The Barrad Of Tloy Wolfork

Submitted by Brian on April 27th, 2012 at 11:27 AM


After years and years of everyone getting his name wrong despite it being the same name as a famous Michigan tailback who happens to be his dad, Troy Woolfolk wakes up today and tomorrow hoping to see a team next to his name on the NFL draft tracker. Aaaaaand…


…oof. Fine, thinks Woolfolk. I didn't want to be part of your stupid dlaft anyway.

Hopefully this marks the retirement of the "Tloy Wolfork" tag, but I'm guessing it'll make at least one more appearance. Now on to everyone calling our new quarkback "Dennis Northfleet."



April 27th, 2012 at 11:56 AM ^

Best of luck to Troy.

This reminds me, however, of a woman I knew at UM named Sam who was a sportswriter for the Daily (and I think the very first woman sportswriter at the Daily).  I remember seeing her in the spring of 1982 on the day the draft was going to start.  She told me how excited she was to watch the draft and see who would pick Woolfolk.  My thought at the time was:  who in the heck watches the NFL draft?  It was a different time, no interwebs, barely any cable news, no ESPN (I think).  Sam was a hell of a sports fan and writer.

So, here's hoping for good luck for Woolfolk in the draft.


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She was particularly mentioned in one of Bo's books. Bo would meet her in the hallway outside the lockerroom in order to review the day's events for her articles in the Daily. Had to set it up special since she could not go into the lockerroom like the other sportswriters. This was way before they had the interview room, etc. that they have now..

She went on to become an expert re Middle East affairs. worked for the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times among others. She continues to be a regular on the Sunday Morning talking head shows on the networks. Originally from Ann Arbor. Used to date my old friend the center fielder for Michigan.


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Something I've noticed this year is that every half wit analyst is using the word "intangibles." 

"He has great intangibles."

That's nice, why don't you share what they might be - leadership, drive, excellent under pressure, heart, attitude, toughness....???  Or not.  Just say he is athletic and has great intangibles.  You've earned every dollar of your salary...

Also, somewhere Ty Issaccs is having a good laugh at Troy Woolford's expense.


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Whenever an analysts mentions a player's intangibles, I want to ask him why of his qualities are tangible.  Too often, the word intangible is used where the word "immeasurable" should be used.  I agree that leadership is intangible.  So is a 40 time, or "strength."  None of those are tangible. 


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I was playing church league softball a couple years back and a guy who went to the '09 Spring Game was telling everyone how great "Rob Roundtree" and "Tate Forseer" looked. He also said he couldn't wait for "Denard Richardson" to join the team in the summer. Amazing.