BlogPoll Ballot Week 7... Official

Submitted by Brian on October 12th, 2005 at 3:54 AM

Comments welcomed, as always.

Rank Team Snark
1 Southern Cal Wavering a little bit here but Texas' marquee win over OSU is losing luster by the week.
2 Texas I am required by law to include the words "monkey" and "back" and "off" in this section of the poll. So: BACK OFF, MONKEY!
3 Virginia Tech What should have been a functional DNP against Marshall was close for a half, but given that their offense has always been bad I don't think it's particularly surprising or troubling.
4 Georgia Okay. I'm a believer. Watching UGA throttle the Vols was impressive. There are a large number of giant angry defensive linemen in the SEC this year and Georgia appears to be playing 13 of them at once.
5 Alabama DNP.
6 Florida State Again a supposed functional DNP goes somewhat awry.
7 Miami Functional DNP vs. Duke.
8 Michigan State DNP.
9 Notre Dame DNP.
10 Florida Another wobbly day at the office for Leak.
11 Penn State The offense is a tiny increment better and the defense is just as good, so Penn State is squeaking out wins instead of losses this year.
12 UCLA Largely unsure of exactly what to do with these teams.
13 LSU Functional DNP vs. Vandy. Sorry Vandy, but you lost to MTSU: functional DNP you are once more.
14 Boston College Beat UVA soundly.
15 Cal Shoulda won. Did not.
16 Ohio State Ohio State was the one team I pegged exactly: despite Troy Smith's heroics against Michigan he's a far below average DI QB, and he's wasting Holmes, Ginn, and a spectacular defense all by himself.
17 Minnesota I want chicken, I want liver, meow mix meow mix please deliver.
18 Auburn DNP.
19 Wisconsin 51 points to Northwestern. 42 points to BGSU. Michigan scores 20. Ugh.
20 Texas Tech Fluky win over a flukily undefeated team.
21 Louisville Crushed a not-awful UNC team.
22 Oregon Er... now is the time on BlogPoll when we grab whoever's left.
23 Tennessee Utterly dominated by Georgia.
24 Colorado Put the nail in the A&M coffin; only loss to #7 Miami.
25 Georgia Tech It's either them or some mid-major, and they have three wins over not bad teams, including Auburn, and one shoulda-won against NCSU. It's unfortunate that the Golden Tornado/DJL detente had harsh reality intervene.

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#11, "a third loss will be met with harsh reassessment"), Michigan (#24)

Games I Saw: Michigan-Minnesota; PSU-OSU; UT-UGA; last bit of GT-NCSU

Help Requested: What should I do with Cal and UCLA? Any better suggestions for the tail end of the poll?

Update: Commenters make cases for UCLA and PSU so they rise a bit at the expense of LSU and BC.