BlogPoll Ballot Week 10... Official

Submitted by Brian on November 2nd, 2005 at 3:27 PM

No comments on this one, unfortunately, as I'm way late. But I'm still shooting for that perfect attendance record, so here goes...

Rank Team Snark
1 Texas If I could rank the top three equal, I would.
2 Southern Cal Once I get some time I'll figure out what I think...
3 Virginia Tech ...about these guys.
4 Alabama Massive dropoff to here.
5 Georgia Since Shock appears to be returning, the game against Florida seems like as good of a loss as possible. Certainly better than...
6 UCLA ...trailing the Trees 24-3 with six minutes left.
7 Penn State Why do certain ballots have OSU over this team?
8 Florida State Functional DNP vs. Duke.
9 Ohio State Um... bizarro world.
10 Notre Dame DNP.
11 Miami An unimpressive first half paired with a grinding ground game in the second that will simply not happen against Va Tech. Serious fraud potential.
12 Wisconsin Come on, Bruce, tell me they're overrated.
13 Boston College VT is a buzzsaw.
14 LSU Running out of snark!
15 Florida Not as much credit given for beating a guy from Bel Air.
16 Oregon DNP.
17 Georgia Tech Sliding by on mgogoodwill at this point.
18 Fresno State Mustache gives Hill Samson-like power.
19 West Virginia Yay automatic BCS bid.
20 Michigan Breather, thank god.
21 Auburn Still haven't played anyone.
22 Texas Tech Not impressed by Baylor win.
23 Minnesota Mmmm, yards.
24 TCU OK win looking better as the Sooners pick themselves up off the mat.
25 South Carolina Ev-il gen-ius clapclapclap. Shameful bias!

Dropped Out: Northwestern(#21)

Games I Saw: VT-BC, NW-Michigan, UGA-Florida, Miami-UNC, 4th Q of Baylor-TT.