2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board

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Projected Class Size:

  Names Count
Expired Eligibility Banks, Dorrestein, Ezeh, Ferrara, Mouton, Patterson, Rogers, Sagesse, Schilling, Warren, Webb 12
Transfer Emilien, Turner, Forcier 3
Early Entry Koger, Martin --
Unrenewed Fifth Watson, Williams 2
Other Unused (Dorsey, D. Rogers, Kinard) 5

Total: Michigan has about 22 to give right now. More detail on the scholarship situation can be found at the depth chart by class.

The Board


Icon Name Meaning
Sad Josh The genre of player with unrequited interest in Michigan. Unlikely to receive offers; most will eventually fade off the list and go to Duke or Michigan State or something.
Nefarious Eduardo Player is a longshot. Either they've declared someone else a leader publicly or popular opinion holds that they're likely to go to another school.
Data Either no opinion or Michigan is one of a fairly even group of chasing schools. Players in this category maintain no leader or change their leader frequently. The default category for players that we don't know much about yet.
Happy Teeth Players who have Michigan in a small leading group or have Michigan as a tenuous favorite. Should be regarded as a good shot, not a slam dunk.
Mr. Blue Player is either a verbal or is expected to be one sooner or later. Players with this designation are 65%+ to be Michigan commits.

Additional note: (EE) next to a Michigan commit indicates the player intends to enroll early.


Needs: Minor. Michigan has three 4-star QBs in the past two classes, plus another 3-star in Conelius Jones if he ever makes it to campus. HOWEVA, the offense requires a number of (healthy) QBs on the roster, so another top-rated guy would do just fine, thank you. Barring that, a couple lesser-rated guys who can be given a shot at QB then moved to a different position if it doesn't work out are the goal.

Status: Michigan has offered a few guys very early in the process. I'd be surprised if they landed a top guy, unless they hid the depth chart from him.

Projected Commits: 1

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Russell Bellomy TX *** M, Purdue Purdue Decommit.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Cardale Jones OH *** M, OSU, Illinois, others Has an M offer. Junior Day visitor. Has his own website. Visits and enjoys Ann Arbor. Profiled by Sam Webb. Gets some love from ESPN. TTB film breakdown. Left on despite Sousa's commitment.
Max Shortell KS *** Minn, M M offer.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Running Back / Fullback

Needs: Miniscule. Michigan is taking a bunch of guys in the 2010 class, and though they graduated three after 2009, there is nobody whose eligibility will expire following the 2010 season. They'll take 1 versatile speedy guy, and who knows after that.

Status: With Hart now in the fold, we'll have to see if they keep offering guys. Since Hopkins is playing this year, there's room in this class for a Minor-type blocker/bruiser to take a redshirt and have a two-year separation from the next guy.

Projected Commits: 1 RB, 1 FB?

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Justice Hayes MI **** M (ND decommit) Likely brought in exclusively as a slot.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Trayion Durham (FB) OH *** Wisc, Minn, M, Others M offer.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Thomas Rawls MI *** M, MSU, MAC, others Looking for offers, but has to improve his grades first. Webb fluff.

Wide Receiver

Needs: Low, depending on position changes from the 2010 class. With 5 wide receivers currently committed for 2010, they can't need too many more, even if a couple make a switch.

Status: Conway gives M one big target; Watkins looks promising given the standard "keep winning" caveat.

Projected Commits: 2. Maybe one inside guy and one outside guy?

Now blowin' up with offers.

Wide Receiver
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Shawn Conway

MI **** M Commit Will not qualify, intends to enroll at Michigan after JuCo. Committed on February 20. Big leaper with good hands. Also a huge dunker on the hardwood. Impresses at Michigan Football Showcase. "Dominant" at Badgersports combine. Rivals thinks he's four-star-worthy. A change in custody might leave him unable to play his senior season. Team should improve. Disciplinary issue this spring.

DeAnthony Arnett

MI **** Tennessee, MSU, M #2 instate 2011 prospect. Considered an early Michigan lean, but he claims to be open. I talked to him in August. 3 official offers. M Junior Day. Impresses at Michigan Football Showcase. Still taking visits, top 7/5 before the season. Favors Michigan State. Combine wideout MVP. Rocks M gear in Columbus. Army Game nominee. Webb fluff. Camp visitor.
Prince Holloway FL ** M, others Michigan is his only offer. M in the top 2.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Devin Lucien

CA **** UCLA, M, SDSU, others M wants him as a DB, possibly submarining their chances.

Tight End

Needs: Michigan will lose secret-blocking-weapon Webb this year, and Koger next. An athletic blocking guy would be a good haul.

Status: Eh.

Projected Commits: 1.

Tight End
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Taques Franklin NJ **.5 M, Syracuse, others An enormous HS RB with a Michigan offer. Favors M, Pitt, and Florida. Local fluff, will officially visit.
Brandon Fulse FL **** SEC, M, others Wants to visit M. Hearing from Rod Smith a lot.
Frank Clark OH **.5 M, MSU, MAC, others Impressive at M camp. Glenville. Mich soon to offer?
Darien Bryant OH *** M, MAC, others Michigan offer.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Unoffered Prospects
Jerrell Adams SC *** SoCar, Clemson, Ill, Bama, others. M offer? Michigan is in the picture.

Offensive Line

Needs: High. The 2011 line is expected to be exceptional, but the next generation needs to sign up now. Michigan mostly struck out on their targets in the 2010 class, with the obvious exception of Christian Pace. High-potential guys who will take longer to see the field should be okay with Michigan's good 2008 and 2009 OL classes.

Status: Michigan is on its way to a good OL class, with several good prospects committed, and a good shot at more. Zettel should come..."keep winning!"

Projected Commits: 3-4.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Jack Miller OH *** open Has been to Ann Arbor. Visits Michigan again, this time leaving town with an offer. Choosing soon between M and Boston College.
Tony Posada FL *** M, USF, Kansas, Wake   Wake, Kansas, USF. M offer, in his top three. M leads, plans to visit. Visiting in the summer. Mentions M first. M was his first offer. Camp visitor, even considering a commitment. M atop his list. Close to florida offer. Deciding soon. TVH update. August 11th decision.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Jake Fisher MI ***.5 M, MSU, Others Picking up some D-1 interest. Leaves M camp holding an offer. Deciding soon. Webb fluff. After M and MSU visits, he's made up his mind. Announcing that decision soon. Mich commit.
Aundrey Walker OH **** OSU, others Expected by many to end up better than Marcus Hall (Glenville c'09). Michigan will likely never land a Glenville kid that OSU wants. M offers. OSU probably leads. Do they have room for more OL? Profiled in Detroit News. Camp visitor.
James Elliott PA ** open M offers.
Chris Bryant IL *** M, others Impressed at M Football Showcase. Wants an M offer. Camp visitor. Waiting for the M offer. Michigan follows through. M visit.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Bryan Bell MI ** MSU, M others Grew up an M fan, but hasn't heard from them as much as from MSU and the like. Tackle prospect. Top 12 instate. Top two of Michigan and MSU. Will try to earn an M offer at elite camp.
Kody Woods IN ** open Will visit M this summer.

Defensive Tackle

Needs: High. Michigan got two slasher types in the 2010 class (Ash and Talbott). But Patterson is graduating, Martin could jump to the NFL and Campbell could switch to offense, leaving just two scholarship DTs on the roster, and both more built to play the Banks/Sagesse DT spot; we need a Nose.

Status: Nobody favors M, but there are a couple offers out there to top prospects.

Projected Commits: 1-2.

Committed Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Chris Rock OH ***.5 M, OSU, others M has offered. Grew up an Ohio State fan. Enjoyed Night of Champions. M commit. Hello: post. Local paper commitment fluff.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Darian Cooper MD **** open M coaches on him hard down to the end.
Delvon Simmons PA *** open The M offer has them in his top 3. Visiting M eventually. Fluff.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Mason Fuller IL *** open Impressed at the Michigan Showcase, but not mentioning M.
Phillip Dukes SC **** Clemson, SoCar, M, others. Wants to visit M, which resides among his favorites.

Defensive End

Needs: High. Need pass rushers.

Status: Michigan's tough 2010 likely cost us a shot at OH DE Steve Miller and MI LB Lawrence Thomas. Beyer and Rock are already signed, but M hasn't slowed its pursuit of several 3-4* rushers.

Projected Commits: 2.

Defensive Ends
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Brennen Beyer MI **** M M offer, and he grew up a Wolverine fan. M Junior Day. Will decide before his senior season. I saw him at MIchigan Spring practice. Will visit ND before making a decision. Willing to work. Still likes M. Commits. TTB film breakdown.
Keith Heitzman OH *** M  
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Sascha Craig PA ** OSU, M, Pitt, PSU From Monroeville Gateway, a former M pipeline that has been kind to OSU of late. Could also be an MLB.


Needs: High. Michigan has filled the past couple classes with bodies, but not elite players who are natural to the linebacker position. Let's get some of those, K?

Status: Not landing elite backyard prospects Trey DePriest or Lawrence Thomas is disappointing, but M has a solid pickup in Kellen Jones and ("keep winning!") looks good for Kris Frost.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Kellen Jones TX **** Cincy, MSU, M others Gets M offer, calls it a "dream come true." Decision timeframe set. TomVH tidbits. Full interview. Visiting M July 29th. Commits.
Desmond Morgan MI *** M, Northwestern  
Antonio Poole OH **** M M commit.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Leilon Willingham CO **** M, TAMU, Colo, others  
Branden Jackson PA *** M, Pitt, Big East, Others Enjoys Big House BBQ. Fluff.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Dwight Trammer MI *** M, others From the emerging Inkster pipeline. Rod Smith was scouting him earlier this year. M is co-leader.
Terrell Porter MI **.5 open Excelled at BadgerSport combine. Plans to unofficially visit M.


Needs: Er...Moderate? Plenty of youth and depth at bandit/spur, but an elite guy to play deep safety is the No. 1 need for this class.

Status: Michigan in the mix for some serious players, but doesn't lead for any of them. CB Avery Walls could play FS.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Greg Brown OH ***.5 Michigan Committed to Michigan shortly after receiving his official offer in September '09. Army nominee. Soft? Visited Syracuse. Early enrollment.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Maika Polamalu PA *** open Interested in Michigan.

Desman Carter

CA *** Pac-10, TXAM, Duke, M, Others. Hearing from Michigan.


Needs: High. Like deep safety, the cornerback depth chart has lots of young bodies, but an elite player likely sees the field immediately. An S/CB hybrid type to play FS in the 3-3-5 is a major need. M needs bodies to fill the depth chart, because right now the dime package uses every scholarship CB on hand.

Status: Brown (soft verbal) and Hollowell are elf-kind, but fill the need for depth. Not a good year for cornerbacks: Rivals has no 5-stars at the position, but M's currently the 3rd wheel of their No. 1's (Doran Grant) top three.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Delonte Hollowell MI ***.5 Michigan The latest in a long line of little corners to come out of Cass Tech. Michigan and CMU are his only offers, and he currently favors M. Committed on 1-17-10. Army All-Combine. Looks good in a combine. Firm to M. Great play in a combine. Camp visitor. Fluff.
Blake Countess MD **** M, GT, Maryland  
Tamani Carter OH *** M commit.  
Raymon Taylor MI *** M commit, IU  
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

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October 22nd, 2009 at 12:38 PM ^

Board looks great, but the projected class size is completely botched Ezeh, Mouton etc.. all have eligibility left. I think you copied the Juniors not the seniors. Take the seniors and add Cone and Patterson as unrenewed redshirts and that is your starting point.


October 22nd, 2009 at 1:54 PM ^

This is the 2011 board, i.e. the recruits that will sign in February 2011, i.e. current high school juniors. Which means they will sign after the players currently with junior-eligibility (Ezeh, Mouton, etc) use up their four years. The seniors and Cone and Patterson are listed on the projected class size on the 2010 board.


October 22nd, 2009 at 2:15 PM ^

michigan should offer this dudue i was a witness to his ability at the UM camp he shut jermy jackson down and has verbal offers from kentuky,sc and duke


October 23rd, 2009 at 1:12 PM ^

Intersting reading. The 2011 is a critical one for Rodriguez. We need to land some of these big guys. Especially on the offensive line.


October 24th, 2009 at 3:20 AM ^

That scout has listed as offered and might be worth adding to the board???

MD DT Vince Croce, SC DE Jadeveon Clowney, and FL S LaQuentin Smith (Dr. Phillips, tho you have him listed, is under offered list)


November 7th, 2009 at 9:46 PM ^

Chris Wormley (6'5" 240) is a current teammate of Kenny Hayes and they make up arguably the best DE tandem in the state of Ohio. He has very high interest in M (wants to be close to family).


November 19th, 2009 at 7:33 PM ^

I would re-eval your position on this board for Donte Phillips. Michigan has invited him down for 4 games already (attended purdue. Attending o state game). He's been blowing up latly with interest from all over. Multiple sources from rivals, scout, and wissports say he could be the #1 prospect from Wisconsin plus he is very interested in the wolverines.

Good for us fans because we all know the d line needs help.

Scout Profile with articles

Recent rivals article


December 28th, 2009 at 11:57 AM ^

i would love to see depriest and someone like keith lewis come to AA. steve miller is a lost case, while donte phillips is an interesting prospect. i think out of the safeties, we'll get sheroid evans and ron tanner, further clogging up the depth chart. because of the wealth of safety talent, i am not clamoring for sean parker's commitment this year, as i would rather be patient and get the #1 safety next year in evans.
i heard that arnett likes cincy. he is a slot guy, so although i would love for him to come here, we have a lot of depth, so much that guys like gallon and t-robinson cant get playing time because of tay and roy. if he goes to UF or bama, fine with me, as long as he doesnt go to the suckeyes or msu.


January 3rd, 2010 at 8:56 AM ^

I'd really like to see Michigan get some work done as far as LBs and DEs in this class, we could use some serious help in that category. However it seems like alot of these guys are going to be more attracted to a traditional 4-3 where they can line up with their hands on the turf. As far as the two big in-state prospects (Arnett and Thomas) we have to be able to grab at least one of them (preferably Thomas), however right now it looks like it will be Thomas to MSU and Arnett to OU if they offer.. But that's just based on what I've read.


January 20th, 2010 at 1:48 PM ^


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I'm interested outdoor activites and I doing my job at a retail store in the post of sales

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February 11th, 2010 at 3:20 PM ^

Hollowell should get a Mr. Blue... (EDIT: All is now right in the world))

And seriously? MGoBlog spam attack? Sigh........


February 4th, 2010 at 12:15 AM ^

Can Rome be moved to LT? He's 6'6 and 240. I think a redshirt year plus 1 more year waiting to start should allow him to get his weight around 275-280 which would be great for a athletic LT.

Why were Hollowell and Brown offered so early? It seemed like both were easy gets and could have been waited on until later in the 2010 season. We have so few scholarships already for 2010 I'd really hate to see us have to turn down a 3rd D-lineman because we took Hollowell.

burntorange wi…

March 6th, 2010 at 1:58 AM ^

but adding 40 pounds of good weight is something that would be difficult to do. at least 5-15 pounds would be bad weight which u dont want to do just for the sake of having extra weight. on top of that, it would hinder his athletic ability which was why u wanted him to move to LT in the first place. im not gonna pretend to know anything about rome but if he were anonymous i would say that there could be a better candidate.

Magnum P.I.

February 15th, 2010 at 2:04 AM ^

There are only six guys from Michigan on the list:

1. DeAnthony Arnett, WR
2. Bryan Bell, OT
3. Bryce Hall, OG
4. Justice Hayes, RB
5. Delonte Hollowell, CB
6. Lawrence Thomas, ILB

Why do the OL guys not have offers, especially since that's an area of need?


February 16th, 2010 at 11:45 PM ^

Does anyone else think DE is probably not the best college position for Beyer? After watching his recruiting videos, I imagine RR plans on making him a TE/WR. He has great hands, and is a very solid blocker. I believe he could develop into a great blocking and passcatching TE in this offense.

He looks good at DE in HS, but I don't really see him being able to add enough weight to be a dominant Big Ten DE. Right now, Beyer is 20 pounds lighter than Roh coming out of HS, and after adding 10 pounds of muscle Roh is still on the smaller side for a DE. I just don't know if Beyer would be able to gain 30-40(minimum) pounds for the position.

burntorange wi…

March 4th, 2010 at 10:09 PM ^

-garret greenlea committed to texas(make red face)

-sheroid evans committed to texas(make red face)

-nathan hughes went to the first texas junior day and was the only prospect not to receive an offer. its unclear if he will receive one with the numbers being so tight for texas and kendall thompson is a UT commit who is a possibility for spinning down(moving to DE). hopefully you can pick him up, felt sorry for the kid who had grown up loving texas and didnt get an offer. would love to see him out of SEC/other b12 hands and playing for a team that i root for. we would have loved to have him but our numbers are too tight we cant afford to use up another scholarship on a DE

-anthony wallace is offered from texas but is not being as pursued as he should be. numbers are very tight for texas and texas already has a stud LB for this class in steve edmond. also have a commit from kendall thompson who is listed as a LB. considered an OU lean now.

-forgot shawn conway as a commit.

i enjoy reading your boards, thanks for all the hard work u put into it.


March 18th, 2010 at 8:56 AM ^

This kid is from the same school as Woolfolk, Stonum and Herron. He has an offer and he looks very good on tape. Good size with Minor-like patience to wait for the hole and then hit it with authority plus the ability to make people miss in space. He and his family were apparently very impressed during their visit for the "Night of Champions" weekend. He would be a solid pick up.


March 18th, 2010 at 8:52 AM ^

An excellent addition to this board would be more links to the recruits' video highlights. Most of the offered prospects have free videos available on either YouTube, Scouting Ohio, or other prep websites. It would be very helpful to be able to access these directly from this board.
(GBMW and UMGoblog both have this feature, though not in a context as thorough as your board.)


July 2nd, 2010 at 10:51 AM ^

No surprise to anyone...per rivals Ron Tanner has committed to Ohio State.  Question I have is, with 17 verbals already, how many more can they take...Where does this leave us with someone like Aundrey Walker?

Big McLargeHuge

August 20th, 2010 at 1:27 AM ^

You guys should be recruiting Jamaurio at OLB. He's more of a UT lean. Jonah Austin now a Houston commit. He is worth going after. Mickey Johnson has narrowed it down to roughly 73 schools but 80/20 LSU. Came by hoping to find out more on Cardale Jones...jackpot. Thanks


September 16th, 2010 at 1:48 PM ^

Two transfers: Emilien and LaLota.

Possibility that Woolfolk seeks medical redshirt (although I don't believe he used his "regular" redshirt, at least not according to the depth chart by class).

Excellent job with this, as always.


September 22nd, 2010 at 1:12 PM ^

Looking at Rivals top 250 for 2011, Michigan only has ONE player, Beyer, who they have listed @ #191!  Heck, teams like Pittsburgh have 5 guys listed as commits.  I saw Texas Tech and Stanford on that list numerous times.  What is up?  Rivals has Michigan ranked @ #33, which to me seems rather generous.  The ranking is based on the recruits star ratings.  Michigan only has two 4-star guys, and of them is a 5'-8" tall cb - not good...we've seen that already.  Which, means Michigan is more like #50.  What is going on?  Why can't Michigan land a 5-star and a handful of 4's?


December 22nd, 2010 at 1:04 PM ^

Tell me Denard is not a five star player, and you'll be guilty as a liar. Tell me Patrick is a 2* and the same applies. We've received many, many recruits that are playing like 4 and 5s, but the trouble is, we're also in the middle of replenishing the D like we had to do with the offense.

Regardless, doesn't really matter what the gurus think as long as they perform like 4*s on the field. A 5* like WC does absolutely no good unless he proves it after he gets to college. It can be argued Kevin, another 5* was no better equipped for Big Ten fb than his little bro, a walk-on and former bb player here. See what they do on the field in conference before any stars are given. They're just like early Heisman and polls. Fruit for thought as the real thing plays out.


October 30th, 2010 at 8:44 AM ^

Win and you get recruits.  Lose and no one comes here because they think RR gets fired.  We are getting close to the time where Brandon needs to declare RR "our guy" or we won't see a bump in recruiting until January after they hire a new coach and the kids get to see the direction of the program.  Very frustrating.