Brandon coments

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Dave Brandon finally comented on the bust saying "It was an emotional night and it always is," Brandon said Saturday while taking in the Michigan-Harvard men's basketball game at Crisler Arena. "The emotions were high and the passion was high and that's Coach's way of communicating his passion and respect for the kids and the program."

From The Detroit News:’s-banquet-speech--‘He’s-a-very-passionate-guy’#ixzz17Ety22q5



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What would happen if JH loses his bowl game and RRod wins his.... does michigan still want JH? What if they both (JH and RRod) lose or win there bowl games what does D.Brandon do? This is why I think DB is taking toooo long...bowl game or not the Big 10 season is over with you have enough information for evaluation because a bowl game is nothing but a exhibition game.


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"It was different. It was something he wanted to do and he did it. I'm sure he planned it -- he had it cued up to play and he did it," Brandon said.

To me, that is the sound of someone that does not want to criticize Rich's actions publicly and damns with faint praise. This process on non-evaluation is getting painful for all concerned.



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I think your argument is thoughtful, well explained, and totally incorrect. If DB is holding out just to prove a point -- that he will not be rushed -- he's  making an idiotic and totally self-serving point. Right now, quite obviously, the AD needs to resolve a very unstable situation. Right now uncertainty -- and the attendant media swirl -- benefits no one and hurts everyone: coaches, players, recruits, fans. 

DB has already formed his opinion. How could he not have done so? Everyone else has. And he's the AD. There's nothing left to analyze. He's obviously keeping his options open. (If JH doesn't work out, then he'll say, "I always wanted Rich to stay.") That's the only reason why a CEO would defer such a huge decision that begs to be resolved asap. You're falling for BS CEO-speak.


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So Brandon "coments."  That spelling, missing an "m," clearly contains a hidden message.  Could it be that he is targeting someone who isn't an M Man?