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Submitted by Brian on September 8th, 2010 at 2:22 PM

UFR note: just about finished with Michigan's final defensive series. ETA 5 or 6.

This week's blogpoll stuff is up at SBN—sorry about the delay, still working out kinks. Guess who's in the Steve Spurrier Memorial Duke spot?

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

Results for Week 2

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (60) 23.4 4.21 --
2 Boise St. Broncos (30) 23.0 3.02 Arrow_up 1
3 Ohio St. Buckeyes (12) 22.5 3.57 Arrow_down -1
4 TCU Horned Frogs (1) 20.9 3.65 Arrow_up 3
5 Texas Longhorns 18.4 5.05 --
6 Oregon Ducks (1) 18.3 4.09 Arrow_up 5
7 Nebraska Cornhuskers 16.7 5.45 Arrow_up 3
8 Iowa Hawkeyes 16.2 5.16 Arrow_up 1
9 Florida Gators 14.6 6.20 Arrow_down -5
10 Miami Hurricanes 14.4 4.75 Arrow_up 2
11 Wisconsin Badgers 13.5 4.67 Arrow_up 2
12 Oklahoma Sooners 12.6 6.46 Arrow_down -6
13 Virginia Tech Hokies 11.3 5.51 Arrow_down -5
14 Utah Utes 9.4 6.51 Arrow_up 11
15 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 8.9 4.88 --
16 Penn St. Nittany Lions 8.3 4.59 --
17 Georgia Bulldogs 7.9 5.22 Arrow_up 4
18 Florida St. Seminoles 7.7 4.84 Arrow_up 4
19 LSU Tigers 7.4 6.15 Arrow_up 1
20 Arkansas Razorbacks 7.2 5.10 Arrow_down -1
21 Auburn Tigers 5.2 4.45 Arrow_up 2
22 USC Trojans 5.0 5.25 Arrow_down -4
23 South Carolina Gamecocks 3.1 4.19 Arrow_up 9
24 Arizona Wildcats 3.0 5.04 Arrow_up 7
25 Michigan Wolverines 2.9 5.46 Arrow_up 31
Others Receiving Votes: BYU Cougars | West Virginia Mountaineers | Stanford Cardinal | Notre Dame Fighting Irish | Pittsburgh Panthers | Oregon St. Beavers | North Carolina Tar Heels | Fresno St. Bulldogs | Oklahoma St. Cowboys | Clemson Tigers | Houston Cougars | Missouri Tigers | Kansas St. Wildcats | Mississippi St. Bulldogs | Texas Tech Red Raiders | Maryland Terrapins | California Golden Bears | Michigan St. Spartans | Iowa St. Cyclones | Northwestern Wildcats | Texas A&M Aggies | Boston College Eagles | Colorado Buffaloes | Tennessee Volunteers | San Diego St. Aztecs | East Carolina Pirates | Syracuse Orange | South Florida Bulls | Arizona St. Sun Devils | Nevada Wolf Pack | Kentucky Wildcats | Idaho Vandals | Air Force Falcons | Temple Owls | N.C. State Wolfpack | Minnesota Golden Gophers | Troy Trojans | Connecticut Huskies
Updated: Sep 8, 2010 11:30 AM EDT

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings "

Who is terrified? This guy. Tim's final ballot after the jump.

Just a couple minor changes. Moved Florida State and LSU down a touch, replaced Northwestern with West Virginia.


Deep Under Cover

September 8th, 2010 at 2:48 PM ^

UFR note: just about finished with Michigan's final defensive series. ETA 5 or 6.

Nooooo that's when I leave work.  Now I have to devote 8-9 hours a day PLUS time at home to this site?  Sheesh.... I'll do it.

Hardware Sushi

September 8th, 2010 at 2:50 PM ^

7 SEC teams??? 7!?!?! After THIS weekend? I know you track homers, but do you have a way to track regional or conference homers? 

5 ACC team??? I saw this quote and think it is a perfect synopsis of the ACC: "The next time the ACC lives up to expectations at the end of the season will be the first."

The Big Ten has 5 teams as well, I suppose, and while I admit the Michigan ranking is generous, I think you can make an argument for NW/MSU instead of us. I'd change a few minor things about Tim's ballot, but otherwise looks decent enough.

But I'm confused about too many teams on the Final Blogpoll to list them all: Oregon State, loses to the number 4 team in the country by a touchdown in a semi-home game for TCU and is out of the poll? BYU beats Washington after a strong 2009 and can't get any love? When was the last time South Carolina did anything worthwhile? Last time I checked, they got owned in a bowl by a UConn team that lost 5 games and recently lost to our beloved Wolverines. Scratch that - got beaten soundly. They beat a directional Mississippi school and are in the top 25 why? KState beats an improving (and in my opinion going to be good by the end of the year) UCLA team and can't get any love while LSU embarrasses (I hope someone comes up with a stronger word than I) itself playing UNC's B-team and Auburn scores 50 but gives up 26 points and massive yardage to Arkansas State. I think I'm taking crazy pills again because I'm confused. Anyone else feel the SEC bloggers know they looked bad this weekend so they overranked anyone that didn't embarrass themselves? In my opinion, the conferences with the best performances and best looking teams over the weekend were made up of the MWC (at the top), Big Ten, and ACC (which I understand hurts my argument - at least I'm honest - but they aren't that good).


--End of crazy, unnecessary Wednesday afternoon rant about the blogpoll--


September 8th, 2010 at 4:28 PM ^

Why is Georgia out of the MGoBlog top 25?  They absolutely steamrolled UL-L without A.J. Green and are going to get him back this weekend against South Carolina.

They looked really impressive.  I'd put them in and kick Pitt out personally.

Otherwise looking good!


September 8th, 2010 at 5:02 PM ^

Anyone notice Michigan was effectively ranked 26th in the AP Poll? I don't like it. I think it's too soon to tell. If we start doing well in conference, THEN rank us. I don't want another overhyped... preseason(?)... followed by disasterous conference play and have to live that down again. 

Am I being too cautious?


September 8th, 2010 at 5:12 PM ^

I'm with the majority of coaches out there that believe that the first set of polls shouldn't come out until the first week in October.  By then you can get a really good read on all teams and have a much more accurate poll IME.

Living Among …

September 9th, 2010 at 10:14 AM ^

I completely agree.  Why do we always rank teams before the season, allowing the higher ranked teams to essentially write their own ticket opposed to earning it...  Look at Boise, sure they are a good team, but if they spend the first "3 games" (Ok, VaTech was a good opener...) in the top 5, then lose to a WAC team, I don't see them dropping out of the top 10.  However, if we didn't release the rankings until October and they were 3-1, I don't see them cracking the top 10...

Too many poll-positions rely on pre-season rankings.


September 8th, 2010 at 8:38 PM ^

I assume this means you ran the stats before his came in, because otherwise, that has to be a first this early in the season. Not winning it is believable, not being in the top 5 = YOUR HEAD ASPLODE.