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Ace April 10th, 2018 at 11:26 AM

Ed-Ace: Our primary basketball photographer and #1 MGoFrenchman Marc-Gregor Campredon put together this look back at the season in photos. I've made some minor edits but left it in MG's voice—he has a way with words that I don't want to disrupt. Without further ado...

Part 1

Et voila: The first month of 2018 seasons in photos with some dull opponent (I did not say boring) and some very good ones!

Oh, I took the liberty to illustrate the away game with others games images because I will never pass on the op’ to showcase our work.

If not precise with another’s name photographs are by Marc-Gregor Campredon! Quotes are from the game recap mostly by Ace but also by many other talented guys.

Exhibition vs Grand Valley State victory 82-50

Teske’d !

vs North Florida victory 86-66

Robinson is elated while dunking.

vs Central Michigan victory 72-65

“It's me again, the guy who tells you not to pay too close attention to the final score”.

Charles Matthews is already a solid starter for Michigan.

vs Southern Mississippi victory 61-47

“Michigan's coaches and players started calling sophomore Jon Teske "Big Nasty." They hoped that would replace "Big Sleep".”

Teske’d again – It will never gets old.

The tourney in Hawaii

vs LSU defeat 75-77

“It took the team most of the first half to find this offense, however, and they strayed from it at times in the second; I'm excited about the future of a team that makes this their identity.”

Already, a lot’s of John Beilein is emerging in Yaklich.

vs Chaminade victory 102-64

“Poole looked good in his first extended action, doing what he's supposed to do: get buckets (…) He should cut into Ibi Watson's minutes if he keeps hitting jumpers.”

Toat's m'goats

[Hit THE JUMP for the rest of the season in photos.]

vs VCU victory 68-60

“While it wasn't pretty, Michigan needed this victory badly to get out of Maui with a 1-1 record against D-I teams and not saddle themselves with potential resumé-hurting losses.”.

John Beilein about being UM's coach for eleven year “It has been everything I could dream of. I would give it a ten.”

vs UC Riverside victory 87-42

“Four Wolverines scored in double figures, led by Moe Wagner with 21.”

(Photo by James Coller) Beilein is always thinking.

at North Carolina defeat 71-86.

It will never be enough photos of Poole!

vs IU victory 69-55

“Jordan Poole, who'd barely played significant minutes, entered for Matthews.(…) Poole drained two of those triples and didn't stop there; he'd make three more on his way to a team-high 19 points.”

The Poole party is waving off the bench!

at Ohio State defeat 62-71

“Michigan blew a 20-point lead and scored only 19 points in the second half against a team giving Andrew Dakich extensive playing time. Let's all sleep on this one.”


vs UCLA victory 78-69 OT

"'I've coached more college games than any of you,' John Beilein said to the assembled media. 'I've never seen anything like this.' Rarely has a game, and quite possibly a season, turned so dramatically in so little time."

Surprisingly Poole is part of that dramatic turn.

at Texas victory 59-52

“After the achingly slow start, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman got the team rolling with a corner three and never looked back.”

MAAAAAARVELOUSSSS... (Dad's pun all my daughter's fault!)

vs Detroit victory 90-58

“There's only so much to take away from this game on the Michigan side because of how poorly Detroit played.” 

See the ball? The opponent did not - That is magic dude

vs Alabama A&M victory 97-47

Yeah – Christmas Exhibition game!

Part 2

Not all our games went like the one against Michigan State! Here is the review from January till the end of the regular season.

Yes: I illustrate some of the away game with others games images.

Quotes are from the game recap - If not precise with another’s name photographs are by Marc-Gregor Campredon! 

vs Jacksonville victory 76-51

“Michigan tested John Beilein's patience, coughing up ten first-half turnovers.”

(Photo James Coller) Air Matthews in action.

at Iowa victory 75-68

“The first six minutes of the conference re-opener against Iowa were an ugly slog."

Let me tell you we have a Team!

vs Illinois victory 79-69

“The first quarter of this game was some of the ugliest basketball all year.”

That Beilein show!

vs Purdue defeat 69-70.

“Thirty-nine minutes and fifty-four seconds of exquisite basketball ruined by replay.”

Yeah – We all felt the same way.

at Michigan State victory 82-72.

“Moe Wagner giving Nick Ward a crippling case of the jelly-ankles cannot be posted enough.”


Vs Maryland victory 68-67

“Michigan escapes their murderous stretch at 2-1 (that shoulda been 3-0) with a tournament resume”

Defense! Defense! Defense!!!!

at Nebraska defeat 52-72

“I can tell you that after 53 years Nebraska finally beat Michigan in basketball that one time.”

Let’s skip to the next game…

vs Rutgers victory 62-47

“Michigan’s 62-47 victory was fairly typical for a game against Rutgers. The Wolverines had a very rough start offensively.”

(Photo by Bryan Fuller) Z is Zcoring Zome more…

at Purdue defeat 88-92

“Sometimes you face a normal foe. Sometimes you face a fleet of T-Rexes in F-15s firing with maximum precision.”

(Photo by Bryan Fuller) That Bow tie style!

vs Northwestern victory 58-47

“In a game that will be memorable only for being forgettable, Michigan slowly pulled away from Northwestern after a close, repulsive first half.” 

Z is trying a new routine for FTs… 

vs Minnesota victory 76-73 (OT)

Fear the Wagner!

at Northwestern defeat 52-61

“For the first time in weeks it was Michigan who started hot, breaking down the Northwestern zone defense early with transition baskets.”

(Photo by JD Scott) He will not let you get the ball!

at Wisconsin defeat 83-72

“The Wolverines were nearly unstoppable in the first half, and a hapless Wisconsin offense helped turn the game into a blowout early on.”

(Photo by Patrick Ba’r’on) Easy Bro!

vs Iowa victory 74-59

The Duc (With pink shoes) !

vs Ohio State victory 74-62

“Ohio State’s turnaround has been keyed by Big Ten Player-of-the-Year front runner Keita Bates-Diop, and Michigan’s resurgence has been led by its defense.”


Part 3

Another Win over State – A buzzer beater and the final… From NYC to San Antonio.

If not precise with another’s name photographs are by me! Quotes are from the game recap.

Who’s your daddy? 

at Penn State victory 72-63

MAAR and his pink shoes! The Style is on.

at Maryland victory 85-61

“This one was over well before halftime, as Michigan gained their footing after a few early turnovers and ran the Terrapins out of the building.”

(Photo by Paul Sherman) What a player with those amazing shoes!

vs Iowa victory 77-71 (OT)

“Michigan didn't make a shot outside the paint until under ten minutes remained in the game. Their two best players, Moe Wagner and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, fouled out after playing 16 and 22 minutes, respectively.”

Follow the finger…

vs Nebraska victory 77-58

“ This time around, Wagner and the Wolverines were ready. He surpassed his first-game scoring total within the first two minutes on his way to a monster stat line.”


vs Michigan State victory 75-64

“After an ugly first half, the Wolverines took it to Michigan State to secure a season sweep and a shot at their second consecutive Big Ten Tournament title. In addition to being a delectable and important victory over a chief rival, Michigan once again showed how far they've come this season.”

That was just before tipoff.

Photo of the year – That is.

vs Purdue victory 75-66

“They sealed it this evening by running away from Purdue, which never held a lead after the game's opening three minutes. The big, bad Boilermakers could only stay at arm's length, then the Wolverines laid the hammer down in an incredible second half only marred by some late free-throw trouble that never put the outcome in serious doubt.”

Wagner as the experience cop- Poole as the rookie and Beilein as the chef of the presinct.

Can’t wait to have those three back next year. 

vs Montana victory 61-47

“The Wolverines adjusted to the aggressive trapping Grizzlies defense and held a three-point lead at halftime. A woman screamed as if she, also, was trapped by grizzlies.”

(Photo by JD Scott) The FT have been the focus of the year, it was dreadful.

vs Houston victory 64-63

“Poole was born for this. With time about to expire, he took a sharp pass from MAAR, squared up, and fired. With a defender in his face, he struck the Jordan pose as he released the shot, then fell to the ground. Our hero arose and... ran for his life.”

(Photo by JD Scott) Le flou artistique…

vs Texas A&M victory 99-72

“Michigan played a near-perfect first half before settling into remarkably productive cruise control in the second.”

vs Florida State victory 58-54

“Michigan is going to the Final Four. John Beilein, the true king of Ann Arbor, is one victory—against, of all teams, 11-seed Loyola—away from his second championship game in six years and an opportunity for the program's first national title since 1989.”

(Photo by Patrick Bar’r’on) Champion of the West!

vs Loyola Chicago victory 69-57

“Believe in the Moe Wagner First Three-Pointer Corollary. Believe in Luke Yaklich's defense. Believe that Zavier Simpson wouldn't have the worst game of his life for every last minute. Believe that these damn shots would eventually fall. Believe in the Ironclad Law of Duncan Robinson's Six. Believe in John Beilein.”

(Photo by Bryan Fuller) Sorry Sister Jean.

vs Villanova defeat 79-62

“The team that wasn't supposed to be here looked, unfortunately, like they weren't supposed to be here. For the fifth time in six tournament games, Michigan's offense looked out of sorts, and they couldn't afford that against Nova.”

(Photo by Bryan Fuller) …That was one heck of a season!



April 10th, 2018 at 12:11 PM ^

Awesome. I just set CM laughing in Nick Ward's face as my Twitter banner. I loved that moment. Michigan was saying, we didn't take your shit in East Lansing and you better believe we aren't taking it now.

The Man Down T…

April 10th, 2018 at 12:14 PM ^

this was a great season full of ups and downs and overcoming mistakes and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  Great compilation Ace!  Thanks again MAAR, Robinson and Wagner for the great memories.  Can't wait to see what Simpson, Poole, Teske and the rest do next year!  Woo Hoo Go Blue!!


April 10th, 2018 at 12:19 PM ^

Great work all year.

Maybe the great year by the team had something to do with it.  But your work was certainly informative and enjoyable to read.


April 10th, 2018 at 12:44 PM ^

Looking forward to most of this team coming back next year! Not to mention the fantastic recruiting class coming in as well!

I wouldn't be surprised to see Mo back next year but highly doubt it.

Go Blue!! 


April 11th, 2018 at 10:16 AM ^

That is exactly the things.
TV crew have like 5 to 10 guys.

Mgoblog we have one guys for most games.
Sometime, I dreamed of Peter Parker super power style to just be able to send my camera on the other side of the field using a cob web.

Anyway, we started to have two camera at two different location toward the end of the year... So normaly next year we should get some more.

Powderd Toast

April 11th, 2018 at 8:41 AM ^

I know it's a typo, but "Wagner as the experience cop- Poole as the rookie and Beilein as the chef of the presinct." is glorious. I just imagine Coach B having a menu of nothing but the best subs in the world.