OT: John Kuester HAS to go

Submitted by lukepanici on January 19th, 2011 at 10:10 PM
I'm sorry as this is off topic but watching the Pistons these days is just brutal. He isn't cut out to be an NBA head coach and Joe D should cut his ties with him. Anyone disagree?



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until we used all of our cap space on fucking Ben Gordon and Charlie V.  That was supposed to be the whole perk of the Chauncey trade... clean house, clear up space and sign good free agents.  Except we didn't, and then signed a team full of roll players who don't fit together. 


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I don't think either of those can be pinned on Joe D.  Bill Davidson was pissed at Brown for turning his "medical leave" into a vacation and interviewing with other teams while coaching the Pistons.  As for Saunders, the players just tuned him out after a while.

But the personnel decisions - those are another story. 


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Larry Brown was talking with Cleveland about their vacant front office gig while coaching the Pistons in the Conference Finals.  I mean there was no threat of him being fired.  He had a safe gig.  Mr. Davidson does not like people who are not loyal to him.  His romancing with other teams was part of the baggage he brought to Detroit.

Flip lost the team.  Ben Wallace refused to go into a game.  Rasheed didn't listen to him.  I mean, I liked him.  He is a solid NBA head coach for sure.  But Ben, Rasheed, Rip and Tayshaun are all crybabies.  Looks at the number of T's Rip and Rasheed got.  And Tayshaun is now sparring back and forther with the current coach.  I don't know if they let that title get to their head or what, but those attitudes bring a team down. 

shoes untied

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The T-Mac thing is nothing. He is on a very small one year contract. If he bounces back from injury it is a great move, if he doesn't it is a no move. It doesn't hurt them at all. In fact it is an expiring contract (even though it is very small). And if he bounces back big he would be a great trade asset. 


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...that Detroit is what it is.  It's not a prime free agent spot in hoops.  They play way out in Auburn Hills and it's cold here with no nightlife.  Chicago, NYC, LA, Miami (WTF???) and Dallas (Big Spender Cuban) are more prime locations for those guys.  Look at where Carmelo wants to go.

So Joe realized he has to go for these mid-range guys (Charlie V. and Gordon) and guys needing to prove something (T-Mac).  FWIW, T-Mac has shown to be an excellent acquisition. 


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As soon as they finally lock down a deal to sell the team, they're going to move them to downtown detroit.  I hope.  It's not NY or LA or even Bratislava but it should help things.

We've got some decent young guys in Jerebko, Daye, and Monroe.  I think as soon as the team is sold and a new coach is hired, they can clean house and have a short rebuilding period with any luck.


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He was the "mastermind" behind the Cleveland offense.... I mean who could have ever come up with "Give Lebron the ball".  Obviously this guy is a basketball genius.  


Sadly until the team gets new ownership Kuester and Joe D's jobs are safe.


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well, if we fire him this quickly that will be what...6 coaches in the last 10 years? no one is gonna wanna come here.


and ya, idk why rip didnt play tonight

The Denarding

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Team needs a point guard and a defensive center.  I love Greg Monroe - great pick.  Austin Daye is going to be a very special player.  Outside of Tayshaun and RIp - this is a very young team.  

Point guard, defensive center,  and figure out who you want as your primary shooting guard (stuckey or gordon).  

Kuester is stuck with an odd line up and he is trying to make it work.  Once rip and tayshaun are gone - this team becomes infinitely more defined.


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Pardon my french but Mrs. Davidson is a trash bag gold digging whore who needs to stop expecting $400M and drop the team. She pissed off Ilitch and now nothing has happened since Gores emerged as the new bidder.

Sorry to Mr. D for having to see his team turn to ruin like this.


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Definitely agree that Kuester may need to leave, but so does Dumars. He has started to make more and more questionable decisions, and it's really hurting the organization for the long run.


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Q is just dealing with the terrible hand he was dealt. Dumars can't make moves because he doesn't really have an owner. Yeah, Joe D really screwed up with BG and Charlie V. Really, really, really screwed up. Right now he can't do anything to fix it though, because he doesn't have an owner that will authorize changes to the payroll. Once the team gets sold, then you can make a judgement on Q.


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This idiot gave a Rockne speech to the team last April when they should have trying to LOSE games for pinballs and draft positioning. It's the only thing he has ever done here that worked, Pistons won some truly meaningless contests to close the season, and we ended up #7 when we should have had a great shot at a top 4-5 pick. A few slots in that area of the NBA Draft makes a huge difference.

The only argument for keeping Dumars at this point is to see if he can work with the new ownership, especially if Gores wouldn't mind paying the luxury tax if need be. Things have been pretty damn horrible under Karen D.


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What exactly is the point of the draft lottery when it's now heavily weighted toward the worst teams?  When it was first started, every non-playoff team had the same odds, so as to discourage tanking.  Now it's so weighted that tanking still makes sense.


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Joe D gets a last mulligan. He built our Conference Finals teams from nothing. Lately he has been garbage (in a "what have you done for me lately league), but I'd still give him one more shot with a new coach. Kuester needs to go soon though. He has that locker room incredibly divided right now.


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As a Bulls fan I take great joy in having seen the Knicks under Isiah Thomas and the Pistons recently.

Those Charlie V and Ben Gordon signings were indefensible. The fact is, you need a top 10 guy surrounded by good to above average system players or 2 guys in that 11-25 range with solid role players to even think about contending. Wasting your cap space on two shoot-first dudes who are below average in every other facet of the game is idiotic. 

Plus, he botched that Darko pick.

Not sure why he still gets a free pass from the media for the most part.


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I really don't even pay attention to it until 2nd round of playoffs....I think growing up in the 80's I got spoiled with bird, magic, gnarles b, isiah, MJ and the great TEAMS they were on...todays NBA with rare exceptions (spurs and celtics maybe) is lazy basketball with little effort and too much one on one iso plays. So my point is I am apathetic towards the 'stones and their coach. A lockout may help change the game?


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Hell I'm only a junior in high school and I don't even hardly watch the NBA anymore! Besides Michigan football I watched the Red Wings religiously through late elementary school. The Pistons were my 2nd favorite, I watched them but not as much as the Red Wings in 04. But when the playoffs came I watched all of it! Still can't believe how they dominated the Lakers! Then 05 came around and the NHL had the lockout, so I couldn't watch the wings so I watched the Pistons religiously. Was devastated when they lost in the championship 4-3. And I don't think my fandom for the Pistons/NBA has ever been the same since Robert Horry's shot.