BlogPoll Ballot Week 8... Official

Submitted by Brian on October 19th, 2005 at 1:15 PM

Comments welcomed, as always.

Something I will defend to the death is my omission of Cal. Wins over I-AA Sac State, awful awful NMSU, UW, Arizona, and Illinois, losses to the only two half competent teams they've played. They trailed Illinois in the fourth. I hated putting them and their no-QB having, no-defense having asses in at all, and now I don't have to. Like Texas Tech with two losses.

Also Texas Tech and Auburn get no love because of the level of competition they've defeated. Sorry, TT, I don't think Nebraska is any good.

Rank Team Snark
1 Southern Cal Their margin over the rest of the field is now very thin, but a margin it is.
2 Texas Texas Tech appears to be the last serious hurdle... but who knows how serious they are anyway?
3 Georgia As discussed earlier, VT and UGA are very similar teams. Georgia's played better competition.
4 Virginia Tech Um... yeah. Schedule is about to ramp up.
5 UCLA Giant jump based on everyone else eating it, but they didn't exactly cover themselves in glory either. Past this point... it's a mess.
6 Alabama A last second field goal to beat Ole Miss? Er... that Florida win doesn't look so hot any more, does it.
7 Florida State Yeah, they lost. So did basically everyone else.
8 Miami Functional DNP vs. Temple.
9 Penn State Loss of Williams will hurt very badly.
10 LSU Arizona State close call keeps looking worse. Florida win doesn't really impress much given the offense's failing to exist. Not going anywhere.
11 Boston College Thrilling last second victory! What a game!
12 Notre Dame DNP.
13 Oregon I dunno. I think they're pretty decent, but I'm really uncomfortable with them here.
14 Ohio State Won via gift. (Ok, ok, you gifted them five fumbles as well.)
15 Wisconsin Won via gift.
16 Michigan State Maybe you do hate winning.
17 Minnesota You hate winning too.
18 Auburn Why is this team behind the Big Ten clusterintercourse? Wins over WKU, Ball State, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Miss State. Loss to the one non awful team they played.
19 Texas Tech Opportunity to prove it Saturday.
20 Florida Not to go all Sports Guy, but how do you think Orson felt watching Urban cry in the postgame? That's never, ever a good sign. It's like having a quarterback named "Joey."
21 Tennessee DNP.
22 Georgia Tech Functional DNP vs. Duke before Miami showdown.
23 Fresno State Last best hope against USC?
24 West Virginia Um... I guess?
25 Virginia Probably temporary.

Dropped Out: Cal(#15, ITYS),Louisville(#21), Colorado (#24)

Games I Saw: Michigan-PSU, UVA-FSU (half), MSU-OSU(half), Minnesota-Purdue(bits of the first half); Iowa-IU (yes, I taped it... help me); LSU-UF.

Help Requested: Anything you've got. This is a disaster.

Update: Dropped Michigan for UVA at #25, dropped Iowa for WVU at #24.