FlightAware Update: KDAL to KBTR

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 10th, 2011 at 4:01 PM
Dominos plane now headed to... Baton Rouge. Lands in an hour.


I can has Miles Family Pickup for Tuesday Family Trip to Ann Arbor?



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So, starting tonight, are we looking for departures bound for Willow Run or Detroit Metro? I am supposed to be watching my kids while my wife is at work - this means I have to cart around my iPad with FlightAware on my screen and occasionally shout "DON'T DO THAT!", right?

True Blue in CO

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1) Les has not yet interviewed for the job.  Getting on a plane with DBrandon is a good place for the first part of the interview.

2) Les is already scheduled to speak at the Coaches conference in Dallas tomorrow so he needed a ride anyways.  He can still catch a ride, speak tomorrow, and go home.

3) This could all still be a diversion.  We don't know if Brandon is on the plane (might be in Dallas doing other interviews).

4) Team meeting for tomorrow may be to get the team together and give them an update.  They have been dealing with the sense of loss in different ways than us highly interested fans.

Trying to share a paper bag for us to all breathe into right now as having the planes meet is causing hyperventilation.


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Les Miles is a very known commodity and there is little to nothing that you can learn in an interview given his very public job and job performance that is posted and discussed each and every week since he became the head coach at Oklahoma State and now at LSU.

Having won an NC, and being the head coach at a high profile SEC program, we already have all the opportunities we will ever need to observe him in all sorts of high pressure and high drama situations.  we have more data and information on Les than we will ever have on just about any other candidate.  With him, you know what you are getting...... The good, the bad, and the meh....


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Why do people believe that Patterson is in play?  DB has given us precious little to go on, but the one thing he was definitive on was that the new HC had to have ties to the B10 / midwest.  What are Patterson's connections?


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Considering that the only names we've heard who actually DO have connections to the Big Ten are Harbaugh (gone), Miles and Hoke, maybe it's just wishful thinking that we'd be willing to consider someone with a ridiculous record as a head coach and a strong defensive background, which is something else Brandon implied that he wanted.


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is taking me back to the time that Geraldo Rivera opened up Al Capone's vault - man, I was so excited when it started, but it was a huge disappointment when it turned out to be comepletely empty!  (Still pisses me off that my dad and I wasted two hours watching that crap!) 

Every time I get me hopes up - empty. 


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I watched it as a very young kid and still remember the "WTF?" feeling I had when they opened it up and all there that was in there was an old whiskey bottle or something.  Best part was the look on Geraldo's face as he realized the whole show was a complete bust and started scrmabling for a way to make it look like anything other than a complete debacle.

I have a sickening feeling I will be seeing that same look tomorrow on DB's face after introducing Hoke as our HC


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I believe Les wants the HC job at Michigan.  The interview with the local news (BR) and his shakey statement today tells me that if Michigan calls, he will surely answer with a yes.  I expect him to be introduced as our coach officially Wednesday and introduced to the team during the team meeting that's now mysteriously scheduled.  It's his dream job...GO BLUE!!!

True Blue Crew

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It's interesting when you conduct some research and find out who OSU considered before the hiring before Tressel...  In the Wednesday, January 17th, 2001 edition of SI.

"Others who either interviewed or spoke with Ohio State officials about the job included Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden, Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, current Buckeyes assistant head coach Fred Pagac, former Ohio State and NFL linebacker Chris Spielman and Stanford head coach Tyrone Willingham."

as well as Glenn Mason.  


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LSU might want to save face, and let Les go b/c what he has brought them (a natty title).  He's oldish, too, so it sort of makes sense.

Not every deal gets done with something like that in place, but it's only $1.25 million, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a deal breaker, and would look good to someone, somewhere if they let him go without paying it. 

Also, it generates one of those "Hey Michigan, remember when we gave you Miles without asking for the $1.25 million?  Well now I've got this favor I need help with.." situations.


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My guess he has to leave a chunk of his staff or something behind (assuming they want to promote from within).  Does seem bizarre though.  Maybe Brian has some more dirt on the program and he is using it as leverage to make them let Les go (showing that the Hoke despair has reached a new high)

Blue Lurker

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You hear rumblings about the fans not liking him, but the admin also?    If the buyout rumor is true arent they essentially they are telling him they don't want him there?   LIke people said above - like him or not all he does is win...


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Clearly, it would in exchange for something in exchange for something - perhaps no poaching of specific coaches or recruits?

Plus, LSU can send our a PR stating that, given all that Les Miles has done for LSU, they did not want to stand in the way of him coaching at his alma mater.  The positive PR from that would be a plus.

Or they've decided this is their chance to bring in a younger coach.

st barth

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...is that LSU might have someone lined up as a replacement that they feel will be better and consequently would like to nudge Miles over to M?  Especially if Miles appears to be on the fence about this whole thing.

Don't forget  that all of the uncertainty probably isn't too good for LSU either.


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The surreality continues as apparently Joe Schad just tweeted that LSU might be willing to waive Miles's buyout if he leaves.

Right.  They're just going to pass on that $1.5 million they are contractually entitled to just because they are such swell guys.


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Guys from a business / interviewing point of view:

  1. Michigan is a publicly funded entity
  2. Michigan has a lot of wealthy donors / boosters that make that "publicly funded" area a little grey, but...
  3. A publicly funded entity (even with the boosters) is not going to waste taxpayer's money, sending around a private jet for no good reason.
  4. This makes Miles a "serious candidate" and...
  5. The reason for his interview is to do much more than "appease the fan base"

Thus, unlike last time - Miles is for real. He's in play and the job is his if he wants it.  The flights back-and-forth to Hilton Head were to get LC's sign off (since he is the "old guard" here, the reason for "Michigan Men" - he had to give his blessing, like it or not).  LC signed off, and today was the beginning of getting Les wrapped up.  The deal will be announced by Wednesday night.

This is all speculation based on what I've read, and being in business long enough to know what it means to seriously interview a candidate.


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Joe Schad

by chengelis

LSU might be willing to waive or lower Les Miles' 1.25M buyout to Michigan
Edit: didn't see it posted above, but this just gets crazier. I can't look away.
Double edit: In a way, combined with the LSU AD's latest commenst about Les "accomodating his alma mater",  this actually discourages me. They could know something we don't, and be setting themselves up to look like the nice guys by "waiving the buyout" when they could potentially already know that Les is staying. Ugh, please good news....


January 10th, 2011 at 5:27 PM ^

If Les was going to take the job it makes no sense to wait any longer than this past Saturday (the day after his bowl game). The media is assuming that this is his "dream job" and he'll take it in a heartbeat - but if that were the case he would have said something to that extent. If it takes a meeting with the AD to convince a former Michigan player and Asst. coach that this is a good job then it doesn't feel like he'll be taking it [via Harbaugh]. This feels more like Les using the spotlight and attention to make LSU and their fans that have been fickle in regards to him realize that he is wanted by other programs and they should start treating him better. It's like the girlfriend flirting with another guy because she isn't getting the attention she wants from her boyfriend. 


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Site won't let me comment on the front page post, but all this "Michigan Man", boys club, skull and bones stuff always pisses me off...

Part of that rift has been the alienation former players have felt from the football program. Rueben Riley, an offensive lineman from 2003 to 2006 who later played three years in the NFL, said former players have not been included in the program as they have been in the past.

“When I was around, you’d see guys like Hutch (Steve Hutchinson) come back and talk, (Gary) Moeller come back, and you could just see their passion,” he said.

“For a coach to have Lloyd Carr on campus and never have him back to talk to the team? That’s unbelievable to me.”

And makes me think of this...


January 10th, 2011 at 6:46 PM ^

in the Ann Arbor.com article are spiteful and divisive in and of themselves.  

A great many people supported Rodriguez 100% (I  certainly did).  The guy has been finally fired, and the best words out of their mouths are these?

Rodriguez said his office door was always open to everyone - former coaches, players, etc..  Why is it always someone else? Could these former players not have taken some initiative?

Over the last 3 years I bet not one of them ever had the balls to stop by to introduce themselves or share a word of encouragement to the coaches and players on the team. 

Michigan Men?  Articles like this kill that mythology and the tradition.  But you wanted a final word.  Way to make them count and be remembered.