Blogpoll Ballot Week 1... Official!

Submitted by Brian on August 18th, 2005 at 5:30 AM

This is thoroughly strange. Okay. I've come to terms with Texas #2 after Duh at #1. Then... I run out of top ten teams at about five. Seriously. I don't want to rank anyone sixth. I had severe issues ranking someone #2. So you can look at this like #1 USC. 2-5: Some teams. 6-10: Some more teams.

I am accepting feedback on this thing before I submit it towards the end of the week. I'm open for your input on just about everybody. Suggest away.

Rank Team Snark
1 Southern Cal Sophisticated as hail.
2 Texas I am contractually bound to fear Vince Young as if he was Satan incarnate after the Rose Bowl.
3 Michigan Homer pick? I dunno. This is where I think they go now.
4 LSU One quarterback away from Zow! No, not that Zow.
5 Tennessee Ainge sort of shaky end of last year, plus major secondary issues.
6 Miami (Florida) Also contractually obligated to have one Florida team in the top ten.
7 Purdue Snakebitten last year, now have a healthy kicker and the whole defense back. Everybody.
8 Virginia Tech Sorry, Ian.
9 Oklahoma No one except Adrian Peterson is back. That's still pretty good.
10 Florida Seriously, who names their kid "Urban"?
11 Ohio State Troy Smith sucks; a lot of other parts don't.
12 Louisville Probably going to annihilate everyone they play. Have scads of talent relative to rest of Big East... how exactly did this happen? Louisville is in Kentucky.
13 Texas A&M Franchione liftoff year, also many people back from last season... last season when they lost to Baylor!
14 Iowa I fear Kirk Ferentz. I do not fear 255 pound redshirt freshman defensive tackles.
15 Arizona State Hi Sam Keller. You probably did the right thing.
16 Georgia Tee Martin hypothesis tested this year. Everyone forgot about that Ware kid, but he's pretty good himself.
17 Cal Expect a lot of tasteless headlines featuring Marshawn Lynch.
18 Auburn Better.
19 Boston College Stupid Pat Eaves.
20 Bowling Green The best quarterback in college football. Shi'ite defense.
21 Florida State No quarterback, no Cromartie, Jeff Bowden, real teams to oppose. Dadgummit.
22 Minnesota Half of a really, really good team. Half of a violent illness.
23 North Carolina State Section Six convinced me. I also have a soft spot for losers of tight games.
25 Alabama For Warren.

Update: After consideration and some input, I flipped Texas A&M and Arizona State. Ditto for Bowling Green and Auburn. This one's in the system, baby.