Blake Countess Done For Year

Submitted by Brian on September 2nd, 2012 at 10:07 PM


A source close to the team has told me Blake Countess has torn ligaments in his knee and is done for the year.

Countess will get a medical redshirt and be a redshirt sophomore next year; in his stead, Michigan has some hard choices. Courtney Avery was not up to the task on the outside against Alabama. Raymon Taylor and Terry Richardson also got in there, though in the part of the game in which Alabama was just running out the clock. This might mean we see a lot more of Jarrod Wilson in the nickel package. Last night he came in and Michigan moved Thomas Gordon down to the nickelback spot.

Also, hurray!



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You ever get the feeling there is bad news. Coming around the corner? I've been thinking all day about Blake and Taylor... Waiting for the other shoe to drop, Lewan will still play, but wont be a third as effective.


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I would say this would get us a great 5th year Countess now at least but if he really is going to be that good, we could only get next year from him and then he could go to the draft. That would suck


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I remember a week ago when I was reading analyses that said this year, the secondary would be a strong point on the defensive side of the ball. Great.


Good luck to Mr. Countess for his full recovery.


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but it's not a function of playing 'Bama.  He's just as likely to get hurt playing Eastern Michigan.

Now perhaps playing him on ST was a mistake, but I recall Meyer playing a lot of starters on ST when Florida was winning national titles.    The best players play, sometimes they get hurt.  That's football.  Some of the armchair coaches on this board act as if we should just play scrubs until the OSU game, so then everyone will be healthy.  They won't have any game experience, but they'll be healthy.  Until they get hurt in practice.  But that NEVER HAPPENS to defensive backs. 


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Jonelle famously put Drew Stanton on the KO coverage team and he blew his knee out in a bowl game they lost.  It doesn't make sense to me to have starters pulling dangerous duty like that....there's just no reason for it.  You never saw Alfonzo Dennard or Johnny Adams playing gunner.  

Hope he gets well soon...this is a HUGE blow for our D that was already thin.  Lewan better be okay, but i'm seeing some tweets that he may be out a month.   


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At least we still have Demar Do.....  Oh right.

Well at least we still have Colton Christi....  Oh right.

Good thing we still have Justin Tur.... Shit.

We can turn to Terrence Talbo...  Seriosuly?

Time to get some experience for Greg Bro..  C'mon this is getting old.

Time to drink.


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Okay okay okay, let's be rational. We have a decent secondary and lost a key guy. This is still better than two years ago when we had a mediocre secondary and lost THE key guy. Kovacs, Gordon, and Floyd are still in there.


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So....who do you think we go with now? Avery who has a lot more game experience or Taylor who might have a wee bit more size?

My guess is probably Avery at first but I think he might be on a short leash.


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I know we want the best playes on the field, even on special teams, but does the team have absolutely no one else to run down field and make tackles?  Blake was a starter, so the question is, was it really necessary for him to play special teams?

Champ Kind

September 2nd, 2012 at 10:49 PM ^

I keep refreshing the site hoping that Brian posts a new message saying his insider was wrong and Countess is all right.  No luck so far.  


Maybe this next one will do the trick.


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I'll take a rematch in 2015....absolutely I'll take that rematch. If everything goes to plan when this Freshman class are juniors we should be damn near rolling.

Your looking at either Bellomy as a RS SR or Morris as a Junior/RS Soph.



September 3rd, 2012 at 12:54 AM ^

It all looks rosy when we just look at the commitments on rivals but we were feeling equally good about this game 2-3 years ago when it was scheduled because Denard would be a senior and we'd finally be settled into the system. A lot can change in 3 years


September 2nd, 2012 at 10:57 PM ^

not to have major injuries. Key players stayed relatively healthy for the season. Doesn't look like we are off to such a fortunate start as we were last year. I wish Blake a speedy recovery.

Just remember, we don't have it as bad as Iowa and their RB situation.