"Glenville coach Ted Ginn set up my visit to Michigan"

Submitted by SanDiegoWolverine on January 14th, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Wow, never thought I see those words come out of anyone's mouth with a straight face.  That's Frank Clark, TE from Glenville, talking about his visit on the 21st today in an espn insider article.

I hope this is a good sign going forward for us having a shot at future Glenville prospects.



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Ginn wouldn't do this with a guy who has an offer or has a chance at get an offer from OSU. Not in a million years.

Clark would still be a good get, especially since Hoke's gonna need more tight ends in the future.


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I think Sam Webb or in another recruiting article that Hoke gets along with Ginn.  And the problems began with Ginn when Hoke was already gone to Ball State.  So, hopefully this opens things up.  Would get my hopes up if Cardale and Walker all of a sudden has us in the mix. 


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have a good relationship and Ginn, Sr. sent a number of kids to play for him at Ball State.  How about the huge offensive lineman Walker? He is like 6'5 355, maybe he should come with Clark. 


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Nothing has shown me that Campbell has the ability to be a good NT at this level, but if he gets his technique down, he could play NT and Martin could play the 3-tech position.

From what little I saw of Quinton Washington at DT this year, I already think Washington is a better DT than Campbell was.  Maybe Hoke and his DL coach can have an effect on that, but if I had to guess right now, I'd say Washington and Martin should be the starting DTs in 2011 (if we run a 4-3, which I expect).

Number 7

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That surprises me, a little.  Although Roh, RVB, and Black are all more DE-types than DT's, I figured that the three of them would be most likely to fill out the line.  Either way, Campbell and Q-Dub, plus those three guys, plus MM comprise some nice material for Coach "I used to be the DL coach" Hoke to work with.


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The thing about starting, say, Jibreel Black at defensive end is, Who do you sub in for him?  If you start Black at DE, I assume that means Van Bergen is the 3-tech.  So when Black needs a breather, there's nobody to insert except maybe a redshirt freshman like Ken Wilkins or Jordan Paskorz, two guys who haven't played yet.

If you leave Van Bergen at DE, you've ideally got three capable DTs to rotate in (Martin, Washington, Campbell) and some spot duty by perhaps Richard Ash.  And you've got three capable DEs (Van Bergen, Roh, Black).


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Did not like Carr or the way he handled Woods. Right or wrong, it has been told that way. Ginn Sr does mind Michigan. RR just never wanted to really recruit that school


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I don't think you've been paying attention to recruiting if you think Rodriguez didn't recruit Glenville.  He offered four kids from Glenville just this year (Cardale Jones, Shane Wynn, Frank Clark, and Walker).


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in recruiting Ohio the last three years, all things considered.

Hoke is certainly not bashful about recruiting that talent-rich state either.  He's also a native with some great stories about Ohio products that have gone one to excel at and graduate from Michigan. That helps.


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I'm not sure, but Hoke might have been Pierre Woods' position coach when he was at Michigan.  I know Hoke was the DL coach, but Woods was kind of a DE/OLB early in his career.  That might explain the connection between Hoke and Glenville that could put Ann Arbor back in a good position with Glenville kids.


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Initially perturbed, but warming up to the idea.  He's 25-13 over his last three seasons, so maybe those first few losing seasons were him getting acclimated to being a head coach and/or turning around a moribund program.

I don't know that Hoke is a championship-level coach, but if we're looking for 9-3 seasons, I think he'll be okay.


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that this "thawing of relations" with Michigan is not TG's benevolence or any other favorable dynamic towards Michigan.  Ohio State is going to be short on schollies in 2012.  He'd probably prefer to place these kids at a power in the Mid West.  Cynically, I suggest that he is going to Michigan to assure that his kids get to a premium football school if he cannot get them into that school in Ohio.  Michigan would be the choice in my opinion.  Hypothecially speaking, I also assert that if RR would have been here he would be doing the same.  

It's just a numbers game.  But I'll take and take it gladly.


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I live about 15 miles from Glennville, St. Ignatius, St Edwards and a bunch of other Northern Ohio schools we used to recruit heavily from back in the day.  If we can punch back open Tressel's northern border again like the good old days it will have a HUGE impact on both programs. 

Ours for the good....his for the bad. 


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Walker is going to OSU, but it seems like he's the only one from Glenville OSU is interested in this year.  Seems like a good opportunity to make inroads.  Jones, Sturdivant, Clark, Wynn, etc are all available.


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Getting a foot in the literal and proverbial door at Glenville/Ohio at large during this last stretch could pay dividends for what Sam Webb calls a "bumper crop" of talent coming out of Ohio in the 2012 class.

The program

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There have been a lot of Glenville kids who have taken visits to Michigan (including Ted Ginn Jr) the problem is we have not gotten any of them.  I don't have a problem with trying to get Glenville kids but Hoke's time might be better used trying to get the kids from St. Ignatius and St Edwards.