D-day Mid Morning Open Thread

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Since we are closing in on 250 how about a new one to help with F5 day?



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Hi Trevor, this is (insert SEC coach here).

We like you, but we are unsure if you and other recruits will pan out.

Option 1) You go sign with the Valdosta State Blazers and start division II football immediately.

Option 2) You sign with us, get a chance to be a (Gator, Tide, Tiger, etc) or... if your not that good, we cut you, and you play at the Valdosta State Blazers next year.


Personally, if I were a boarderline recruit, and all I had to do is beat 2-3 other guys in spring football to be on a SEC team I may take that chance. The other guys may have medical or academic issues. The worst thing that happens is they go to another school the following year. Furthermore the SEC allows this so the coaches are playing by the rules.


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I'm not saying there aren't some kids like that, but your OP implied there were two choices - SEC elite and D2.  Not every kid commits to his childhood favorite (as we've seen this year) and a kid can still stay in the south and play for Arkansas, MSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Clemson, all who would almost certainly take a kid with a Bama offer.  And you'd still have a shot to play at a high level - Arkansas played in a BSS bowl and USC (NTUSC) played in the SEC champ game.


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I am a bird-in-the-hand type guy and would council my kid or relative to take the other more "sure thing" scholarship than the "maybe" scholarship.

But there are a lot of kids and families that I am sure are willing to take that shot and risk going for the brass ring.

I just don't understand why the coaches are being vilified for offering that shot take it or leave it, when the conference rules allow the practice. Bitch at the SEC commissioner or NCAA. A coach signing the number of kids he is allowed is not "dirty" as people are implying. No more than RR trying to medically redshirt Devin when he is not really hurt - the rules allow this - wink wink.

A scholarship is not a sure thing anyway. Many kids are an injury, bad test or one more "team rule violation" from being cut every year. There is no guarantee he goes to Ole Miss instead of LSU and doesn't get cut in a year for whatever at Ole Miss.


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To be fair about the Big 12, I believe they were the second-highest number of over-signers behind the SEC.  Don't think kids at Texas A&M or Oklahoma aren't "encouraged" to leave after a couple of years.  But yeah, I agree with your general point about kids having to go in with their eyes open.

STW P. Brabbs

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Of course, we're totally sure that this is the script Miles has been following, because he's a Michigan Man after all.  It certainly doesn't look anything like this:

Coach: We really think you've got a chance to be a multi-year starter and an all-conference player here at our school.  Our coaches can't wait to start working with you.

Player:  I've heard some things about oversigning and scholarship limits.

Coach: That's overblown by the media.  We always honor our commitments to players like you who show their commitment to our school.


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Haven't posted lately, haven't even read the threads. Actually getting work done. It will be nice if we get a decent coach. I'm still depressed over the whole RR thing. Of course, you move on, but this wasn't a happy three years for me. And now another SEC MNC. Grrrh.


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Early next month we will be able to track MGoBlog's in-depth coverage of Les Miles' culinary exploration of tire-rubber-field-turf-sand-stuff on the new Verizon iPhone 4 using the fancy MGoBlog app currently available in the Apple app store... 

Tell your wifes tell your kids, Apple's getting all up in here


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We need someone at that conference!  What is Miles wearing?  What variety of grass is he chewing?  Fescue likely means he's Big Blue bound, while Bermuda says he's staying on the Bayou . . . .


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YOU are NOT the father!!!!

Damn. Time to turn off Maury.

For the record, I texted my cousin in AA this morning and asked if he's seen the mgojet fly over lately. He said no, but said he did see Les Miles himself at Mr. Greek's having breakfast this very morning. I must admit though, this cousin of mine is a bit of a joker.


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Village Corner is being relocated. The building it was in is being demolished to make room for a student highrise (yet another one). Village Corner's owner is looking to move it to a different location but that hasn't been determined yet. Brown Jug is still alive, but Touchdown's has now become Blue Leprechaun. And Mitch's reopened briefly, but is out of business yet again. Any other questions?