BlogPoll Ballot Week 15... Official

Submitted by Brian on December 8th, 2005 at 3:58 AM

Rank Team Snark
1 Texas Goddamn, son.
2 Southern Cal Er, you too.
3 Penn State DNP.
4 Ohio State DNP.
5 Georgia I realize the ordering of the following two teams is mindbending, but UGA has the better resume, in my opinion, despite the (very, very narrow) head to head loss.
6 Auburn ...and besides, there aren't any AU bloggers to suck up to.
7 Notre Dame Mmmm, Waffle House. I've seen both Fiesta teams up close and personal and like neither. I say this: may a meteor impact the stadium at the appointed time. Oh, and OSU wins mucho.
8 Miami DNP.
9 Oregon DNP.
10 Virginia Tech Is VT getting a rep as the Mr. October of college football?
11 LSU Ah, hell.
12 Alabama DNP.
13 West Virginia DNP
14 Wisconsin DNP.
15 Florida I had the Gators #22... way too low.
17 Texas Tech DNP.
18 Michigan DNP.
19 Iowa DNP.
20 Georgia Tech DNP.
21 Florida State You, ah, no make the sense. Bet you wish you were in the old ACC...
22 Boston College DNP.
23 UCLA ... but the Pac-10 is the new ACC: one really good team and a bunch of useless lumps that facilitate the really good team's run of dominance.
24 South Carolina DNP.
25 Northwestern DNP.

Games I Saw: enough of UT-CU, enough of USC-UCLA, enough of UGA-LSU.

Dropped Out: #23 Fresno State.

Help requested: Any and all pleas welcome in the limited time I provided for feedback.