Big Ten Media Days: Mark Moundros

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mark-moundros A brief interview with Mark Moundros from Big Ten Media Days.

  • The more guys who are stepping up to compete, the better the team will be. That's one of the reasons Mark asked to play some defense. "Competition only makes us better as a team, and I just want to win. If I don't pay a snap and we win 12 games, then I'm happy."
  • Mark expects to compete for a linebacker spot, and if he plays, then great. Otherwise, he's willing to help the team.
  • The defense has put in a lot of different fronts this spring. That should help confuse offenses, and it's helped Mark catch up with everyone else, because they're learning too.
  • The coaches are preparing a gameplan for UConn already. The Huskies have different offensive sets. What the defense does will depend on that.
  • Mark hopes they keep the Ohio State game at the end of the year, but if that's not possible after re-alignment, then so be it. Everyone looks forward to that game over the course of the year.
  • Mark will play a bit of fullback as well this fall, but he plans to play linebacker. He wants to help the team in any way that he can. He told Rodriguez that he could compete on defense, so he's getting his chance. He might be in the mix for playing time, but "I try not to think about what's on the depth chart." Helping the team is more important.
  • Michael Cox is a physical back, Michael Shaw is quick and fast. Vincent Smith has good feet and "can cut like no other." Fitzgerald Toussaint is quick and powerful, and Stephen Hopkins has great power.
  • Moundros was nervous to be one of the team representatives in Chicago. He was excited for the opportunity though: "What a great school. What an honor to be a part of such a great tradition and a great team." Moundros grew up loving Michigan and the connection with his brother Kirk had a little to do with that. The great tradition of doing things the right way is what makes Michigan what it is.
  • The defense is much more deep this year than it has been in the recent past. Mark isn't sure exactly who will step up, but that's exciting because there are many viable options.
  • Mark approached Coach Rodriguez about playing defense, and after a couple weeks, Rich Rod decided to give him a shot.



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A true Michigan Man, Mark is a great representative for the University and the team. His do whatever the team needs attitude is very rare to find these days. Go Blue!!!


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Does anybody else fail to see how Moundros could NOT play fullback this year?  John McColgan is the only other fullback on the roster.  And while McColgan might be an under-the-radar superstar, he's never touched the ball and has barely seen the field.  Unless they're entrusting the "starting" fullback job to McColgan or true freshman Stephen Hopkins - both of whom seem unlikely - then I'm not sure exactly what's going on.


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They aren't planning to use a ton of fullback - one of the reasons Moundros wanted to get on defense - so they don't exactly need a ton of depth there. If the coaches have liked what they've seen out of McColgan so far, he can get the (limited) reps there.

No offense, but I'll take Mark Moundros and Roch Rodriguez's word on what Moundros will do this fall over yours.


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They sure ran the I form quite a bit in the spring game (though that means nothing).  And it's not like RR never used a FB at WVU.  The FB was quite an effective weapon during his days there.  Over the course of three seasons at WVU, FB Owen Schmitt had (along with many facemask destroying blocks)

2005-48 carries, 380 yards, 2 TD's/ 8 catches, 76 yards

2006-65 carries, 351 yards, 7 TD's/ 12 catches, 91 yards, 1 TD

2007-47 carries, 272 yards, 4 TD's/ 12 catches, 121 yards, 1 TD

Total=160 carries, 1003 yards, 13 TD's/ 32 catches, 288 yards, 2 TD's/ 192 touches, 1291 yards, 15 TD's

At WVU, Schmitt averaged about 5 touches per game over the course of his career at WVU.  If anything I'd think Rod would like to get the FB more involved at Michigan, rather than less.


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I'm not saying you're wrong of course Tim, I just can't remember a specific instance of either guy saying that the FB role wasn't going to be utilized much this year.  I'm sure it's there and I just can't remember it.  Could you post a link or something here?


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Moundros has said in the past that his move was because he wants more playing time. Reading between the lines, that means either 1) The fullback position won't be used as much, or 2) Mark Moundros will not get much playing time at fullback. Either one is a realistic possibility, and both are examples of situations in which Moundros doesn't play fullback this year.

That said, I would be surprised if he saw the field at linebacker for anything more than spot duty, so he'll get a few carries over the course of the year. With his situation (multiple positions, walkon, etc.), if he does something of note in a game, the national media will be ALLLLL over it if he does something of note on either side of the ball - or better yet, both sides in one game.


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We could see the FB phased out even further than last year.  More sets with 1RB, 2 RB, or  TE lined up in the backfield.  Perhaps Moundros will be limited to some goalline power sets - simple plays that he doesn't really need to practice much to execute.

Blue Blue Blue

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our blogosphere view may have been that he was certain to see the field plenty, but if Hopkins is the stud we hear he is, MM could be rejecting the limited backup FB role.


depth at LB seems like one of the big shortages, and LB is physical enough to expect it will take more than just the starters to play a season of Michigan D


will need to edit the video game, though.


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"The defense has put in a lot of different fronts this spring. That should help confuse offenses, and it's helped Mark catch up with everyone else, because they're learning too."

This is nice for Moundros but not terribly comforting to me.


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I just love how he is so un-selfish about playing the game. Will do anything for the team, even if he is not playing every down. Happy to see some guys stepping up and being leaders, and in Mark's case, offensively, defensively, and on the sideline.


August 5th, 2010 at 12:12 PM ^ interview with Mark Moundros.  Here's how it closes:

Like Schilling, Mark is an easy young man to like. You could tell that he wasn't comfortable in the spotlight, and he admitted that talking with the press wasn't his favorite thing in the world to do, but he was forthright, honest and occasionally even allowed himself to enjoy the experience. With three of the senior leaders present at Media Days it was readily apparent that all three are on the same page. Moundros echoed exactly what I heard from Schilling and Woolfolk on the state of the program and the state of this team. They're message was simple: "Everyone's bought in. I work as hard as I can every day and compete as hard as I can." The rest will work itself out. Mark made crystal clear that the only thing that matters to this team is winning. Not playing time. Not what's going on outside the program. They'll go to the mat for one another. Mark may have been a media rookie, but he handled himself like a pro.

And that is a team attitude that you have to like.


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Mark Moundros, whether a fullback or linebacker, is a hell of a special teams player.  We should have very good special teams this year (except for kicking FG's, it seems).

Bronco Joe

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why a player is brought to media day if he is not going to be a regular. Is it just a, "thanks for working hard?" type of event for RR to reward his type of players? Wouldn't being at this event and representing the team mean he should have a meaningful role on the field as well as off?