2008 Recruiting Board Comment Count

Brian January 18th, 2008 at 6:09 AM

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A Note on "Stars": These are my guesstimates. Players don't have stars associated with them yet. When the recruiting services add them I'll adjust my ratings. Half-stars appear to provide some additional accuracy. Generally a 4.5 star is a guy solidly in the top 100 on Scout/Rivals/ESPN and really highly rated by one. A 3.5 star is either a guy who is is a 3 on one site and a 4 on the other or a four-star that no one seems particularly excited about.

A Note on Premium Info: No illicit sharing of said material will appear on this site. Players are listed with interested schools in their profiles; this information is public. Commitments are by definition public. Any assertions as to schools in the mix, decision dates, or leaders I will back up with links to public information.

Projected Class Size:

As of right now: 18. Probably 22 by signing day.

Names Count
Expired Eligibility Henne, Hart, Long, Kraus, Crable, Adams, Englemon, Campbell, C. Graham 9
Transfer Forcier, Mixon, McKinney, Mallett 4
Early Entry Manningham, Arrington. Maybe: Taylor 2
Unrenewed Fifth /Medical DeBenedictis, Ciulla, Mitchell. Possibilities: Gallimore 3
Other Unused: 1. Stupidity: Germany, Richards, Sears; Lethargy: Schifano. 5

Total: 23.

Anything not in the "expired eligibility" is a wild-ass guess from me; read nothing into it, I beg you.

Update 1/14: Kevin Koger is not wavering. Added TX WR Terrence Robinson, FL QB(?) Justin Feagin, SC WR Jaron Brown.

Articles on Pryor: One Two Three.

Update 1/21: removed TX CB Adrian Bushell, CA OL Vaughn Dotsy, a couple WRs. Added OH LB Taylor Hill as committed.

The Board


Icon Name Meaning
Sad Josh The genre of player with unrequited interest in Michigan. Unlikely to receive offers; most will eventually fade off the list and go to Duke or Michigan State or something.
Nefarious Eduardo Player is a longshot. Either they've declared someone else a leader publicly or popular opinion holds that they're likely to go to another school.
Data Either no opinion or Michigan is one of a fairly even group of chasing schools. Players in this category maintain no leader or change their leader frequently. The default category for players that we don't know much about yet.
Happy Teeth Players who have Michigan in a small leading group or have Michigan as a tenuous favorite. Should be regarded as a good shot, not a slam dunk.
Mr. Blue Player is either a verbal or is expected to be one sooner or later. Players with this designation are 65%+ to be Michigan commits.

Needs: Minor. Mallett's on board; Forcier and Cone provide adequate depth. I would expect one guy of the three-star variety.

Update: Forcier's departure means that one quarterback is a must and should improve our chances a bit, since Mallett can no longer redshirt and we can offer any prospective commits an opportunity to get two years of separation.

Update Update: With Wienke's commit and the transfer of Stephen Threet, who's now essentially a member of the 2007 class who has to redshirt, we are done. I have Pryor on the board until he eliminates us officially.

Projected Commits: 1.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Terrelle Pryor PA ***** Michigan, Ohio State, others National #1 recruit. CNNSI article. NYT article. Video, more video, AA game video.
Justin Feagin FL ** M, Miami, Syracuse, Rutgers Dual threat HS QB who's an ATH type that could end up several different places. Small-school player of the year in FL, third in Mr. Football voting. Rodriguez was on him at WVU; Michigan has taken up the baton. Video.

Running Back / Fullback
Needs: Minor(FB)/Major(RB). Vince Helmuth and Andre Criswell will battle for the fullback job for the next few years. There's not much depth, but Michigan can move over some tight end or defender who's not going to see any time otherwise. At tailback Michigan picked up Avery Horn last year and has true sophomores Carlos Brown (argh wasted redshirt) and Brandon Minor, but looks for at least one tailback in every class. Whoever comes in this year will have a clear shot at the starting job after Mike Hart's departure.

Projected Commits: 3, 2 RB, 1 FB.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Sam McGuffie TX **** Michigan Kid with the crazy highlight reel; parents originally from Michigan. Scout article. Houston Chron article. Scout article. Chron article. Set your DVRs for Oct. 18. Blue on McGuffie.
Mike Cox CT ** Michigan MGoBlog on Cox.
Christian Wilson PA **** Michigan Fullback/H-back offer. ATH LB. Scout article. Clemson lead? No. Michigan lead. Scout article. Down to M, Rutgers. Video on commit. Article on him and cousin. Brief. Mention as "Beast".
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Darrell Scott CA ***** Texas leads M, CU, others. Scout article; transfer to Ventura St. Bonaventure (Michael Williams). Will take official visit here. Interview; highlights. USA Today article.

Wide Receiver
Needs: Minimal. Clemons, Hemingway, Babb, and Webb all came in a year ago (though Webb is widely expected to end up at tight and Babb could be in the secondary sooner or later). Michigan always takes at least one, but a second will only be because Michigan found a player they really liked.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Darryl Stonum TX ****.5 Michigan Fort Bend Dulles (Woolfolk, Herron). Early Enrollee. Says we are team to beat. Scout article; another Scout article. Houston Chronicle article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
DJ Woods OH ***.5 M leads Cinci, Auburn, PSU Nebraska commit who decommitted when Callahan got fired; WVU commit who decommitted when Rodriguez left. Now strongly considering M.
Vaughn Carraway PA *** M leads(? -old) PSU, Tenn, BC, Pitt, WV Claims an early offer. Rivals article. Scout article; another. Scout; second.Still visiting.
Terrence Robinson TX **** M, BC, Wake Recent offer; 5'9 slot receiver like Reynaud. Youtube highlight; another. Chron article.
Jaron Brown SC *** M, Clemson, SoCar Offer, will visit, but a longshot.
Commited Elsewhere But Michigan Might Take A Run At Them
Jonathan Baldwin PA ****.5 M, Pitt lead(?) ND, USC, UF, Miami cousin of Ty Law. Big dude, 6'6". Coach believes he favors Michigan. May play basketball instead (basketball no longer a threat). Scout article. Another Scout article. Local newspaper article; blog article. M lead? All American Bowl invite. Newspaper article; second. Blue Chip chat. Post-Gazette.
Cameron Saddler PA *** M, WVU, UVA, 'Cuse Tiny scatback/KR type a la that Florida midget. Apparently offered. Scout interview. Pitt Trib-Review article. Previously mentioned UVA lead dissipating. WVA newspaper article. Blue Chip Chat. Newspaper profile. Returnin' kicks. Returnin' punts.

Tight End
Needs: Moderate. Would be "minimal" but Michigan is running a ton of multiple-TE sets these days. Two tight ends came in the last class. There is a third player, Quintin Woods, in academic limbo who may or may not arrive on campus.

Update: Carson Butler getting the boot upgrades the need here to "serious"; Brandon Moore's commit helps mitigate that somewhat. We will probably take another at this point.

Projected Commits: 1-2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Brandon Moore OH ****.5 Michigan Offer. Video. Rivals Top 100/Scout Top 100. MGoBlog on Moore. Scout article; video interview. Photos. DDN article.
Kevin Koger OH **** Michigan Offer. M-OSU battle. Blade article. Bunch of pictures. ATH DE. Video. Blade again. Blade on his commitment. Blade. Solid even after the coaching switch.

Offensive Line
Needs: Severe. Michigan has only five offensive line recruits across the last two classes. Fortunately two of those recruits, Justin Boren and Steve Schilling, appear to be can't-miss players. Beyond them is very little. Expect at least five recruits.

Projected Commits: 5.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Dann O'Neill MI ****.5 Michigan Tackle. Rivals 100 (#64). Grand Haven Tribune article. AANews article. Grand Rapids Press.
Elliot Mealer OH ***.5 Michigan Tackle prospect. Video. Blade article.
Kurt Wermers IN ***.5 Michigan Scout interview. Guard prospect. Article. MGoBlog on Wermers. Scout article. Local newspaper article. Video.
Rocko Khoury MI *** Michigan Scout article. Commit article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Defensive Tackle
Needs: Moderate. It's hard to tell exactly who's a tackle and who's an end on the defensive line. It's also hard to tell whether or not freshmen Marques Slocum, Renaldo Sagesse, John Ferrara, and Jason Kates are going to do anything. Ferrara and Kates redshirted and Slocum may not have a redshirt year available after his bizarre academic sojourn, so for class balance purposes it may be more important than one might think to grab a DT in this class.

Projected Commits: 1.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Mike Martin MI **** Michigan Offer. Rivals250. Senior year highlights.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Defensive End
Needs: Moderate. Michigan has a plethora of good sophomore options in Eugene Germany, Brandon Graham, and Adam Patterson (arrrgh wasted redshirt) plus freshman Ryan Van Bergen.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Nick Perry MI **** Michigan, MSU, USC May be an OLB. Offer. Lemming thinks he'll stay home, FWIW.
Commited Elsewhere But Michigan Might Take A Run At Them
Shayne Hale PA ***** M, OSU, WVU, UVA Teammate and cousin Cameron Saddler keeps talking about a package deal. Scout article. Pittsburgh newspaper article. All-American Bowl invite. Package deal on? Local TV station article; WVA newspaper article. Scout article. Local newspaper article: now a DE? PTR article. Scout; second.

Needs: Minor? Michigan evidently thinks the need here is severe given the offers they have out, but since Jonas Mouton, Obi Ezeh, Cobrani Mixon, and Quintin Patilla all redshirted Michigan has no fewer than six linebackers with freshman eligibility. Marell Evans and Brandon Herron are a lock to join the redshirt crew, too.

Projected Commits: 2, but it would be nice if they were big-timers.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
JB Fitzgerald NJ **** Michigan Offer. Junior stats. Scout article; second. Has visited lots; think we lead. Another Scout article; another. Schiano following him around in a helicopter.
Kenny Demens MI ***.5 Michigan Offer. Commit article.
Taylor Hill OH ***.5 Michigan MGoBlog on Hill.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Marcus Witherspoon NJ **** Michigan, Tenn, UNC Rivals 250. Offer. Scout interview. MGoBlog on Witherspoon. Newspaper article. Reopened recruiting after coaching change, Michigan still likely destination.

Needs: Moderate, even considering Cissoko's commitment. Though Michigan's now secured two five-star-ish commits in two years, in the new spread-mad era of college football one can never have enough cornerbacks. Two of last year's three commits are huge projects; Michigan will go hard after another couple corners.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Boubacar Cissoko MI ****.5 Michigan Heavily hyped after a couple standout combine performances as a junior. Detroit Cass Tech. PSU Nike Camp MVP. Video. DetNews article. Varsity Blue scouts. Still solid. Fluff.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
JT Floyd SC *** M, Tenn Very soft UT commit, but has visited and will make return trip. ATH S. GoVols article. Palmetto Sports. Scout. Recent Scout article; still in it.
Joevall Hoseay MI NR open Not offered yet; quoted as one of the "I want to go to Oregon" kids; later disputed that version of events. lolmsm.
Troy Tidwell MI *** open Detroit Southwestern.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Brandon Smith NJ **** Michigan HS QB. ATH WR/OLB(?). Offer. Scout article. Sounds enthused. Rivals article; Scout article. May commit at PSU? Interview. Visited CU.Commit article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Keanon Cooper TX *** M leads Wisc, Minn, TT, OK Offer. Scout article; another; another; another; another (kid loves talking to Allen Wallace, that's for sure).

Needs: None. Zoltan is a sophomore, Bryan Wright a redshirt freshman.

Projected Commits: 0, though if someone wants to walk on they'll take him.

A reminder: the Star Scale for Rumor Credibility.

  • 0-star: incoherent ravings.
  • 1-star: clearly biased speculation without backing.
  • 2-star: Some guy saying something on some board that claims insider info due to a chance occurence.
  • 3-star: Information from someone less established as an insider but a frequent poster who seems sane and useful.
  • 4-star: recognized insider-type person with no ax to grind who has established his bonafides on past recruits.
  • 5-star: actually verified by an article and a quote from the player, a family member, or a coach.

So. Cutoff is two stars... sometimes three. Played by feel. In the future there will be denotations as follows:

UV: the information in sum(star rating).

Links will be provided so you can judge for yourself; posts that will fall into the memory hole will be copied for posterity.

Old Updates:

Update 2/25: Added NJ S Brandon Smith, TN WR Rodriguez Wilks, IL OL Graham Pocic, CA OL Vaugn Dotsy, and FL LB Nigel Bradham. Linked to Mike Zordich interview. Fixed "illcit" typo that had been there for two years. Added VA LB Marcus Dowtin, GA DT Omar Hunter, and MI CB Troy Tidwell, MN WR Michael Floyd, OH WR Nate Wilburn-Ogletree. Linked to Jon Major interview. Added KY DE Dexter Heyman, KY DT Brandon Newman, CT DT Massengo Kabongo.

Downgraded NC S Robert Blanton from green to yellow.

Update 3/5: Upgraded Jonas Gray from red to yellow. Added MI QB Brendon Kay, NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon, MN LB Sam Maresh, MI WR James Wade. Linked to article on MN WR Michael Floyd -- he has an offer. Added CA WR Christopher Owusu. Noted that 'Bama and UF lead for GA S Darrell Simmons.

Removed IN OL Braxton Cave and IN WR John Goodman, who both committed to ND.

Update 3/15: Downgraded PA LB Andrew Sweat to yellow. Downgraded OH TE Brandon Moore to red; bet you a dollar he's SEC. Added OH OL Matt Grieser, IN OL Kurt Wermers, FL DT Marcus Forston, NJ WR Dejuan Miller, OH LB Justin Staples, OR OL Matt Lipski, IL DE Darius Fleming, NY RB Latavius Murray, NV(!) TE Cody Aughney, PA WR Vaughn Carraway, and NJ DE Jack Crawford.

Linked to article on TX WR Daryl Stonum (down to Michigan & Florida), update on TX RB Sam McGuffie's track exploits. (Second McGuffie track update.) CA OL Khaled Holmes likes Borat. Linked to articles on MN WR Michael Floyd and IL DE Darius Fleming. Downgraded Zebrie Sanders to red -- we're not in his top five.

Removed OH OL Mike Adams (OSU).

Update 3/21: Linked to articles on NC DB Robert Blanton, NJ LB JB Fitzgerald (lol). Noted that GA DT Omar Hunter has his offer now. (woot) Moved MI OL Dann O'Neill to committed. Added IL RB Jason Ford, NJ LB Brendan Beal. Removed OH TE Kyle Rudolph (dropped us), OH LB Devoe Torrence (OSU). Moved PA DT Lucas Nix to OT, where he's getting recruited by a lot of schools. If he ends up here OT is a much more logical place for him to play.

Downgraded CA OL Khaled Holmes to red; USC leads. Linked to JB Shugarts article, Brendan Smith article.

Update 3/26: Removed FL OL Michael Brewster (dropped us). Downgraded PA TE Mark Weddeburn to red after ugly Scout article. Upgraded CO OL Bryce Givens to green: we lead w/ Nebraska. Linked to articles on OH S Dan McCarthy, PA OL Luke Nix (upgraded Nix to yellow since this supposed heavy Pitt lean does not appear to be materializing), PA OL RJ Dill, OH LB Brandon Beachum, TX OL JB Shugarts, KY DE Dexter Heyman. Upgraded Zebrie Sanders to yellow; top-five omission in earlier article appears to be momentary oversight. Added MD OL Lane Clelland, SC OL Kenneth Page.

Removed OH TE Jake Stoneburner (OSU). Downgraded CA CB Robert Golden to red -- not in top six. Ditto for PA LB Andrew Sweat -- running fourth. Ditto for Brandon Leslie -- no offer, not in top five.

Update 4/5: Linked to article on PA WR Vaughn Carraway. Black Shoe Diaries now has a recruiting board of his own; it thinks we lead for him. Bumped MI WR Fred Smith to green. Linked to article on PA LB Shane Hayle; not in top six but he hasn't really narrowed it. Added CA QB Dayne Crist. Downgraded WA DE Kavario Middleton to red; nasty Scout article. Added TX DE Kapron Lewis-Moore, MI TE Tyler Hoover, OH TE Kevin Koger, AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie. Removed MN LB Sam Maresh (Minnesota), PA RB Cameron Saddler (lack of mutual interest).

Update 4/10: Linked to articles on CA WR Christopher Owusu, CA OL Khaled Holmes, and MO TE Wes Kemp. Both downgraded to red due to a lack of interest on M's part. Removed MN LB Sam Maresh (Minn). NE OL Trevor Robinson (Neb), OH TE Nic DeLillo (Clemson). Note that the same article claims M is in Zebrie Sanders' top three. Linked to articles on AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie and KS LB Arthur Brown. Removed TN WR Rodriguez Wilks (we threw him an offer but he's SEC all the way), CO OL Bryce Givens (Neb). Added OH OL Elliot Mealer, OH LB Jamiihr Williams. Linked to very positive article on MI WR Fred Smith and one of those Scout articles about campers/visitors that make a lot of assertions worth evaluating.

Update 4/15: Added a legend. Some small changes: all of our little projection icons have names. Mr. Blue, previously reserved for Michigan commitments, is now deployed for players like Marcus Witherspoon (please note latest Rivals article from the PSU site: "Witherspoon has heart set on Big Ten school"; it's not PSU) and Fred Smith who are highly likely to end up Michigan commits and -- this has key -- have said as much publicly. Hopefully no Rojo types end up in this categorization, but no guarantees are provided. There's a new icon, Sad Josh, used for guys who have expressed an interest that Michigan does not seem to reciprocate. With the clarifications and such several players have been moved into new categories. Smith and Witherspoon get Mr. Blue. Deboskie gets a green now that there's a separate category for players who are expected to end up at Michigan. A bunch of players got shoved into Sad Josh. Er.

Added MI DT Mike Martin. Linked to stories on OH TE Kevin Koger, CA QB Dayne Crist (header for second is not good), IN OL Kurt Wermers, IL DE Darius Fleming, some video of OH OL Elliot Mealer. Removed FL LB Nigel Bradham (FSU), CA CB Robert Golden (we don't seem that interested, and neither does he).

Update 4/20: Linked to article on TX RB Sam McGuffie. Removed CA CB Brandon Leslie (no mutual interest), PA LB Andrew Sweat (dropped us), CA QB Dayne Crist (ND), MI S Charles Burrell(MSU). Added OH RB Darius Ashley, MD RB Josh Haden, NC RB Brandon Barnes, LA TE Tyler Edwards. Linked to header on OH OT Elliot Mealer, article on PA WR Jonathan Baldwin, article on OH LB Brandon Beachum, article on MI TE Tyler Hoover.

Removed GA S Darrell Simmons (dropped us), NJ LB Brendan Beal (dropped us). Linked to article on OH OL Zebrie Sanders. Added TX S Keanon Cooper, OK S Kye Staley. Moved OH OL Elliot Mealer to committed.
Update 4/30: Added VA WR Deion Walker, KY OL Ryan Benzick, IL DT Garrett Goebel, AZ OL Zach Schlinck, WV OL Josh Jenkins, OR DE Ethan Johnson (offered). Linked to articles on OH OL commit Elliot Mealer, GA DT Omar Hunter. Removed IL RB Jason Ford (M lack of interest). Linked to brief mention of possible M lead for IL LB Stephen Filer.

Am specifically leaving two guys off the board despite some announced interest: TX WR Sedrick Johnson claims a verbal offer from Michigan and has them in his top five, which he claims is in no order before talking all about how Texas A&M is highly likely to get him. CA RB Milton Knox says Michigan is in his top five; we haven't offered. If these guys appear to be serious targets later I'll add them.

Update 5/7: Linked to Scout header indicating IL OL Graham Pocic has an offer. (This means the gray icon has been replaced with a yellow.) Linked to AJC article on GA DT Omar Hunter, blog post on AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie. Noted assertion on BP that OH RB Darius Ashley has officially snagged a Michigan offer (FWIW. Seems solid to me). Added PA RB Cameron Saddler, TX LB Joseph Ibiloye, NV DT Lawrence Guy, AZ CB Marc Anthony. Removed MD OL Lane Clelland(ND). Linked to articles on MD RB Josh Haden, PA TE Hubie Graham (#2), PA WR Jonathan Baldwin.

Update 5/14: Consistent and repeated pessimism at BP re: OH TE Kevin Koger has caused me to bump him up to blue. (There is also a poster who has to be a high school classmate of IL OL/DT Garrett Goebel ranting about woo OSU in that recruitment; don't know how seriously to take it.) Also downgraded PA OL Lucas Nix to red; seems the Pitt lean is for real. Moved Christian Wilson from LB to RB; he's been offered as a FB/H-back. Linked to articles on OH OL Zebrie Sanders, IL OL Graham Pocic, KS LB Arthur Brown, AZ OL Zach Schlink, GA DT Omar Hunter. Added AR WR Joe Adams.

Much rejiggering of DTs, much of it based on one of those GBW summary articles: MI DT Mike Martin has an offer and is widely presumed to be a lock; he's upgraded to blue. NV DT Lawrence Guy now has an offer and has Michigan in his top three; green. MS DT Cameron Wagner is downgraded to gray with the new offers out. KY DT Brandon Newman goes down to red; there has been much talk of him and Notre Dame.

Linked to articles on AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie (visit coming up), NJ S Will Hill (he speaks!), another on IL OL Graham Pocic, PA WR Jonathan Baldwin (amongst other PA recruits). Also here is another combine article. Removed OH LB Mike Zordich.

Linked to Jim Stefani's early Michigan top 25.

Update 5/21: Linked to article on DC DT Reggie Ellis. Added KS TE Spencer Ladner, AL OL Antoine McClain, GA S Jamoris Slaughter (Scout article), FL OL Matt Patchan. Linked to Rivals roundup article w/ info on Cissoko, Fred Smith, Vaughn Carraway, newspaper article on Butler High in NC. Did some general cleanup with schools of interest and reorganized a couple sets with some new gray icons. Linked to Jonas Gray article. Does he have a frickin' offer or not? Linked to articles on PA WR Vaughn Carraway, NC S Robert Blanton, PA LB Shayne Hale, PA QB Terrelle Pryor, header on PA WR Jonathan Baldwin (no longer considering basketball), pictures of OH TE Kevin Koger. Moved IN OL Kurt Wermers and OH TE Brandon Moore to committed. Added TX CB Adrian Bushell. Downgraded Darrell Scott to red, removed FL DT Marcus Forston (was only on board because of single brief mention, does not appear to have any serious interest). Linked to articles on the commitments of Wermers (second article) and Moore. Added AZ TE Dion Jordan.

Update 5/28: Linked to articles on TX WR Daryl Stonum, NJ LB JB Fitzgerald (lolacronym), IL OL Garrett Goebel, MO LB Spencer Ladner, MI WR Fred Smith, IL OL Graham Pocic, GA DT Omar Hunter. Also linked to what seems very solid speculation on NC S Robert Blanton: ND. Added CA S Rahim Moore, AL LB Jerrell Harris, OH DB DJ Woods, CT LB Jonathan Meyers, AZ LB Kurt Magnum, OH RB Michael Shaw.

Backed OH TE Kevin Koger down from blue to green after the Brandon Moore commit. Another article on Goebel. McGuffie is going to be on ESPN2 this fall. Bumped GA DT Omar Hunter to blue; article header encourages. Bumped Darrell Scott to yellow; reports of having a top three minus Michigan not true.

Update 6/4: Linked to articles on MO TE Spencer Ladner, PA RB Cameron Saddler, TX S Keanon Cooper, NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon, TX DE Kapron Lewis-Moore (downgraded to red; no M mention), TX CB Adrian Bushell, OH OL Zebrie Sanders, MI RB Jonas Gray, OR DE Ethan Johnson, OH LB Brandon Beachum. Added AZ RB Ray Polk, CA DE (DT?) Jamaar Jarrett, LA CB Robby Green. Linked to a trio of articles on some PA recruits: WR Jonathan Baldwin, LB Shayne Hale, and QB Terrelle Pryor, OL Lucas Nix, RB/WR/KR Cameron Saddler.

Removed PA LB Shariff Blake (no M interest), CA OL Khaled Holmes, PA OL RJ Dill, TX LB Joseph Ibiloye (dropped us). Linked to the Pittsburgh Sports Report's PA Top 50. OH RB Michael Shaw now has an offer. Linked to articles on WA DE Kavario Middleton, MI OL Rocko Koury, LA CB Robby Green. Moved NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon to committed.

Update 6/11: Removed MO TE Spencer Ladner (Cal), GA DT Omar Hunter (ND), LA TE Tyler Edwards (dropped us). Moved MI DT Mike Martin to committed. Linked to articles on KS LB Arthur Brown, MI RB Jonas Gray, LA CB Robby Green, PA QB Terrelle Pryor. Added IL DE Glen Foster, IL OL Neal Dieters, TX WR Jeffery Fuller, VA QB Sean Glennon, TN OL Preston Bailey. Noted solid inside info on OH RB Michael Shaw from BP. Linked to speculation on PA WR