BlogPoll Comprehensive Voter List

Submitted by Brian on May 1st, 2005 at 3:10 AM

Voter Count: 57
Schools Covered: 36
Conference Distribution: Big Ten 12, SEC 11, ACC 8, Big Twelve 7, Big East 5, Pac Ten 4, Independents 4, MAC 3, CUSA 1, Mountain West 1, WAC 1.

Team Breakdown:


Site Team
Eagle In Atlanta BC
Clemson Tigers Sporting News Clemson
Sporting Fools Florida State
Section Six NC State
StateFansNation NC State
Heelsblog North Carolina
Sexy Results Virginia
Dave Sez Virginia

Big East

Site Team
WV Law Dog Blog WVU
Pitt Sports Blather Pitt
Knight Hawk Rutgers
Orange Juice Syracuse
Heelsblog North Carolina
Before I Get Old Louisville

Big Ten

Site Team
mgoblog Michigan
Straight Bangin' Michigan
ParadigmBlog Michigan
Rob in Madtown Michigan
iBlog For Cookies Michigan
Football Outsiders Michigan
50-Yard Lion Penn State
The Nittany Blog Penn State
Bruce Ciskie Wisconsin
The Bemusement Park Iowa
SportsBiz Northwestern
The Enlightened Spartan Michigan State

Pac Ten

Site Team
TrojanWire USC
Heismanpundit USC
Boi From Troy USC
Bruins Nation UCLA


Site Team Alabama
EDSBS Florida
We Are The Boys Florida
Mississippi State Sports Blog Miss. St.
UT Vols Blog Tenn
Voluminous Tenn.
Braves & Birds Georgia
Paul Westerdawg Georgia
Georgia Boy Georgia
I'm A Realist Georgia
The Cool Chicken South Carolina


Site Team
Frank McGrath Tulane
Wyoming Sports Wyoming
mdgcfb Fresno State