I know someone on the staff who spent a few years with him.....he was pretty much in last place for nice guy on the team to be kind.