Please avoid NSFW or home pics in posts

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 11th, 2010 at 8:45 PM

A simple request, to allow my continued readership at mgoblog. Please don't post large NSFW pics at any time. My wife was not happy this morning as she walked in behind me with a pic posted in the "pimp hand" post. I am on a short leash, so to speak. I also have 9 year old twins, boy and a girl, and they don't need to see this stuff. It's inappropriate, and not funny. And my office would be just as bad or worse (to see this kind of post.)  I'm not complaining on my own behalf, but because of my family. I'm not suggesting censorship, but much more of this and I'll just be dropping out of visiting mgoblog in the future. I suppose, if some of you want me to leave the blog for good, you can keep at it. Whatever. But those of you in high school and college and your 20's and 30's who are single guys with your tongues hanging out, remember that some of us have families.

I think the mods used to get after this stuff, but there are now too many posts.


[PaulVB] I thought it was fairly common knowledge that mgoblog is better than a bunch of guys posting cheesecake pictures and talking about how women should be in the kitchen because all they're good for is making sandwiches. If you're thinking "Maybe I should say this is NSFW," maybe it's not something you should be posting on a Michigan sports blog [/PaulVB]



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Do you think his wife made him post this? Perhaps watched from behind as he wrote it up and saved it? I hope thats how he got out of the dog house. He gets peace at home, and we get this awesome thread.


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I think, at the end of the day, we can all agree on the moral of the story here:

In the battle between consideration for others and boobs, boobs win every time.  We can even reduce it further:

Boobs. FTW.


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I seriously did not get the "NSFW or home pics" thing until I read your comment. First, thank you for clearing that up. Second, I feel stupid. Third, if a picture is not safe for work or the home, where would be it safe? Public transit might work, I guess.

Seriously, you'd think people were posting GIFs of tentacle porn or something. (This is not a request, please do not post any GIFs of tentacle porn.)


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i seriously already posted once in this thread before realizing that he had referred to NSFW and home, and I wondered the same thing!  If not safe for work and also not safe for home, wouldn't it be prudent to just deem the picture "NOT SAFE!" ?

thank you, OP.  this is the type of thread we need with 3 weeks and many fun-filled days with drunken relatives standing between us and one last FOOOOTBALL game.


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Yes the NSFW material is often unnecessary, but it is what it is. I'm just lucky that when I'm at the bar watching the game and my girlfriend is at the library studying, she logs into the liveblog for the Play by play.


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Waa Waaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

If you can't handle seeing a booty in a thong then just adjust your internet settings for parentaly controls to "extremely anal"...  And you might want to avoid going to any beaches in the summer, they may get you in trouble..


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Now that it has nudity:

Step one:  turn screen slightly counterclockwise away from child.

Step two:  enjoy MGO


Step one:  Wait for child to go to sleep.

Step two:  enjoy MGO

You might want to explain to wife that the Taliban haven't won yet.


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Sorry, but I just can't get it!  So, click on the "Image" button all the way to the right.  Then, paste the URL into the URL bar.  So, how come the picture won't show up for me?


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You're probably trying to put the website's URL in, but you have to literally put the image URL (different from the main page it's hosted on).  Try right clicking and selecting "copy image location" (or some variation of that) and then pasting it into the URL field.


EDIT: beat me to it.


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It's just that you get a feel for the boundary lines after awhile here. And even people who have been around a long time have  a hard time seeing it sometime. The first nip shot was funny because it never happens, and was bound to in this thread. But even all of us promoting boobs agree with the "before 11 pm tv" put above. It's just a difference of opinion from the OP of what's NSFW.  A string of porno is NOT what Brian wants.  An occasional humorous, no biggie. (No pun intended).

Don't think any of us really want a string of porn here...there's lots of sites for that.  And rather than getting bombed right away, just wanted you to have a fun start to your MGoCareer.

But it s a magnificent pic.  Links are ALWAYS ok. (if labeled properly).