2007 Michigan Football Recruiting Board

Submitted by Brian on February 21st, 2006 at 3:56 PM

Be sure to read the official mgoblog recruiting philosophy before committing suicide over anything you read here.

A Note on "Stars": These are my guesstimates. Players don't have stars associated with them yet. When the recruiting services add them I'll adjust my ratings.

A Note on Premium Info: No illict sharing of said material will appear on this site. Players are listed with interested schools in their profiles; this information is public. Commitments are by definition public. Any assertions as to schools in the mix, decision dates, or leaders I will back up with links to public information.

Projected Class Size:

As of right now: 18. By February, probably a full 25.

Names Count
Expired Eligibility Hood, Hall, Van Alstyne, Biggs, Woodley, Oluigbo, Thompson, Barringer, Harris, Burgess, Bihl, Riley, Kolodziej, Rivas, J. Jackson, Ecker, Breaston, Tabb 18
Transfer Mister Simpson 1
Early Entry -- 0
Unrenewed Fifth Possibilities: Sharrow, Campbell, Paul ~3
Other Quinton Woods(nonqual) 1

Total: 20.

Anything not in the "expired eligibility" is a wild-ass guess from me; read nothing into it, I beg you.

1/29: Nothin's going on. Added, uh, QB(?) DT Ronaldo Sagesse, who's from Quebec. Removed OH LB Jermale Hines, who finally committed to OSU. Linked to article on Rashad Mason's trip to Ole Miss.

Update 1/12: Linked to article on IN DT Jeff Boyd: we lead, no offer (academics)... nevermind. Removed commits Jerimy Finch and Marquis Maze. Removed everyone else, basically.

Update 1/9: Removed a fair number of commitments to other schools. Moved CA CB/S Michael Williams to committed. Added NBC's US Army Bowl "highlights" which are less highlights and more "every play." Michael Williams features intermittently, but they're under Mallett (and here: first quarter second quarter third quarter fourth quarter). You'll have to watch Mustachioed Non-Heisman Winner plug Sprint four times, but you can also get in the entire game in like 25 or 30 minutes, which is way less creepy and pedophiliac than watching it live. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Game fallout: guy who looks like he walked right off the 1988 World Series of Poker set and into the Texarkana Gazett goes OMG Mallett; GBW gushes; ESPN says that Mallett is at least Clausen's equal($) but they aren't "in love" with any of this year's quarterback class -- they still lifted him from #54 to #12, though.

Meanwhile, three Michigan commits -- WR Toney Clemons, S Jerimy Finch, and C David Molk -- featured in another game that no one saw because it was on ESPNU. Scout has a recap. Sounds like Molk did well; Finch has been shooting up Rivals' -- the lone dissenter on his awesome talent -- board for a while now. He's #30 with a bullet in their latest top 100.

Update 12/20: Added IN DE Jeff Boyd and NC DE Kourtnei Brown, linked to articles on Everson Griffen, SC WR Junior Hemingway, TX CB Troy Woolfolk, and KS LB Austin Panter. Removed AZ OL Jaivorio Burkes, IL RB Robert Hughes, and CA LB Malcolm Smith (dropped us). Added TN WR(!) Rashad Mason and MO OL Donald Stephenson.

The Board

Needs: Severe. Michigan has three scholarship quarterbacks and hasn't landed a blue-chipper since Henne three years ago. They will probably take two quarterbacks in this class unless someone like Mallet gets a Henson guarantee. Whoever comes in this year will redshirt and then compete for the starting job as a redshirt freshman.

Update: Mallett's commit likely takes us out of the running for all other highly-touted recruits, but I'll leave them on there until I hear otherwise. I'd think Michigan will attempt to pick up a second player for insurance purposes -- Stephen Threet?

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
Ryan Mallet TX ***** Michigan Rivals #9 for 2007; mention of Texas and M leading; Dallas Morning News article; Star-Telegram article. May have gotten an ultimatim from UT (did, actually). MGoBlog on Mallet; Texarkana Gazette commit story (and a second one). GBW article.

Running Back / Fullback
Needs: Michigan had a definite need for a fullback that was taken care of early when Michigan's Vince Helmuth commited at junior day. In a class this large you can expect at least one running back even though Michigan has Grady, Simpson, Brown, and Minor in the last couple classes.

Projected Commits: 2, 1 RB, 1 FB.


Running Back
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Vince Helmuth(FB) *** Michigan Brother is former Spartan Chris Baker. AA News article. Saline Reporter article. Commited at junior day. Good at throwing things real far. MLive article; Free Press article; Jim__S: "If there was ever a prospect born to play fullback at Michigan, it's Helmuth. The position demands a hard-nosed, strong and relatively quick player who is happy to not carry the ball. The fact of the matter is that Helmuth doesn't even get many carries at Saline High. He has great bloodlines, being a half-brother of current NY Jet TE Chris Baker. He is a three-sport athlete and has great strength. He was the Division I state champion in the discus as a sophomore, a tough feat in the weight events for an underclassman, with a toss of 185-4 (Terrance Taylor inished second at 178-9. In the shot put he finished third with a put of 55-2 (Taylor finished just behind him in fourth followed by another talented Class of 2007 prospect, Darris Sawtelle, in fifth). Finally, at just 6-1 he is short enough to get the leverage needed to block out of the backfield in the Big Ten. If he grows a couple of inches he could become an outstanding DT or OG prospect."
Avery Horn CA *** Michigan

Wide Receiver
Needs: Moderate. Expect two or three. Michigan has LaTerryal Savoy, Mario Manningham, Antonio Bass, and Greg Mathews in the last two classes--a good mix of speed merchants and towering possesion receivers--but should be in the mode of taking at least one receiver in every class.

Projected Commits: 2.

Wide Receiver
Name State Stars Schools Notes
James Rogers MI ** Michigan Shock camp commitment from total sleeper. Video. Brief article. More video.
Junior Hemingway SC **** Michigan Sun News article; Hemingway Hauls In Victory, offer; BP Thread; GoUpState article. article from senior year opener
Toney Clemons PA **** Michigan Scout combine MVP; Scout article; offer.
Zion Babb CA *** Michigan
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Rashad Mason TN ** UCLA, M, UL, Ole Miss Bonafide sleeper, a 6'6" tower who missed his junior year after a severe car accident. Scout article. Another.

Committed Elsewhere:

Tight End
Needs: Severe. Michigan has redshirt freshman Carson Butler and then maybe '05 recruit Quintin Woods--though he could end up at defensive end--over the past two years. That's not enough. Fortunately, there appears to be a trio of instate prospects that will probably get offers sooner or later, plus Steve Paskorz, an early top 100 player from Pennsylvania.

Projected Commits: 2.

Tight End
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Steve Watson MI ***.5 Michigan MGoBlog on Watson.
Martell Webb MI **** Michigan offer; ATH WR; MGoBlog on Webb. Scout article; Oakland Press article.

Offensive Line
Needs: Moderate. Expect four or five after Michigan went relatively light last year with only three recruits.

Projected Commits: 5.

Offensive Line
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Dave Molk IL **** Michigan Offer, will camp. Scout #91. Probably not going to ND.
Mark Huyge MI ** Michigan In ur face. Rivals article.

Defensive Tackle
Needs: Moderate to severe depending on the eventual fates of Marques Slocum (still trying to qualify) and Eugene Germany (still trying to outrun cops). Michigan picked up a couple of DT prospects (John Ferrara and Jason Kates) in 2005, but neither is highly regarded.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
-- -- -- -- --

Defensive End
Needs: Minor to moderate, depending on where exac
tly Ferrara, Woods, and Adam Patterson end up. Three defensive ends--Van Alstyne, Biggs, and Woodley--graduate, so at least two players should be brought in to replace them.

Projected Commits: 2.

Defensive Ends
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Ryan VanBergen MI **** Michigan ATH TE; mention on Rivals. MGoBlog on VanBergen; commit article from the Muskegon Chronicle.

Needs: Moderate. Michigan took four last year but could use another couple in '07 since they had only one in the previous class. The focus will be more on outside linebackers as both Brandon Graham and Cobrani Mixon look like potential MLBs.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
Austin Panter KS **** Michigan A JUCO(!). Went to JUCO after being lightly recruited at a tiny 8-on-8 school and is a good student. Has three years to play two. MGoBlog on Panter. JUCO defensive POY. AA News article.
Brandon Herron TX *** Michigan MGoBlog on Herron. Same school as Woolfolk.
Marell Evans VA ** Michigan Varina (Brandon Minor's school). Commit article.

Needs: Desperate. Michigan has two California sleepers from the last two classes after Brandon Harrison's move to safety and Jai Eugene's decommitment. Michigan needs corners in both quality and quantity. Luckily, the 2007 class is loaded with both. Michigan may not have to leave the state to fill this position. Two instate blue-chippahs, Ron Johnson and Dionte Allen, have received offers and are expected to end up in the Maize and Blue sooner or later. A third, Cedric Everson from Detroit, is a track superstar who may get an offer over the summer.

Projected Commits: 3, maybe even 4.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
Troy Woolfolk TX *** Michigan Son of Butch. MGoBlog on Woolfolk. Houston Chronicle article.
Michael Williams CA ****.5 M, ND lead Michigan in top two according to Scout.
Name State Stars Schools Notes
Ron Johnson MI ***** M, ND, USC, Texas Same school as Terrance Taylor; Rivals #6 for 2007. UV on Johnson from BP. Mondo Muskegon Chronicle article; second article
Donovan Warren CA **** USC leads M, UCLA, Cal offer

Needs: Moderate. Michigan picked up two in the last class, but Jonas Mouton may grow into an OLB. The year before that Michigan got shut out when Nic Harris made a last second 180 and went to Oklahoma. Michigan's already picked up (probable) four-star Artis Chambers; look for one or possibly two more.

Projected Commits: 2, maybe 3.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
Artis Chambers IN **** Michigan MGoBlog on Chambers; RBUAS on Chambers.

Committed Elsewhere:

Needs: None. Michigan redshirted punter Zoltan Mesko last year and recruited kicker Bryan Wright. Sam Buckman also came in as a preferred walk-on. No kickers will be offered scholarships this year.

Projected Commits: 0, though if someone wants to walk on they'll take him.

Name State Stars Schools Notes
-- -- -- -- --

Update 12/13: Linked to article on LB commit Marell Evans (claims VT and Clemson were interested) and one on JUCO LB Austin Panter (JUCO national DPOY.) Added TN OT Jared McGaha, removed CA RB Curtis Shaw(Washington). Linked to articles on IL DT Josh Brent, FL S/OLB Lorenzo Edwards, FL CB Doug Wiggins, and TX QB Ryan Mallett. Linked some YouTube video of MI WR James Rogers. Linked to article on OH LB Peter Rolf.

Also: More on Wiggins (WMU?) and Panter. Also removed McGaha, who I just freakin' added, as he committed to State.

Update 12/11: Added CA CB David Ross, a four star without an offer who claims Michigan his "dream school." Removed DE, er, DE Devon Still, who dropped us. Moved KS LB Austin Panter to committed. Linked to article on AZ OL Jaivorio Burkes and one on OT commitment Mark Huyge. Added CA LB Malcolm Smith. Removed some safety chaff. Moved TX LB Brandon Herron to committed. Removed IL DE Martez Wilson, VA CB Cris Hill (dropped us). Added VA LB Marell Evans to committed.

Update 11/30: Wooo! It's back. With the long delay just assume a lot of changes. I've removed a whole host of guys who have committed elsewhere or fallen off the radar and added a separate host, including FL CB Doug Wiggins, OH LBs LeBron Daniel and Jermale Hines, TX LB Brandon Herron, KS LB Austin Panter, CA DT Da'John Harris, and VA CB Cris Hill.

Also, we've made the last five for OT John Elliot and the final three for OT Matt Romine. Added OT commitment Mark Huyge.

Updates on: AL ATH Marquis Maze, CA RB Curtis Shaw (Michgan and Washington lead), CA CB Michael Williams (still deciding between Michigan and ND), MI FB Vince Helmuth (early enroll), Junior Hemingway (tough mofo, 73 catches for 938 yards and 13 touchdowns, team plays for state championship tonight).

A giant recap of Texas High's season. Good for your RDA recommended Mallett ogling. Texas High takes on Copperas Cove tonight in the quarterfinals.

Update 8/24: Removed all quarterbacks, WR Taurian Washington(OSU), TEs Cameron Joplin and Josh Rooks (both NW), WR David Arnold (also NW), OL Lee Ziemba (down to Ark and Aub), a bunch of marginal corners and Dionte Allen (FSU).

Linked to articles on Vince Helmuth (#2), Ron Johnson, Martell Webb and Junior Hemingway.

Moved David Molk to committed.

Update 6/30: Removed PA S Nick Sukay (PSU), QB Stephen Threet(GT), Dan Herron(OSU), RB Darren Evans (VT), DE Everson Griffen (dropped us), RB John Clay (dropped us, via WBS), WR Mark Dell(dropped us or perhaps vice versa).

Added DE (that's Delaware) DE Devon Still, who says Michigan has offered and leads.

Update 6/15: Linked to David Arnold article and a second -- dude is fast, plus one on commit Vince Helmuths further attempts to throw things really far. Removed SC LB Scotty Cooper (Clemson), S Marshall Jones (USC), CB Marcus Gilchrist (dropped us), OH S Sidney Glover (IU), NC RB Marcus Houston (NC). Linked to article on Mitchell Schwartz. Added MI WR James Rogers as a commit; also moved TX CB Troy Woolfolk to commit. There's very little on Rogers on the internet, but Michigan Elite football has a brief story and some video. Added IL DT Josh Brent. Linked to another one of those big ol' Fox Sports articles and an article on Toney Clemons.

Update 6/10: Added IL OL Dave Molk, who checks it towards the bottom of the Scout 100 and plans to cap for a day. There's also this fantastic, fantastic story. Linked to article on Dionte Allen (will camp) and Marshall Jones (M in top four). Removed Justin Trattou (ND) and John Ditto (PSU). Linked to large thing from Fox Sports that contains notes on MI WR Mark Dell and WI RB John Clay.

Added CA WR Marques Simas, CA WR Zion Babb, TX CB Troy Woolfolk (son of Butch), AZ DE Everson
(OMG shirtless). Removed Kris O'Dowd (dropped us).

Update 6/2: Linked to article on the four major D-I prospects at Warren Central in Indiana, including commit Jerimy Finch, and PittLive article on PA WR Toney Clemons. Removed PA H-back Steve Paskorz (ND); added OK OL Matt Romine, TN LB Chris Walker, CA RB Curtis Shaw. Linked to GBW article on Mallet.

Update 5/24: Added MI OL Mike VanDerBergen, who has a profile with Michigan leading but still is without an offer -- looks like a make-or-break camp for him -- and OH S Diaunte Morrow. Moved Jerimy Finch to committed (sort of). Linked to article on OH CB Jordan Mabin -- much hype for a guy with only one real offer thus far. Linked to an article on CO WR Drew Davis and some Helmuth track exploits and Marshall Jones profile from Scout.

Added a set new offers: PA TE/WR John Ditto, NY TE Rob Gronkowski, CA CB Donovan Warren, and CA OL Mitchell Shwartz. Removed Josh Marks (Penn State).

Update 5/11: Removed MI CB Cedric Everson (not listed in his top five) and PA QB Pat Bostick (Pitt), asserted that Michigan leads for IN S/LB Jerimy Finch based on straightforward "Solid Wolverine Lead" head on latest Superprep article. Linked to Scout interview with IL RB Robert Hughes.

Update 5/4: Removed MI LB Chris Colasanti (PSU), added IL DE Martez Wilson, linked to Irish Eyes article with extensive passage on Joseph Barksdale. Linked to article on Brandon Saine -- more track zoomin' -- but it looks like he committed to OSU. Linked to article on OH CB Jordan Mabin, who says that Michigan is in his top three pending an offer. Moved Martell Webb to committed.

Update 4/28: Removed AL CB Phelon Jones(Miami), MI QB Justin Siller(dropped us), NY QB Mike Paulus (ditto, due to Mallett), and VA QB Peter Lalich (UVA). Moved Ryan Mallet to committed. Also linked to Texarkana Gazette article on his commitment, a second Gazette article, and an article on Josh Oglesby -- M in top six... er, then removed Oglesby after he committed to UW.

Update 4/9: Linked to article on MI LB Chris Colasanti. Removed OR DT Myles Wade, who dropped us and CA QB Chris Forcier(UCLA). Linked to meatnormous article on NY QB Mike Paulus. Added FL LB Ronnie Lillard. Linked to article on MI OL Darris Sawtelle -- sounds like it's Tennessee before too long (er... I mean "it's Tennessee, period") and article on MI DE Ryan VanBergen -- yes, a DE.

Also: added OK RB Gerald Jones.

Update 4/5: Added OLs Lee Ziemba (AR) and Jaivorio Burkes (AZ). Linked to article on Brandon Saine's track exploits. Linked to Scout article on IN RB Darren Evans that claims a leader... Mississippi State? Uh, okay. Michigan still in it; no offer. Linked to note on SC LB Scotty Cooper that says he is going to make an unofficial visit to Michigan over spring break and brief Scout article on IN WR Adrien Robinson. Moved Ryan VanBergen to committed.

Update 3/29: Added CA RB Marc Tyler. Linked to (fairly content free) John Clay profile -- he's good. Also found an unexpected bounty of interesting information at HornFans. Check IBFC for some analysis of Ryan Mallet's situation; there's also a huge post on Clay from one of the proprietors of WisFootball.net. More Mallet: opening it up?
Still Texas and Michigan only? It is the mystery.

Update 3/28: Removed CA CB Courtney Viney(UCLA) and SC S Mark Barnes(has dropped us). Linked to mondo Muskegon Chronicle article on MI CB Ron Johnson. Michigan is named as the favorite within. Added a link to the (surprisingly professional) Piqua HS website -- that's Brandon Saine's school. Linked to video of OH RB Dan Herron and Rivals roundup article with mentions of MI TE/DE Ryan Van Bergen and MI CB Chris Rucker.

Added MI DT Ryan Wheat and MI OL Darrell Davis-Budnaro based on the latest JimS opus.

Update 3/24: Added SC LB Scotty Cooper, who has an offer. Linked to SunshinePreps.com video on Darren Evans, Adrien Robinson, and Jerimy Finch. Removed SC CB Gary Gray (dropped us; probably SoCar soon). Linked to article on Darris Sawtelle and one on Greg Little.

Not credible enough to add to the board, but some UV2 on Saine from the Bucks indicates that they aren't confident at all and expect him to be a Wolverine soon. His BP thread also has similar pessimism.

Linked to a large roundup article on Fox Sports with information on WI RB John Clay (UW #1 right now, Texas would be with an offer, still interested in Michigan), CA CB Michael Williams (Michigan and ND are his leaders), MI DT Joseph Barksdale (nothing new), MI OL Darris Sawtelle (leaders are M, Tenn, USC -- probably decides early), NJ LB Manny Abreu (claiming an offer from M -- added to the board).

Update 3/15: Linked to IL OL Miles Stroter article. Added FL OL James Wilson and MI TE Cameron Joplin. Linked to Josh Oglesby article that is sure to cause conniption fits. Linked to Toney Clemons article. Linked to Rivals piece with content on MI QBs Stephen Threet, DeMarcus Grady, and Justin Siller, plus an initial top five for NC WR and blue-chippah Greg Little that does not include Michigan. Added VA QB Pete Lalich, who has been offered. Added AL CB Phelon Jones.

Update 3/8: Linked to article on CA CB Michael Williams that says Michigan is in his top two. Added PA WR Toney Clemons. Linked to Scout article on MI LB Chris Colasanti and one on IN LB Jerimy Finch. Added MI TE Martell Webb, who has been offered. Linked to Scout article on IL RB Robert Hughes.

BP thinks Brandon Saine just picked up a Michigan offer, BTW.

Update 3/3: Linked to UV on AZ OL Kris O'Dowd. In sum: his brother says OSU leads and that he didn't click with Michigan. The fact that "BigBroO'Dowd" hasn't ever posted before is a red flag, but he's made six coherent posts and I find it difficult to believe someone's spoofing the Buckeyes about an Arizona lineman. Call it UV3; I buy it.

Added MI QBs Justin Siller and Stephen Threet; linked to free Mike Paulus article; added VA DB Davon Morgan, a teammate of Brandon Minor last year. He's been offered. Also added NJ DE Justin Trattou, CA CB Michael Williams, and OH CB Marcus English, though this Scout article on English where he lists Louisville, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pitt implies that he's probably a plan B type.

Update 2/26: Added IN WR Adrien Robinson, NJ OL Matt Bush, NY QB Mike Paulus, FL WR Leonard Hankerson.

Removed TX RB Bradley Stephens (A&M).

Linked to article on Joseph Barksdale that also mentions his teammate Zach Easterly, who has been added. Linked to article on Dionte Allen: he's been offered by FSU and mentions a top two of FSU and Michigan.

Linked to some credible-ish message board speculation. Also: introducing the Star Scale for Rumor Credibility.

  • 0-star: incoherent ravings.
  • 1-star: clearly biased speculation without backing.
  • 2-star: Some guy saying something on some board that claims insider info due to a chance occurence.
  • 3-star: Information from someone less established as an insider but a frequent poster who seems sane and useful.
  • 4-star: recognized insider-type person with no ax to grind who has established his bonafides on past recruits.
  • 5-star: actually verified by an article and a quote from the player, a family member, or a coach.

So. Cutoff is two stars... sometimes three. Played by feel. Anyway: three links to Unverified Voracity. Some guy says we're in good for Finch but not Evans from Warren Central: two stars. Semi-frequent BP poster unionfutura details the RoJo situation and lays out Michigan's advantages in full: three stars. Confirmed inside Colerain dude Honor & Glory says OSU leads for Clifford: four stars. In the future there will be denotations as follows:

UV: the information in sum(star rating).

Links will be provided so you can judge for yourself; posts that will fall into the memory hole will be copied for posterity.