Basketball Recruiting: Explosions! Things Happening!

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LAST TIME: bitching about the fact that following five kids instead of fifty tends to make basketball recruiting langorous at best, endless repetition of the fact that Recruit X has not cut his 23-team list at worst. Picture of polin' down the Mississip'.



ACTION! (At least comparable to one of Ace's bi-weekly football updates.)

First, the bad news…

I thought we were bros Jerry Meyer said so

Happy trails to five-star PF Kevon Looney, who cut his list to six teams and did not include Michigan. : /

Also in Happy Trails:

  • Rivals and 247 have both reported that Michigan has essentially parted ways with OH PF Vince Edwards, who's expected to commit to Purdue shortly.
  • MO PF Jordan Barnett committed to Texas. Barnett didn't have an offer despite a Michigan visit. Even if he was a plan B, he might have moved up into the A range once Looney gave M the axe.

That is kind of a downer when it comes to stretch fours, but…

You call that a knife? I'm from Flint, sort of

Nevada-by-way-of-Australia-and-Flint stretch PF Jonah Bolden burst onto the scene recently, having just returned from the land of vicious dunking koala bears. As a 6'8" or 6'9" kid with excellent range he fits exactly the kind of hole Michigan was hoping Looney would fill.

He just showed up on the radar after an impressive showing at the Adidas Nations tournament:

Best prospects I've seen so far at Nations include Josh Jackson, Okafor, Stanley Johnson, Jonah Bolden, Malik Newman and Tyler Doesey

Findlay Prep is getting good one in Jonah Bolden. Face-up PF at 6-8 w/length that is finishing on break, hitting from 3, really passes well.

Believe I got asked about Australian Jonah Bolden the other day. 6-8 forward has a great looking shot and can move. Very intriguing.

At 6-foot-8, he can really shoot, he has great length and he runs the floor well. … little doubt that high majors will be interested.

Bolden can jump very well for such a tall, long player and his greatest asset is his outside shot. Very long arms allow him to be a difference maker inside defensively without the type of muscle he’ll need to add at the next level. Slithery and smooth in his ability to penetrate on the offensive end, Bolden has a very high skill level and terrific touch.

Bolden's dad is from Flint and played a year of high school ball with Glenn Rice before starring at Boise State in the mid-80s; Bolden reputedly grew up a Michigan fan as a result.

Bolden will play at Findley Prep (the same school that Michigan target and eventual OSU commit Amadeo Della Valle played at) for his senior season and enter college in 2014. Rivals seems to think he "prefers" M, and he did give this quote to Scout:

"My dad is from Michigan and I always liked the way they play, especially my position," Bolden said.

Despite growing up a Wolverines fan, Bolden said that he's completely wide open in his recruitment and isn't planning on making a decision until the spring.

"I'm not committing anywhere anytime soon," Bolden said. "I'll look at my positional availability; who is there before me. I also will look at academics."

Positional availability is going to be pretty dang good if GRIII is in the NBA draft, and he fits Michigan's style to a T. Thanks, Australia.

Commit imminent?


Michigan's interest in 2015 IN SG Jalen Coleman is sincere enough that he is one of a very few kids in that class to currently sport a Michigan offer. He's moving from Indianapolis to a prep school in northern Indiana, an area that has recently an absolute bounty for Michigan. He's looking to schedule a visit in the near future (first or second football game), and Kyle Bogenschutz reports that 1) they want to get recruiting over with, 2) Michigan is "at the top," and 3) there is a "great chance" he pops the next time he's on campus.

That would be pretty good, as Coleman is a top-50 player to most services with Indiana, OSU, Purdue, and Arizona offers. Coleman was recently profiled in a free 247 article:

“It’s like a hungry dog going after a slab of meat,” Adams said. “He can put the ball in the basket.”

His comment on Michigan:

* On Michigan -- “I’m thankful. That’s a blessing to have an offer from a college team that advanced to the national championship and almost won it. I watched them the whole season and saw how they improved. I was happy for their success. I’ve been talking to Coach Jordan a lot and Coach Beilein has been texting my dad.”

Very good vibe from that compared to the things he says about the other schools.

List slicing ho!

CA SF/PF Kameron Chatman released a list of his five finalists: USC, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, and UConn. Washington, once the perceived favorite, is a notable omission. Meanwhile, UConn was dropped at one point due to a lack of contact and unless USC's paying guys again he's not going to that tire fire, so this seems to be a duel between Oregon, the 247 Crystal Ball favorite, Michigan, and Arizona.

Supporting evidence: Chatman has scheduled officials to those three schools only, with Michigan getting their swing at UTLII.

IN SF Trevon Bluiett has sliced his list from 23 or so to seven. Michigan, Butler, and UCLA are thought to be the main contenders; Bluiett is also considering Indiana, Xavier, Arizona, and Purdue. Bluiett's dad told Scout that he thinks the list of seven is really about four and that Michigan is amongst them:

“Always have,” he said. “He’s always regarded Michigan pretty high and he loves the coaching staff, the style of play.”

Also in that article, Bogenschutz got a quote on Bluiett's impending official (scheduled for the CMU game on the 31st) that turned into a "Adidas: Bluiett to Visit U-M, Commit too?" headline. Judge for yourself:

“We got a tentative (visit) on the 31st of August, the first football game,” Bluiett’s father said. “We’re trying to make arrangements for that. I hear that’s an extravaganza.

“A lot of recruits don’t leave there uncommitted -- I heard,” he laughingly added.

Bogenschutz would later add($) that based on that interview and "conversations throughout the camp" that he "might be close" to pulling the trigger on his visit.

Bluiett has provided no timetable for a commit, FWIW. Brad Stevens's exit from Butler should give Michigan the advantage now, with official visits the best chance for other schools to catch up. Bluiett gave Brian Snow a breakdown of his finalists nad his quote on Michigan was encouraging:

I probably have the best relationship with that staff. Coach (John) Beilein lets his players go. He recruits players with high IQ’s, and they are able to get wins without him really over coaching them.

Butler's is also pretty encouraging for the Bulldogs, FWIW.

Booker still winding towards decision

Booker on Michigan:

“Well, Michigan’s been recruiting me since the eighth grade, so they have a special place in my heart I’d say because I’ve visited there seven times and my mom lives in Michigan still and she’d probably like me to stay closer to home and play,” Booker told “I live in Mississippi but I’m there in Michigan for the summer.”

Zagsblog says it's a "safe bet" he'll land at M, MSU, Kentucky, Missouri, or Florida, but he hasn't officially cut his list.

Kentucky on Kennard

Snow on 2015 OH SG Luke Kennard:

“I would say UK is definitely a game-changer,” Snow stated. “I have always felt that if UK offered they would be very tough to beat and I have heard nothing to suggest otherwise. Now it isn't a done deal, but if UK continues to make him a priority I think they will be extremely tough to beat.”

Let's go Kentucky… in other recruitments of shooting guards. Not that that seems to slow them down at all.


Michigan's looking at 2014 four-star wing Josh Cunningham, presumably just in case. Add 2015 wing Tyler Williams to your offer candidates. 2015 Cleveland PF Carlton Bragg has buckets of talent. Watch him for a potential visit. If you've got Scout, highly recommend Bogenschutz's scouting of the various Michigan targets at Adidas Nations.


San Diego Mick

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that he's going to L.A. for the next school year to prep for U-M as he put it. Let me tell ya, that's one young man I will be rooting for and will always have a special place in my heart, good luck to you Austin and I can't wait for you to be able to compete for our beloved Wolverines!


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repeats something I've seen elsewhere in that Coleman wants to "work on his point guard skills."  This is interesting because he definitely has the size of more of an off-guard/SG role (e.g. Stu Douglass) and not point.  However, I'm beginning to wonder if the coaches offered Coleman with the intent of him playing a large portion of time at PG.  2014 we're in good shape with Trevon Bluiett and Devin Booker.  For sake of argument if both Bluiett and Booker go Blue, that puts the wing guard depth (2 and 3 spot) looking like Stauskas, Levert, Irvin, Booker, Bluiett, and Coleman were he to commit.  That's a crowded set of positions assuming no attrition.  Point Guard depth seems much easier with a senior Albrecht and possibly junior Walton.


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2016 G Josh Jackson is briefly mentioned in the Jerry Meyer tweet but he's probably the recruit I want the most out of all of our current targets. He's from Detroit and I think he has Andrew Wiggins-type potential. Also he may reclassify to the 2015 class because he's old for his year. 


August 5th, 2013 at 7:57 PM ^

in Josh Jackson's progress.  I know the coaches are following him as well.  2016 looks to be a bit more of an "up" year in terms of michigan talent with Cassius Winston in that class as well right now.  I hope Jackson stays in 2016 just so there can be enough scholarship room for him.


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He's already one of the best players in the state. He's a must get for Michigan. Instate guy, unlimited potential.

However, Beilein has shown very little interest in recruiting instate guys, opting for Ohio and Indiana players. I find that a mystery that I've never heard him explain. And no, he doesn't owe me an explanation. It's just something obvious in his recruiting strategy.