Blogpoll Draft Ballot: Week 6

Submitted by Tim on October 12th, 2009 at 4:41 PM
Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida 4
3 Virginia Tech 1
4 Texas
5 Cincinnati 2
6 Boise State 1
7 Iowa 1
8 Miami (Florida) 2
9 Southern Cal
10 LSU 3
11 TCU 1
12 Oregon 4
13 Ohio State 2
14 Penn State 1
15 Auburn 1
16 Houston 1
17 Oklahoma State
18 Brigham Young
19 Georgia Tech
20 South Carolina 3
21 Notre Dame 1
22 Nebraska
23 Kansas
24 Missouri 4
25 Wisconsin 1
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Georgia (#21), Stanford (#25).

Alabama maintains their top spot, while Florida vaults back up into the poll by virtue of getting its first really big win, couple with Tennessee showing that it was no pushover against Georgia. Considering the Gators have dominated every overmatched opponent they've played, the strength of schedule no longer hurts them that much.

Most of the other moves near the top of the poll were Gator-related. I still like Cincy above Boise State, because the Bearcats have the stronger overall resume, despite not dominating the common opponents quite as much as the Broncos did.

LSU drops down for spoiling their chance for a big win, coupled with Georgia proving that it was basically a nothing victory for them.

Oregon moves up a bit, though that makes me feel guilty for dinging Ohio State despite a pretty good win against Wisconsin.

Nebraska jumps into the poll after finally beating a worthwhile team, instead of just living off their close defeat to Virginia Tech. I get really wary of basically everyone towards the end of the poll, so if there's somebody that I should have included but didn't let me know.

Resume chart after the jump.

Rank Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
1 Alabama 34-24 VT 22-3 Ole Miss 35-7 Arkansas 38-20 Kentucky 40-14 Florida Int 53-7 N Texas
2 Florida 13-3 LSU 23-13 Tennessee 41-7 Kentucky 56-6 Troy 62-3 Charleston
3 Virginia Tech 31-7 Miami 48-14 BC 16-15 Nebraska 34-26 Duke 52-10 Marshall 24-34 Alabama
4 Texas 34-24 Texas Tech 38-14 Colorado 59-20 Monroe 41-10 Wyoming 64-7 UTEP
5 Cincinnati 47-15 Rutgers 28-18 Oregon State 28-20 Fresno State 37-13 Miami OH 70-3 SEMO
6 Boise State 19-8 Oregon 51-34 Fresno 49-14 BGSU 48-0 Miami OH 34-16 UC Davis
7 Iowa 21-10 PSU 27-17 Arizona 30-28 Michigan 35-3 Iowa State 24-21 Arkansas St 17-16 N Iowa
8 Miami (FL) 21-20 Oklahoma 34-17 Ga Tech 38-34 Florida State 48-16 FAMU 7-31 Virginia Tech
9 USC 30-3 California 18-15 Ohio State 56-3 SJSU 27-6 Wazzou 13-16 Washington
10 LSU 20-13 Georgia 31-23 Washington 30-26 Miss State 23-9 Vandy 31-3 UL Lafayette 3-13 Florida
11 TCU 14-10 Clemson 30-14 UVA 20-17 Airforce 39-14 SMU 56-21 Texas State
12 Oregon 42-3 Cal 31-24 Utah 24-10 UCLA 52-6 Wash St 38-36 Purdue 8-19 Boise
13 Ohio State 31-13 Wisconsin 30-0 Illinois 33-14 Indiana 38-0 Toledo 31-27 Navy 15-18 USC
14 Penn State 35-17 Illinois 28-7 Syracuse 31-6 Temple 31-7 Akron 52-3 Eastern Ill 10-21 Iowa
15 Auburn 41-30 West Virginia 26-22 Tennessee 49-24 Miss State 37-13 La Tech 54-30 Ball State 23-44 Arkansas
16 Houston 45-35 Oklahoma St 29-28 Texas Tech 31-24 Miss St 55-7 NW St 41-58 UTEP
17 Oklahoma State 24-10 Georgia 36-31 Texas A&M 41-24 Rice 56-6 Grambling 35-45 Houston
18 BYU 14-13 Oklahoma 42-23 Colorado St 50-21 UNLV 35-17 Utah State 54-3 Tulane 28-54 Florida St
19 Georgia Tech 24-7 No Carolina 42-31 Miss St 30-27 Clemson 49-44 Florida St 37-17 Jax State 17-33 Miami FL
20 South Carolina 16-10 Mississippi 7-3 NC State 28-26 Kentucky 38-16 FAU SC State 37-41 Georgia
21 Notre Dame 35-0 Nevada 37-30 Washington 33-30 Michigan St 24-21 Purdue 34-38 Michigan
22 Kansas 35-28 So Miss 44-16 Duke 41-36 Iowa State 34-7 UTEP 49-3 Northern Co
23 Nebraska 27-12 Missouri 55-0 UL Lafayette 49-3 Florida Atl 38-9 Ark St 15-16 VT
24 Missouri 37-9 Illinois 31-21 Nevada 27-20 BGSU 52-12 Furman 12-27 Nebraska
25 Wisconsin 38-30 Mich State 31-28 Minnesota 34-31 OT Fresno 28-20 NIU 44-14 Wofford 13-31 Ohio State
Georgia 41-37 So Carolina 20-17 Ariz State 52-41 Arkansas 10-24 Oklahoma St 13-20 LSU 19-45 Tennessee
Oklahoma 45-0 Tulsa 64-0 Idaho State 33-7 Baylor 13-14 BYU 20-21 Miami (FL)
Cal 35-21 Minnesota 52-13 Maryland 59-7 E Washington 3-42 Oregon 3-30 USC
Michigan 38-34 Notre Dame 31-7 W Michigan 36-33 Indiana 45-17 E Michigan 28-30 Iowa 20-26 Michigan St
UCLA 19-15 Tennessee 23-9 Kansas State 33-14 San Diego St 16-24 Stanford 10-24 Oregon
Ole Miss 23-7 Vanderbilt 45-14 Memphis 52-6 SE Louisiana 10-16 So Carolina 3-22 Alabama
South Florida 17-7 Florida State 34-20 Syracuse 35-13 WKU 40-7 Wofford 59-0 Charleston S
Stanford 24-14 Washington 24-16 UCLA 42-17 SJ State 39-13 Wash ST 17-24 Wake 28-38 Oregon St


Yinka Double Dare

October 12th, 2009 at 5:11 PM ^

Why is Penn State so high? Their resume doesn't stack up with most of the teams behind them in your ballot. Their best win is either a home win over Syracuse or a road win over an Illinois team that has zero FBS wins. They lost at home to Iowa, the only real team on their schedule so far.

Take, for example, Nebraska. One loss, on the road, to the #3 team on your ballot (and a game Nebraska should have won, no less). They have a road win over Mizzou, who you rank. They stomped all their weaker opponents. Why in god's name would they be below Penn State, who has no real win to speak of and a home loss to a team you rank lower than Nebraska's loss?

Penn State should be in the 20s until they win a game against a team with a pulse.

Cosmic Blue

October 12th, 2009 at 5:20 PM ^

i dont think they should move up after squeaking out a win vs an unranked team at home. even if it was against us... a real top 10 team should put any unranked team away early, even w/o 5 turnovers


October 12th, 2009 at 5:31 PM ^

If you're going to include Michigan amongst the teams at the cusp of the Top 25 you should include Central Michigan as well. Compared to Michigan, Central's been more impressive pounding a team U-M had some trouble with (EMU) into jelly and actually a beating a team (MSU) that U-M, you know...lost to. I'm not saying CMU should necessarily be in the Top 25, but they have more of a claim to Top 25 status than Michigan does.


October 12th, 2009 at 5:38 PM ^


I think this week our debate about Cincy vs. Boise will come closer to being settled because they both play relatively solid teams, although USF is clearly better than Tulsa. On that note, might USF be a better choice for the 24th ranked slot than Missouri? Missouri has only beaten one BCS conference school (Illinois, although by alot) and their best other win is @Nevada by 10; other wins include Home against Bowling Green by 7. Contrast with South Florida who is undefeated (although two of those are I-AA schools), but has beaten Florida State (who did beat BYU) and Syracuse (who has looked at least as good as Illinois this year against Big Ten competition). Close call either way and USF will be ranked higher if they end up performing against Cincy this week (doubtful) as will Mizzou if they do well @Oklahoma State (again, doubtful they do).


October 12th, 2009 at 6:33 PM ^

is Missouri ranked? Their premier win is 1-4 Illinois.

And why Boise State over Iowa?

at Penn State = Oregon
Mich, Zona, ISU (10-7) >>> Fresno St, BGSU, Miami-OH (4-13)
Ark St, N.Iowa = UC-Davis


October 12th, 2009 at 8:27 PM ^

Michigan is only on the bottom of the chart because they had been ranked in previous weeks. Those teams are NOT the next 8 squads in the country.


October 12th, 2009 at 8:48 PM ^


Nebraska's best win (@ Mizzou) is equal to or better than anyone else with a loss (I'll give a tie to BYU, LSU, Miami (FL), Ohio St.) and their loss (@ VaTech) is way better than anyone else's.

C'mon man quit hating Nebraska. Gotta be ranked 10 - 15.


October 12th, 2009 at 9:04 PM ^

Nebraska has played a crap schedule. They might be a littttle low now, but they've beaten exactly one team with half a pulse. That's not anything to brag about.

I guess taking margin of victory against tomato cans into account, they've been more impressive. OK, maybe you've sold me on the Huskers.


October 13th, 2009 at 10:43 AM ^

We have heard about LSU dropping due to their win over Georgia looking less impressive. Look at Okie State's resume and tell me they shouldn't do the same. Their only other BCS conf. win is a 5-point win over A&M.

Further more, what then happens to Houston if the Cowboys drop? Their other "good" wins are a 1-point win over TT, whose best win is Kansas State, and a 7-point win over Miss. St., whose best win is Vanderbilt.

You say you are trying to look at THIS year's results, the problem is that last year's Georgia, TT, and Ok. St. results are still clouding the picture and making you overvalue those teams. They've yet to prove themselves this year.

I'd have GT (4 BCS wins) and ND (3 BCS wins, 1 over UW who has beaten somebody, and 1 over MSU who has looked good the last two weeks) over both Houston and OK St.