Blake Countess Done For Year

Submitted by Brian on September 2nd, 2012 at 10:07 PM


A source close to the team has told me Blake Countess has torn ligaments in his knee and is done for the year.

Countess will get a medical redshirt and be a redshirt sophomore next year; in his stead, Michigan has some hard choices. Courtney Avery was not up to the task on the outside against Alabama. Raymon Taylor and Terry Richardson also got in there, though in the part of the game in which Alabama was just running out the clock. This might mean we see a lot more of Jarrod Wilson in the nickel package. Last night he came in and Michigan moved Thomas Gordon down to the nickelback spot.

Also, hurray!



September 2nd, 2012 at 11:36 PM ^

The same thing also happened last year when Woolfolk (who at the time was probably our top guy at the position) got hurt on kickoff coverage.  I can't see how any of these guys could possibly be so fantastic at kick coverage that it justifies putting them out there to run full speed into a wall of guys and then run around hoping to collide with a ball carrier who has a full running start while keeping an eye out for stray guys looking to take your head off, some times from behind, as was the case here.

Hopefully Raymon Taylor can be Blake Countess 2.0, but this is a policy that is clearly failing.


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Inside the Boxscore, you will note that while Hagerup put up some boomers, Bama averaged 16 yards on the returns. Michigan averaged just over 1 yard on our returns.

So it would seem the coaches were putting the best 11 special teams players on the field, and we still gave up an average of 16 yards ...

It sucks that Blake is injured / out for the season. It would appear that the coaches had good reason to be playing him.

(I would like to see video of the play again to see what happened to him.)


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I feel bad for the kid, but it is better that this happened now rather than a few weeks from now.  He'll have additional weeks to rehab.  We should hope that someone else is able to fill the hole this creates.  I guess we can chalk this up as another bonus to come from Dave's Debacle.


Seattle Maize

September 3rd, 2012 at 2:53 AM ^

What lessons need to be learned exactly - To not put starters on the field for special teams?  Ive got news for you - Many teams do this.  Urban Meyer has starters in on special teams.  Saban had Dee Milliner returning kicks, you think that is less dangerous than being a gunner?  You cant play or coach a game scared that someone is going to get injured.

It amazes me how people here immediately start second guessing decisions made by a guy who just took a team devoid of talent to a Sugar Bowl win.


September 3rd, 2012 at 8:25 AM ^

You shouldn't put your starting CB as a gunner when you lack proven depth at the position.  There's no upside.  At best, Countess is going to be, what, marginally better than another scholarship player on punt coverage?

Most people here aren't questioning the practice of putting starters on ST generally, but Countess is a key defensive player at a position of need.  Hoke is not above reproach simply because he led the team to a Sugar Bowl victory.  This just seems like a common-sense thing to avoid.


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Well - Let's take it as a positive. The secondary will be loaded for the next few seasons. I hope his frustrations don't get the best of him and he takes his time in recovery. He is a great kid.


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Dammit. Tough break, he looked poised for a great sophmore season. Get well soon Blake, hope the knee heals stronger than ever.

I guess the silver lining is our 2015 secondary just got a little stronger.



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Blake is a great player and I wish him a speedy recovery. On the bright side. We have a little depth and he'll get a redshirt. Hoping for better news on Lewan. That's a position with little to NO depth.


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this feels like that one year that I broke the news on Woolfolk being out for the year the week before the season opener. That didn't work out well for anyone.


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Feel awful for Blake.. Especially poise for such a big year

But, just as he stepped up out of nowhere when woolfolk was sucked/hurt... Someone will this year

I've got to believe it...

Waters Demos

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I once got "bumped" 1,000 points for spewing some bullshit that people took seriously (I guess), and was an attempt to sound smart while not knowing wtf i was talking about, and that some people bought (apparently).  If they're that cheap, this guy should be rich with meaningless mgopoints. 

Wilhelm, hire this man. 


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That you take the time to look up this guys past comments. Who cares what he writes?

I'm sure that anyone looking up your past comments could offer some critical analysis, or objectivity. It's a blog, state your opinion and argue or agree with someone else's. Simple as that.

Have a beer, or 20, guy.


September 3rd, 2012 at 11:03 AM ^

You're the one that's getting worked up. How do you not find it hilarious that a guy that has had an account for a year has made two comments, containing four words in his entire MGoBlog history, at seemingly the most random of times? He's not being criticized, people just found it funny.