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Dave Brandon finally comented on the bust saying "It was an emotional night and it always is," Brandon said Saturday while taking in the Michigan-Harvard men's basketball game at Crisler Arena. "The emotions were high and the passion was high and that's Coach's way of communicating his passion and respect for the kids and the program."

From The Detroit News:’s-banquet-speech--‘He’s-a-very-passionate-guy’#ixzz17Ety22q5



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and in every other way, his comment is idiotic. This stupid "already discussed/someone linked it in comment 29 on yesterday's 32nd RR thread" is way more tiring than those who want to discuss it too much. STOP READING and go away then.


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Everyone points to the fact that DB was CEO of Dominos pizza as a quailifier that he must know what he is doing. If you watch Dominos commerials now, they are all about how we did things wrong in the past ( tomato sauce that tastes like ketchup, crust that is like cardboard..ect.) basically things that were done while DB was CEO. My point is don't assume DB knows what he is doing just because he was a failed pizza CEO.


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The commercial campaign started when Dave Brandon was CEO.

To say that the guy is a failed pizza CEO is dumb as shit. Especially to criticize the guy (wrongly) when you're probably in your moms basement or have done nothing in your life. So congratulations dick but you're completely off-base.


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Oh please don't think that my aRgument is dumb because I accidentally capS something.

My argument isn't any less valid if I used all bold caps because who I am responding too is an idiot who has called Dave brandon a failed CEO. Last I checked he doesn't really know failure and everyone on this board has switched to DB being the scapegoat for everything. It's disgusting.


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Let me make my point not using DB.We have the CEO of a company who is utimately responsible for any decisions made reguarding the finanicial well being of said company.During this CEO's tenure the quality of the companies product degrades to a point that they are losing market share and in turn profits go down.When this CEO leaves position for new opportunity, new leadership comes on board, and they are forced to devise a advertising campaign to restore consumer confidence. Would you reguard past CEO's tenure as being sucessful?


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You are missing the point. Dave Brandon is the one who decided that Domino's pizza sucked and first decided to start the "advertising campaign to restore consumer confidence". That campaign started before he started his job as the Athletic Director, and was in fact one of his last major decisions as CEO at Domino's pizza. Now he was CEO since 1999, so you can blame the crappiness of the product from 1999 to 2009 on him if you want, but the "we're totally redoing our pizza" campaign was at least pretty ballsy, and DB deserves credit for that.


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Sure, he deserves a little credit for doing that. But he really had few other options, since his company was going down the toilet. The product was horrible. Ten years of steady decline + one year of desperate inspiration does not a sterling reputation make.

Gotta wonder how long he would have kept his CEO job had the M job not materialized. It was a nice out.


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"In a 2009 survey of consumer taste preferences among national chains by Brand Keys, Domino's was last — tied with Chuck E. Cheese's. In December that year, Domino's announced plans to entirely reinvent its pizza. It began a self-flogging ad campaign in which consumers were filmed criticizing the pizza's quality and chefs were shown developing the new product.[19][20] The new pizza was introduced that same month, and the following year, Domino's 50th anniversary, the company acquired J. Patrick Doyle as its new CEO experienced a historic 14.3% quarterly gain. While admitted not to endure, the success was described by Doyle as one of the largest quarterly same-store sales jumps ever recorded by a major fast-food chain.[21][22][23]"

So yes the ad campaign was started during Dave brandons tenure and the pizza was remade prior to the new CEO coming on. Dave Brandon led the framework for their great success over the next year.


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They are in business to make money for shareholders.  

They do that by offering a product customers want at a price they are willing to pay.

Earnings Per Share has increased last 3 fiscal years at DPZ (in the midst of a recession, even), but DB saw a threat to EPS growth (bad pizza pissing off customers) and launched an initiative to solve that problem before it harmed EPS.

By all accounts he has spectacularly succeeded.  


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1st off - Brandon is no longer CEO but he is still a major shareholder and still plays a "large advisory role"  in the company.  Those commercials came out about months before Bill Martin even announced he was stepping down. If you actually watched those commercials..BRANDON WAS IN 1 OF THEM. so please stfu because you don't have a clue what you are talking about 


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Just read the  article he still doesnt give any hint of keeping or firing RR but one thing that did stick out was "RRod is a passionate person" if that is the case let the media know you are going to retain him.

Maximinus Thrax

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I don't like the way DB is playing this at all.  He is basically seeking a karmaic dong punch by stringing RR along as some whiny insecure girlfriend while he is working an angle on a more glamorous, hotter (for the moment) chick on the DL.  Watch he gets JH here, only to find out that the SF 49ers or the AZ Cards or somebody already hit that and got him pregnant with the idea that he could get a huge payday and more glory in the NFL.  11 months after he comes to MI (and has a shitty season that has people wondering why DB didn't keep RR and had to go chasing this floozy), the baby is born and Harbaugh is gone to the NFL and we are left broke and lonely.  Be wary the pimp hand.

Maximinus Thrax

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The truth is that I was directing my comments to the Michigan faithful to be careful what they wish for, rather than entertaining the silly fantasy that DB cares what I say.  In my career I have witnessed no less than two occasions (one was in a company doing around a quarter million in sales a year, one was in a company doing about $20,000,000 in annual revenue), where the CEO followed a disastrous plan of action against which every individual down to the lowest minimum wage employee offered words of caution.  However, as with most CEOs, I would imagine his assumption was that these wary individuals lack vision, they are stupid, they are just timid or scared, etc.  These men I mention did not appear to need any input from anybody who had an actual "this job puts food on my plate" stake in the entity.  They followed through with their plans and, in the case of the smaller company, it destroyed the company.  In the case of the larger company, it resulted in tens of millions of dollars in losses, as well as the loss of numerous jobs that provided 100% of the income to already struggling Michigan families.  My point is that if these CEO dipshits would have listened to the concerns of everyday people, and treated them as valid concerns that should be adequately considered and addressed before moving forward with a contentious plan of action, then a lot of misery would have been avoided and a lot of assets would have been preserved.  The slogan of "trust the pimp hand" is what gets these men in trouble.  Hopefully, DB is conferring with some trusted advisors who are helping him to assess all of the possible ramifications of letting RR go, rather than simply going with some gut plan of action that could put us even further up shit creek than we could have ever imagined.  Trust me, it could happen. 

His Dudeness

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Agree with the overall point (personally I hate the CEO gets fired gets appointed to board of directors finally hired back to CEO ring of stupidity), but in this case the average everyday morons actually want RR out... and I would also venture to claim that some in the athletics office want him out as well.

Remember when DB first took over and said the bringing together of the rift in the fanbase was priority number one? Good times...

I'm starting to think DB has done a less than admirable job in his first year. My personal opinion.


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This type of comment frustrates me, and I am merely using yours as an example that has been running rampent on this site for the past month or so.  I believe you base your point on speculation, and then its a domino effect of further speculation that spirals into a descension of paranoia.  Worry is a fear based on something that won't necessarily happen in the near future -- thus, pointless.

Here is more speculation:  DB has publicly shown support for RR and the football team.  He has not shown support for individual coaches or schemes.  What can we do with speculation and these two facts?  GO.

Actually, don't go.  

I have seen no concrete ill effects from the way DB has been handling this matter. The worst is perhaps an overblown pissing contest between some MSM Sports Commentators who want to chime in on emasculating our head football coach. Dee Hart is technically still committed to UM - everything else has been rumors, heresay, and bulls***t.

Maximinus Thrax

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The fact is that there is a lot of speculation in the local and national media that RR is on the hotseat, and that Harbaugh is the leading candidate to replace him.  I don't believe that I need to provide evidence to back up this statement.  The innuendos are everywhere.  As a result, to anybody who does not have a direct line to DB (i.e. everybody, including recruits), it appears that there is a good chance that RR is not the man that DB wants to be the head coach at Michigan next year.  As many, many people here have observed, DB could go a long way in ending this speculation by publicly declaring that his job is safe and that he is not currently seeking other candidates to fill the position.  This would be the prudent response in the face of a media feeding frenzy.  I do not believe that DB is taking the high road by not publicly supporting RR (as if to say, screw you media and your baseless speculation.  I refuse to participate in your shenanigans).  I instead believe that he is declining to voice support for him because he does not want egg on his face when he turns around and fires him on Jan 2nd.  I do not think that I am alone in holding this belief.  If DB definitely  plans on keeping RR, then he should explicitly state this fact.  By avoiding to do this, he is creating a sea of doubt around the program.  The only reason he would do this is because he is actively angling for a replacement.  This is not idle speculation run amok, this is deductive reasoning.


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While I respect your opinion I have to disagree. I know exactly how DB is thinking on this issue. There are many people in the fanbase who want Dave Brandon to come out and either support RR or fire him but this is not how DB does his job. He has said time and again that he will evaluate coaches after they have completed their seasons. This means he is setting the example of how all coaching positions will be handled now and into the future. You may disagree with his stance but I think it is important that a leader have consistency in the way he handles things.

Let's not forget that Dave Brandon is the new AD and trying to set an example of how he will be handling the athletics at Michigan. If he comes out and from the beginning and says that he has a plan to do things a certain way (a way that he believes in strongly) and then changes that because of controversy within the fanbase then what does this say about Brandon? He will be letting the media and fans run his program by changing what he believes in. Sure he may lose a couple recruits but he is a man of integrity who has a plan. I respect that. I do not want an AD who wavers when pressure is on from external sources.

All that we know, like Serth has mentioned, is that RR has DB's support. From what I have read Brandon has given no indication that a change will be made or that his support from RR has ever wavered. If there is a coaching change I will still be surprised simply because I don't listen to segments of the fanbase or media that know absolutely nothing. It's all controversy. Perhaps DB has never even entertained the thought of letting RR go.


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I think his comments read as the words of someone who felt he had no choice but to say something. The comments were so obviously guarded and back-handed. Reminded me of the way teachers discuss troublesome students with their parents: "Well, your son sure is, um, energetic." DB wasn't proud of the Groban Moment. He was embarrassed.


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My point was if hes going to keep coach rod, he needs to come out and say it. If we keep RR and lose the top rated running back b/c DB is unwilling to come out and confirm what will most likely happen...thats bad business. If DB ends up making the change and we lose Dee, oh well that's the price of doing business.
to infer that a one sentence statement would say i feel landing Dee Hart is more important than having the right man at the helm of the team is jumping to conclusions...but none of you can tell me you wont be a little pissed off if we end up keeping coach Rod and losing Hart b/c we dont announce it until the middle of jan when Hart is already enrolled at bama.


December 5th, 2010 at 11:11 AM ^

which is why it's clear that DB is not committed to keeping RR, but rather keeping his options open. It's a costly move, but one that's the right one if DB is willing to drop RR in favor of another coach (presumably Harbaugh).

If things don't work out with the other candidate(s?) then DB shakes RR's hand and says improvement was enough to warrant keeping him, and has prevented a catatrophic coaching search.


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but a whole recruiting class is.  i know sousa isnt highly ranked but the dee hart thing isnt going to be over until he signs so who knows how many we will lose while this drags on, plus how many more we will miss out on that we could have gotten if DB was more decisive.  a bad recruiting class can do a lot of damage to a program


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Although I am in favor of DB making the call on Rich Rod now - it is refreshing that he is actually keeping his word, from day 1 and even when UM wass 5-0, DB said the evaluation process will come at the end of the season.

Somewhat lost in all of this is that his decision - which will not come until be next year - will determine how his name is written in the record books at UM and he knows that fact.  I think that is the real reason for the delay - he will be judged now and forever more on his handling of this situation, the final decision and then the results.

Ironically - in my opinion, he is in a win-win-win situation.  When scanning the roster - whomever the coach is in 2011 they have a 10 win football team waiting for them.  The Defense will take a huge leap next season - heck just adding Wolfolk and Floyd back into the mix makes this a much better Defense (even though I still have reservations about Floyd).  Those 17/18 year olds that should have been holding a clip board got valuable PT, add a couple other injured players back, bring in the Redshirts and incoming frosh - UM will have some serious depth/talent on that D.  Top 25 D - probably not, but with the Offense that UM will be showcasing next season - the D just needs to be average.

I personally would like to see Rich Rod hire a top notch college Defensive Coach and I would like him to be HANDS OFF that new hire.  Let that DC run whatever fronts he wants too - whatever front made this coach valuable. 


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Somewhat lost in all of this is that his decision - which will not come until be next year - will determine how his name is written in the record books at UM and he knows that fact.  I think that is the real reason for the delay - he will be judged now and forever more on his handling of this situation, the final decision and then the results.

You believe that the real reason for the delay is DB's concern for his personal legacy?  That's absolutely ridiculous.