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Brian January 25th, 2014 at 3:55 PM


Come on guys, do you know there's a basketball game tonight?

Anyway: along with Thomas Rawls, Michigan has announced that Josh Furman and Richard Ash are exiting the program. Both would have been fifth year seniors and can presumably transfer and be eligible immediately as long as they have graduated.

Both Furman and Ash were pressed into the first extensive duty of their career late in the year, with Furman getting a couple of starts due to injury in the safety corps and Ash being rolled out to see if he could somewhat delay the runaway train that was the OSU rushing offense. The answer there was NOPE, and Furman was also not too good in his limited time.

Michigan now has 85 slot allotted for next year's roster, and there are a couple of other players in unfavorable depth chart situations who might look for greener pastures themselves.



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I'm not sure where 85 comes from. It is actually 82 unless you are counting some walkons (Kerridge and Glasgow are the only returning ones that had scholarships last year as Glanda and Reynolds are finishing their 5th year) and the return of Hagerup. Also, we don't really have any realistic targets left this year (maybe McDowell if we are really, really lucky). Since all of these guys would have run out of eligibility after next year anyways, it doesn't really open up any new slots then either, so this attrition actually has very little effect on recruiting.


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Agree with those the thread about this on the message board, I had come up with 83 assuming no walkons (Kerridge, G Glasgow, R Glasgow, Burzynski, K Allen, and JJ McGrath) get scholarships. But I was including Hagerup in my numbers so if you take him out I get 82 also.

EDIT: Using those numbers, I see only 12 scholarships available for 2015 class assuming no more commits this year and no walk-ons get scholarships in 2015. The latter assumption seems implausible if Graham Glasgow wins a starting role again in 2014.



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And I still will be. He breaks tackles and runs hard. I really wish he would have got a shot last year, and wonder if he was in the dog house for some reason. I'll have a new reason to pay attention to Central next year. Good luck to all these guys in their future!


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But hope that they either got their degrees or are very close.

What does this mean for available slots in the 2014 Class?  Does it open up more than one?

Go Blue!


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part that reminds you that while the game is an equal opportunity venture, that no matter how you try to gloss it over, it still comes down to what have you done for me lately. You know, after you got the offer and committed. Where are you on the depth chart?

There are many stories in both the naked and forested realm of college sports, and not fitting in to the program's longterm plans, prompts a businesslike approach. Given the physical and academic sacrifice this chance opportunity tolls, when it doesn't toll for thee, it's time to flee for greener pastures of PT. Good luck to all those concerned: T Rawls, Josh Furman and Richard Ash. We appreciate your time at Michigan and wish you well going forward. 


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Are we horribly thin at NT now (especially if Pipkins does not recover in time)?  We have a slew of DTs; can one move over? What are our options? 


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When players who aren't really going to get playing time leave, everybody wins.  They get to continue their education someplace where they might play.   Michigan gets an extra scholly.  Good luck to Furman and Ash, and thanks for all of the hard work.


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that with the dropping of these players that 3 additional players could get offers for the 2014 and/or 2015 classes.  Any diamonds in the rough that M might make offers to in the last 2 weeks of recuiting for the 2014 class?   Is it possible that a JUCO player or two might be considered?


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Good luck, young men. I hope you make wise decisions that lead to success in life.

From the fan side, I have logged in every day since the bowl game with a cringe, fearing the "exit" posts. Having this round be 3 older guys with clear depth chart issues doesn't feel too bad.


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Good luck to all three of these guys. We could have really used Ash this year with Pipkins returning from ACL surgery.  Anyone remember when Fred Jackson called Thomas Rawls the next Mark Ingram? Then goes on to barely give him any touches.....LOL


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Best of luck.  Not that surprising, but does make me worry a bit about the defensive line depth.  But you don't want to have kids stuck on the depth chart for no good reason either.

I dumped the Dope

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If you find yourself at the bottom of the depth chart, there's motivation to finish your Degree in a timely manner so you can go contribute elsewhere.  Its honorable to the UM and honorable to both programs.  I'm sure the players leaving benefitted from the good strength program and the good coaching.  And I hope they continue to carry the class of Michigan wherever they go in life.

A college team is built around managing turnover and this is one of the quirks.   Bottom line is I think its a good system.