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Dave Brandon creates the future: the tag: the picture

The Michigan Marching Band has been informed that they won't be going to Dallas, presumably because it puts a dent in the pile of money Michigan will get by selling a home game. Sorry, people who bought tickets. Yes, seats for the band are in the contract. Yes, you've been duped. No, you can't get a refund unless you pay $500 to get on the refund waiting list.

Think about that as you look at a home schedule on which Michigan State is the featured attraction. Dave Brandon couldn't even get the Nebraska game to not be on the road in the same year OSU and ND are. He sold a home game to Jerry Jones because it sounded like a lot of money, then we found out that because the minimum ticket price was $125 he could have scheduled a home and home instead. Jerry Jones is probably laughing his ass off somewhere.

Anyway. I think we should start a Dave Brandon for Governor fund. I'd vote for him! With no ulterior motives whatsoever! #DB4MGov!



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Everyone relax! My boom box is loud as hell and I have some fight songs on cassette tape. Problem solved, and you're welcome. Dave IS helping us get kick ass recruits, so quit your bitching. He is a big reason our facilities are better and that shit head (RRod) is gone.


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While I can't agrue against the fact that the band isn't going (which is awful everyway you slice it), people should know the facts about the money.  I'm a sport management major (yes it's an actual major now, it's no longer a joke major for athletes) at Michigan and David Brandon came and spoke to a group of students about a variety of topics, one of which was the game in Dallas.  He had no intention of ever playing a game there but Jerry Jones and espn said name your price so he did.  He said he gave them about what Michigan made on UTL plus a little and to his shock they agreed to pay us that and more.  So yes we did lose a home game but we're making just as much/more than what we would've made.  Brian should check his facts before he goes on a rant saying David Brandon is making us lose money on this game because it's quite the opposite.


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You're missing the point. When you name the price for a game like this in college football, you include the ****ing bands in the proposal. That should be the end of the discussion.

They not only are part if the tradition, but they're also part of the overall image, or 'brand' if you like using that word. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to find jingles that will get stuck in people's heads and make them think of a product, and Michigan has its own built-in (very highly rated) 'jingle' that happens to be near and dear to a number of us. Heck, there's video of me playing "The Victors" on a tiny xylophone as a 7-yr-old, and I barely even knew what football was at the time ('80's child from New England), I just liked the song that much. How much better does marketing get than that?

Michigan's going to play "the biggest non-conference game of the season," and one of our greatest traditions and marketing tools won't be there getting national TV time. Seems worth a #WTF to me.


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If the outrage is big enough, and that is what it looks like it is going to be - Mr. Brandon (and the  entire Athletic Department) will have to change their plans and send the Band to Dallas. Maybe a donor will foot the bill? Or maybe a student group or the band members will raise the money? Who knows, but I think it will happen. David Brandon might have the pimp hand, but the pimp hand's pimp (body?) is one of the strongest fan bases in the nation that spend the cash to make the pimp hand so powerful.

Ms. W

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Dear Dave,
I could not believe it when I read this in the Detroit News today.  This is just wrong!  The Victors won't be played at the game?  The #1 fight song in America?  What are they going to do, "pipe" it in?  No pep rally for the thousands of UM fans making the trip? I know they will be terribly disappointed.  All band members are there for every UM team, win or lose, rain or shine!  They practice 20+ hours per week and travel to maybe 2 home games a year (at best) They are playing their hearts out and cheering when no one else does!  Have you ever seen a band member get angry, leave a game early or bad mouth a team?  These are the students/fans you WANT at this game! 
Team 133 needs all the support they can get during this very important game and the band should be there to help provide that support and be recognized for being "the best damn band in all the land". How does the football team feel about this?Did anyone ask them?  How do the 300+ band members feel about this? Did anyone ask them?  They will take it graciously, but I know how they will feel:  unappreciated, unwelcome, and not needed, at best.
The band members are there for every UM team, win or lose, rain or shine!  The MMB practice 20+ hours per week and travel to only one (1) regular season away game every odd year, two (2) regular season games on the even year and maybe a bowl game.  They are playing their hearts out, through rain or shine,  and cheering when no one else does!  Have you ever seen a band member get angry, leave a game early or bad mouth any UM team or coach?  These are the students/fans you WANT at this and every game!
Was this just a yes or no decision?  Any thought to sending a smaller "band" if cost is an issue?  Maybe, reducing the number travelling to Notre Dame or OSU this year so at least some number of MMB can travel to Texas?
I find it interesting that there is NO mention of this on any UM website, facebook page or twitter account and the only reason I could find anywhere is because it's an "away" game.  Isn't Michigan the "home" team at this game?
As a lifelong A2 resident and UM fan, who has attended too many UM games and meets, to count, who also had a student in the MMB for 4 years who will forever cherish her experience, I am appalled and saddened by this decision.
I am asking you and the rest of the people responsible for making this decision to please re-think the decision and send the band, to cheer on the team, to lead our fans in the Victors and Let's Go Blue and to help Team 133 bring home a victory against Alabama!


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This isn't "everyone's" niche project.  This "niche" project is Dave Brandon's himself.

If Dave Brandon thought this was a bad idea for monetary reasons, he could've easily omitted the MMB from the contract in the first place and probably gotten away with it.  But setting aside seats and then crying "no money" is what makes that surplus a very conspicuous thing.

A surplus isn't something to piss away, no.  I certainly wouldn't advocate pissing away a surplus on any random road trip.  But gee, I'd say


is a rather justifiable reason to dig into money you know you have.  Especially when it's a one-time expenditure that would consume less than 4% of that surplus.


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Sticking to a budget is tough if you're like me, a common shlub with a fixed income and a job in a high cost-of-living area.

Sticking to a budget is tough if you're Congress when just about anyone will want free money and no one likes paying taxes.

Sticking to a budget is tough if you're the owner of the New York Mets.  Because, well, they're the Mets.

But, you know, you can kinda stop talking like the University of Michigan Athletic Department is on food stamps.


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This is the single most relevant fact for me. If the dept. was in the red or just slightly in the black, I could understand the decision with no difficulty. However, with that amount of dough on hand, there's little justification for not taking them, especially considering it was made by a guy who's all about "branding."

What the hell is a surplus for in the first place? This isn't just any road game, against just any opponent, in just any old season. It may not be a nice bowl game in a tropical location, but to treat it no differently than you would be playing in Urbana-Champaign or Minneapolis is a curious failure to take full advantage of a national spotlight.

Bando Calrissian

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Never mind that the payout M is getting for this is exponentially larger than the payouts for lesser bowl games, yet Athletics has expressly stated the MMB will always be included on those trips. Why should this be different? The money is there, and doesn't even need to be split to the conference before expenses.


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It's really about either 1. not valuing the band, or 2. being a shitty negotiator. If you're going to sell what would be a home game to a neutral site, and you want the band there (as they would be at a home game), you build that into your cost estimates when Jones approaches you.


Does anyone know if the Oregon band was in Dallas last year?

Sac Fly

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Also written in the contract is that seating is paid for the mascot. Brandon is drawing attention away from his evil plan with this, before the mascot unveiling in Dallas before the game.
He would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for us mgobloggers.


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However unlikely it is, I'm going to imagine Dave Brandon reading these comments and just thinking, "Damn it! How did they know my plan?" Only to be reminded by his secretary that this is MGoBlog and nothing slips by us


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I was in the band 5 years (a slow engineering student), and we only went to one regular season away game besides MSU, ND, or Ohio. That one game was to beautiful Urbana, IL, and it was a very forgettable trip. Regular season road trips are nothing like bowl trips. They're actually a bit of a drag. They are done as quickly and cheaply as possible.
I feel badly for disappointed MMB members, but they probably aren't missing anything approaching what they remember from the bowl trips.


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. . . but I've also never been in a game quite like this.  Traveling to East Lansing or Columbus was generally a drag, and Dallas is no paradise, but given the money's there and the contract's there and the team is traveling a long distance to play a very tough and high-profile opponent I daresay it's COMMON EFFIN' SENSE to bring the only group on the planet tasked with playing the University of Michigan fight song.  This isn't some free vacation for the band; when I was in the band I wanted to go to away games to support the team.  When Joe Pedoterno unilaterally nixed a trip to PSU we were pissed even though it gave us back our weekend.

This is Michigan, fergodsakes.  We're not some damn FCS team scraping by; we've got a multi-million-dollar surplus and the band is the face of the university.  You wanna talk money?  What about showing all the fans in Texas and Alabama what the MMB is made of?  What about giving the TV cameras more maize and blue uniforms to show?  What about giving the team a sound, a piece of the crowd to rally around when Alabama starts attacking them?  You have to be the worst bean-counter on the planet to not see the numerous upsides of bringing the band there.

Is DB really that unbelievably stupid??  He's the AD for the University of Michigan and doesn't understand what the band means to the school, the coaches or the team?  Brady Hoke himself said he liked to listen to the band and he hired the guy!!


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I am trying to find the Bo quote that is something to the effect of:  "We will never travel for an important game without bringing the Michigan Marching Band".  

I already sent one email to DB from each of my email accounts.  In the next set of emails, I want to add the Bo quote with proper attribution.





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There is no way Bo ever said that, unless it was in jest or playing to a particular audience. Bo was the one who hired a band instead of bringing the basketball band to early tournament games. I was in the MMB when Bo was coach. He was always cordial to us, but he obviously was NOT passionate about us going to the games.


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Well, in spite of the negbangs for sharing actual history: when a group of us went (at our own expense) to a road game, Bo was mad that we played within earshot of the team when the team was supposed to be "quietly reflecting" before the game. I'm not complaining about Bo, I revere the guy. But I was in the band for five years, on band staff for three years, and Bo always, consistently, merely seemed to tolerate us.


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It's n important synthesis to the fans, but it's often one more of toleration to the principles. All parties speak politically correctly in public, but it has it's ups and downs. Sometimes the band acts like 100,000 people come every Saturday to see them; and at other times I'm sure they don't feel appreciated right back (oh,

Story from the 1993 season- don't recall which game, but prior to halftime the band was encroaching on the team getting ready for the halftime show. Well, it was one of those situations where the game wasn't stopping, and the last minute was getting extended. But by then the band was already getting on the team cords and such. They were basically told to get the F back, but the drum major basically acted like he didn't hear them, and kept with what he was doing, ignoring the team. So one of the team mangers came back and knocked him on his ass to get him off the coach's cords. Then he suddenly thought it was a good idea to have the band get back till play was done.

Not saying it's always contentious, but just because Denard shows up at track meets doesn't mean the athletic department is always one big happy family, or that they all see each other as equals. On one side it can be very Animal Farm; on the other jealously can be rampant.


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Moving up a comment from Carl Grapentine below:

In 1980, the band was not sent to the Notre Dame game. We lost it on the last-second miracle field goal. The next week at a pep rally on the steps of Rackham Auditorium, Bo stood before the crowd--his jaw jutted out in that defiant way--and spit out the words, "The next time I go into a war, I want my band with me!!!" Send the MMB to Dallas when Michigan HOSTS Alabama! The Team, the Team, the Team!

CJ Grape

Mr. Yost

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It's annoying, it's stupid and he needs to get over himself. Look at Michigan pre and post Brandon. Brandon hired Hoke. Look at Michigan football pre and post Hoke.

I'm sorry, but this one has "douche" written all over it.

Does it deserve to be mentioned or discussed? Sure. But why be a total dick to a man that has done GREAT things for the University of Michigan? Is he too much of a business man? Maybe. But look at his before and after...

Quit whining. Quit being so emo. Quit exaggerating dumb shit to get upset over.

Or's your site.


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"I hate it when people agree with somebody else. They should think for themselves."

"But I did think for myself, and I agree with them!"

"Of course you do. Sheep."

Seriously, a lot of people agree that a^2+b^2=c^2.  Too bad they're all just following that Pythagoras guy. What a bunch of losers.