OT: John Kuester HAS to go

Submitted by lukepanici on January 19th, 2011 at 10:10 PM
I'm sorry as this is off topic but watching the Pistons these days is just brutal. He isn't cut out to be an NBA head coach and Joe D should cut his ties with him. Anyone disagree?



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The NBA was in its prime during the 80s and 90s.  I used to watch all of the games whenever I could but nowadays its pretty much torture to watch.  I wish that there was a relegation and promotion set-up like in the EPL.  The top teams will play each other instead of watching waterdowned games.   Maybe have four divisions/leagues with 16 teams each.  We could have single elimination/or aggregate home and away tourneys, the normal playoff schedule, and games outside of the NBA.


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Has nothing to do with the fact that this one of the worst assembled rosters in the NBA, and all our bargaining chips in trades farted passed their expiration 2 years ago.


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Also, Tayshaun's worth on the block has dropped considerably in the last couple years, as has RIP's. If they were going to blow up the team, they should've done it when they had some attractive pieces. Now they have shit.

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He is an expiring contract which in the NBA is GOLD Jerry, GOLD. Odds are he gets traded to a contended around the deadline. A team in need of a SF (Like Dallas now that Butler is out). Sure Prince isn't as good as he was, but he has a Gold Medal and a Championship Ring, which is more than Lebron and many others. 


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I am merely talking about trade value. A few years ago, when the Pistons were competing on the national stage Prince was a very attractive player to have, and probably could have lured a couple very solid young players. Now, like you said, he is merely a piece for a contending team, and not nearly as valuable in the trade market in terms of pull.

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January 20th, 2011 at 2:39 AM ^

I agreed he isn't as attractive now; however, when we wants to be he can be great. Ever since billups left (hell even when big ben left the first time) it was clear he didn't care as much. When you have a new coach each year i'm sure it sucks and you lose the will to play 110%. Which is crap, but Prince has always been my favorite piston ever since "The Block". His defense has yes gone down but he is still and good defensive option (think of shane battier). When you are like him and one of the number one options is tough to constantly be as good when you aren't a real superstar. However, if in a place where he is the #3 or #4 option (say Dallas) he will excel. As a pistons fan I don't want him gone because I've gotten so attached and want to see his #22 in the rafters at The Palace (hopefully covering up the stupid banners for sellouts of concerts for Kid rock and Bon Jovi, no disrespect to either but come on). As a Tayshaun fan I want him gone so he can him another championship as long as it isn't on the Bulls, Heat , or Celtics. I really blame this teams situation on Mrs. D and Larry Brown. Had brown not bailed for NY we would have been way better off.

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Prince is still a very good player, he just doesn't give a shit anymore. Him, Ben Wallace, and Rip have made public comments time after time about how unhappy/dissatisfied they are with the current situation. They've all but stated on record that their hearts aren't in it.

There is no quick fix for this team, unfortunately, but we need to get the older guys out of there. Greg Monroe looks good.


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I posted a thread about firing Dumars last year and got negged a bit for it. Now it's great to see the MGoCommunity echo my sentiments a year later. Maybe the new owner will have the balls to fire Joey D (great player, terreble executive for the past 3-5 years). 2 back to back 50 wins should be rewarded with a raise and not grounds for firing someone.

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Joe D has made a few errors yes but he is also the reason we won a championship (the only one in the past decade w/o a superstar) and the only reason we had such a great run of success. Now superstars are teaming up with 2 on a team (this is a jab at chris bosh who is NOT a superstar). Yes he shouldn't have signed Charlie V and Ben Gordon. But what superstar would come here? sure we could have waited and gotten Boozer, but no chance any superstar comes to the D except through the draft. 
The worse thing about the "fire Joe D" clan is them bringing up Darko. That is the worse excuse possible. If you think that is all Dumars fault you are oblivious to the NBA. everyone and their mom had Darko the #2 pick after LeBron (Sum even had him above LeBron). I blame Two people for the down fall. Mrs. D who needs to just sell the team already and Larry Brown, who bailed on us for NY.


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Kuester is absolutely clueless. The only player I want to keep for the future is Monroe. I could do without the rest. Watching this team play like crap makes me sick. F you Karen Davidson.


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The day we traded Billups for iverson I knew the Pistons were done for

Signing Charlie V and Ben Gordon only helped that assertion !

Joe Dumars and the Pistons are screwed.

Trade for draft pick, trade em all and build thru youth !


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When Joe got Atkins and Big Ben for someone who paralyzed the Orlando Magic's cap for the next seven years, and then got Billups and Rip in more one-sided trades, every GM in the league became afraid of him and started making only ridiculous lowball offers from that point on.  Combined with the Darko Debacle and the fact that Detroit is not a preferred destination for FA's, it has been a struggle for him ever since.

Joe was correct in wanting to dismantle the aging core of his team, but his approach turned out to be wrong.  Instead of just blowing it up, starting over, and guaranteeing himself at least two lottery picks, he tried to improve on the fly.  It didn't work. 

I think he should give Tom Izzo an offer he can't refuse and a bunch of young players.  They could have a really nice lottery pick this year.  That, along with maybe a 5 year, $35 million contract with two more option years built in, may entice Izzo to sign a "retirement contract" with the Pistons. 

It would give him enough time to build a young team into a champion and "retire on top."  It would also cause a lot of angst in EL.  Sounds like a win-win.


January 19th, 2011 at 11:38 PM ^

Well tonight was not at all Kuester's fault. In late game situations there is nobody to go to so instead they turn to Tayshaun I mean Stuckey, I mean Gordon, oops the shot clock went off.


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The whole team needs to be revamped. We have no consistency in the starting lineup, we have no team chemistry, and we have no team direction. I would start by trading Tayshaun and Rip for whatever we can get. They'll be better elsewhere plus they don't want to play here. Dumars has always been a poor drafter too. I really don't understand why he disassembled the 2004 team. Obviously they got old, but the team blue print worked. 

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January 20th, 2011 at 3:03 AM ^

Larry Brown left. Sure he was "fired" but he wanted NY and Bill Davidson wanted him out because he was obviously bailing on the team. Going on medical leave when it was really a vacation. When your owner tells you to do something you do it. That isn't Dumars Fault. And with Flip...He lost control of the locker room. That's what happens when you have a headcase like Sheed. But it was obvious he lost control and the players had no respect for him.

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Seriously? Tayshaun at 23, Stuckey at 15, Daye at 15, Afflalo at 27, Maxiell at 26, Okur at 37...don't blame the drafting. If you are bringing up the Darko bullshit that is a terrible reason. Look back at all the mock drafts and rankings. #1: Lebron #2 Darko...that was it...Some teams even had Darko ahead of Lebron. (i don't like to go into TheKnowledge format of all caps but...) EVERY TEAM THOUGHT DARKO WAS THE NEXT GREAT EUROPEAN BIG WHO COULD SHOOT....EVERY TEAM. Sure we would have been better off with wade or bosh or carmelo...but of those 3 the only options were bosh. Do you know how much everyone would have ripped him apart had he taken Bosh over wade, melo, and darko (at the time...now yeah would have been good but then?). Also we take Bosh we never trade for Sheed and problem never win a championship. Sorry but I'll take that darko draft with a championship belt plus a horrid horry 3 to lose another 'ship in the finals over bosh (who is NOT a superstar) who probably would have bolted at some point, or Brown wouldn't have even played. What hurt darko the most was Larry Brown's displeasure of playing a rookie (especially one who changes his hair color every week). So please everyone read Bill Simmons Book of Basketball. He has a long chapter about that draft and how we probably wouldn't have won the title. Once you read that hopefully you will quit bitching about the darko "debacle"


January 20th, 2011 at 4:04 AM ^

        Yeah I'd say he's a poor drafter. I agree with you on the Darko thing; he was a "can't miss" player at the time and everything worked out just fine. But he still ended up sucking. The thing that gets me is that Dumars hasn't drafted a single all-star player in 10 years. Sure Tayshaun is an above average SF and Jerebko had a good rookie year but even though I really like Max, he doesn't really play. Memo is playing elsewhere, Afflalo is elsewhere, Cleaves was a bust, Rodney White was a bust, Stuckey is alright. Joe D has to draft someone that becomes a top player before I consider him a good drafter. 

      However, I think Joe D is an excellent trader. Even though his draft choices haven't worked out, he has been able to trade them for more draft picks (Darko for the pick we used on Stuckey). I love Joe D but ever since the Chauncey trade I've lost faith in him as GM. You can blame it on not having an owner, but thats still not a good enough reason for me to have a team thats this dysfunctional. 


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January 20th, 2011 at 10:46 AM ^

it is tough to draft a superstar when you make the conference finals for what 5 or 6 years in a row resulting in a late first round draft pick. you don't see a superstar getting draft at 28th overall. That just doesn't happen. We haven't had a lottery pick since darko. It resulted in the 7th pick and we got greg monroe who has had like 5 straight double doubles or near that. You can't complain about us sucking and not having a superstar when we haven't had the chance to draft in the top 10 (minus last year) since 2001.


January 20th, 2011 at 6:29 PM ^

I see what you're saying and I respect your view, but I think that to be considered a good drafter and a good GM, you have to be able to draft. Look at San Antonio, they are always good but every couple of years they draft a guy late that turns out to be a contributing player such as Manu, Tony Parker, George Hill, DeJuan Blair etc. 

I'm not a huge fan of the NBA and I really dislike the NBA draft, but I'm all about being able to draft. Drafting is how you build teams. Especially when you have 15 players on your team and you draft two new players every year. 

And as we saw with the 2004 team, you don't need to draft superstars; just players that play well together. The Pistons were great for those few years, but it certainly wasn't because of Joe D's drafting. 

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January 21st, 2011 at 2:11 AM ^


that is a good article...he has made draft mistakes but also good picks too. sure some of those guys aren't here (okur) but he did draft him. It is tough for teams to consistently draft well late. Lakers? Sure they hit homeruns on Manu and parker, but I think duncan has a lot to do with their success. Jury is still out for me with Blair. 

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January 20th, 2011 at 12:06 AM ^

Thanks for taking Ben Gordan off our hands. There was a thread up after you guys signed him about how excited many of you were. I said thanks fir taking this chucker off our hands so Derrick Rose can do his thing. 

The Pistons roster is a pure mess. No matter who the coach is. 


January 20th, 2011 at 1:13 AM ^

seems like we have too many "3" forwards   prince,daye, jerebko among others. i realize its a versatile postion but we dont need 5 of them.  we need a dominant big man and a true point giard to begin to right this ship


January 20th, 2011 at 9:06 AM ^

they may be able to play as a 4 but they lack size big time,  compared to most 4's our guys look like twigs.  when we have had success we had stocky guys that could bang bodies in the the post.. Sheed mcdyess okur etc  when we have little guys we dont   jerebko, darko daye etc


January 20th, 2011 at 11:23 AM ^

That Darko pick was their undoing for keeping a winning team together past the run of trips to the Eastern Conference finals where they met their ceiling until Billups was traded.

And then they failed to reload, so here we're left with a crap lineup and nothing of value to trade.  Welcome back to late-90's Pistons basketball, but without the teal and flaming horsehead.

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January 21st, 2011 at 2:14 AM ^

The darko pick was the year before we won it all. Had we not drafted him who would we have taken? Taking bosh there would have been a H U G E gamble. We didn't need wade or melo with rip and tay (especially tay because it was his 2nd or 3rd year). Had we not drafted him and taken bosh you can say good bye to trading for sheed and probably goodbye to that championship.