BlogPoll Ballot Week 14... Official

Submitted by Brian on November 30th, 2005 at 3:33 PM

Rank Team Snark
1 Texas Yes, struggled against A&M, but...
2 Southern Cal Fresno's loss and ND's close call at Stanford are more damaging in my mind.
3 Penn State DNP.
4 Ohio State DNP.
5 Virginia Tech Returned to the throttling thing after the Miami loss; one Vick meltdown away from OMG BCS controversy.
6 LSU Lingering suspicions about this team are more linger-y after that Arkansas stuff.
7 Auburn No comment.
8 Georgia Leap up a few spots after a resume review and beating a still top-25 GT team.
9 Notre Dame Now John Walters can start trying to justify Notre Dame's upcoming BCS bid in earnest... what's that, he already has? And he directly stated that the only people who can name a single Auburn player live "within 10 miles of a Waffle House"? A salute to you, John, for exemplifying everything the nation loves about Notre Dame.
10 Miami Put the finishing flourish on another Ian-crushing Virginia season.
11 Oregon You beat Fresno State, here's a cookie, enjoy the Holiday Bowl.
12 Alabama DNP.
13 West Virginia Squashed Pitt. That got them past UCLA.
15 Florida At the very least an intimidating defense.
16 Wisconsin Beat Hawaii.
17 TCU Stupid SMU loss.
18 Texas Tech DNP.
19 Michigan DNP. The 7-4 parade starts.
20 Iowa DNP.
21 Georgia Tech Still have two impressive wins over Auburn and Miami.
22 Boston College DNP.
23 Fresno State Er. Yes, I think that loss counts.
24 Florida State DNP... er, figuratively, as Texas Blue points out in the comments.
25 Northwestern Obvious bias, sure. Does it matter? Is there someone else out there who demands admission?

Games I Saw: UT-A&M, final few minutes of ND-Stanford, enough of UF-FSU, parts of LSU-ARK, UVA-Miami

Dropped Out: #22 Iowa State.

Help requested: Eh. Anything you have. Nothing leaps out as especially uncomfortable. I'm always looking for deserving teams at the bottom of the poll.

Update: No changes. Sorry.