BlogPoll Ballot Week 13... Official

Submitted by Brian on November 23rd, 2005 at 4:08 PM

Rank Team Snark
1 Texas Certainly has a better D than USC...
2 Southern Cal ... but yeah, that Bush guy is alllllright.
3 Penn State Don't get used to it: everyone on both lines is gone; entire secondary gone; Robinson gone.
4 Ohio State Goddammit. Final score doesn't really capture how thoroughly Michigan got waxed. Losses to #1 and #3.
5 LSU Clear SEC frontrunner.
6 Virginia Tech Yeesh.
7 Notre Dame No, I'm not leaping FSU past them.
8 Auburn Okay, okay, I believe.
9 Miami That's a buzzkill, isn't it?
10 Oregon Commenters were near unanimous about this.
11 Georgia Functional DNP vs. UK.
12 Alabama Oof. Sorry, Warren.
14 Fresno State No, I shant punish for that loss, but FSU still hasn't beaten anyone outside Boise.
15 West Virginia Static.
16 Wisconsin DNP.
17 Georgia Tech Total omission from first draft.
18 Florida DNP.
19 Florida State DNP.
21 Texas Tech Okay, okay.
22 Michigan Well, who else?
23 Iowa State Darts.
24 Iowa Tate is still a very good quarterback. Bit of an up and down year, but a quality team.
25 Boston College A quarterback short of an intimidating team.

Games I Saw: Michigan-OSU, USC-Fresno.

Help requested: What should I do with Oregon? Better suggestions towards the bottom are appreciated.

Update: Bumped Oregon two spots as commenters were nigh unanimous in their corrections; also moved Georgia Tech in at #17 after forgetting about them in the first draft.