Belarus? Comment Count

Brian December 30th, 2004 at 6:19 PM

Oh, yeah: the WJC team got thumped by Belarus 5-3. Belarus! Montoya got benched in favor of Cory Schnieder, but once Schnieder gave up three goals by early in the second period, Montoya got a chance to redeem himself... and promptly let in a shot from outside the blue line on his first opportunity to make a save. It was that kind of night for the US, who played very badly defensively and got absolutely no help from either goalie.

I don't know what Sandelin's going to do, but his team is now going to be up against it vs. the Czechs today. They must win or hope for an unlikely team Russia loss or not make the medal round. And neither goalie has been anything but craptacular.

As for Michigan, it's MSU in the GLI tonight. Down to 16 skaters w/ Rohlfs playing D... uh, well it would be nice to win. I'm not expecting big things.

Another thing, though: this is a huge opportunity for Noah Ruden. If he shuts the door against a swarming MSU team tonight and Montoya continues to look awful at the WJC, he could get at least one or two more games with Montoya back as a bit of a wakeup call for Monty. And if things continue the way they are, he could get more.