Armchair GM, MGoBlog, and You

Submitted by Brian on October 11th, 2006 at 7:56 PM

Hello, readers. I've been frustratingly stuck on blogspot, as my URL is owned by the folks at and they have decided not to relinquish it. Thus I can't move to Wordpress and do some fancy things I'd like to. I've also been kicking around the idea of creating awesome wiki stuff for things like recruiting and/or media. All this takes time and administration and stuff like that, time I could be using to make words.

So when ArmchairGM was all like "we're looking for affiliates" and I was like "can we get some RSS stuff going that I can incorporate onto my sidebar" and they were all like "you betcha," a deal was struck. ArmchairGM is the official wiki of MGoBlog and I'm their official Michigan affiliate and such. As soon as I can get the time together, there will be a redesign and a dual-sidebar look. I'll put together a widget that takes the latest posts from articles posted at ArmchairGM tagged with the "MGoBlog Reader" category. If you've been to a SBNation site, the general idea is to roughly approximate their diary functionality. So that will be cool.

The other thing ArmchairGM can serve as is a general repository of Michigan sports history. They've set up a page on Michigan football with links to each year of the programs existence, waiting for users to fill in the details. Eventually I hope we can drill down to specific games, add in all the video clips that are popping up on youtube, IBFC, and here, link to photos, and create a central repository for the history of Michigan football. Which will be flippin' sweet.

So: action items for you if you're interested in participating:

  • Register at ArmchairGM.
  • Add {{MGoBlog Reader}} to your personal profile by clicking on the "My Page" button after you log in.
  • Tag opinions you write with the "MGoBlog Reader" category.
  • Edit away.

I figure a good place to start is 1997.

Until I get the auto-magic working on the sidebar, if you post something you think is of interest email me ([email protected]) and find your way into a Voracity or somethin'.