Albom again

Submitted by Brian on May 18th, 2005 at 5:26 PM

mgoblog is always looking for an opportunity to use the word "excoriate" and the results of the Free Press' Mitch Albom investigation give me the opportunity to do so. Here goes: Birkel over at the ACC Basketblog (a Michigan grad, by the way) has excoriated the Free Press for its general cop out about the whole situation. How do I know its an excoriation? Well:

Mitch Albom continues to be a frightening little dwarf but now I know he's a frightening little dwarf without integrity.

Ouch! Terry Foster did a number too, if you're interested, but lost credibility with me when he called Drew Sharp a "victim" instead of a "douchebag who should be fired."

For the record, I don't agree with either of these two takes. Albom screwed up but in entirely benign fashion and shouldn't get the hatchet unless a pattern crops up. It apparently didn't, so slap him on the wrist and get on with it. I find Drew Sharp's exploitation of kids for personal gain far more offensive than Albom's mistake. Sharp writes with malicious intent... how is that less of a problem than a meaningless error? Priorities, priorities.