Football Team Banquet Award Winners

Submitted by MGoShtoink on December 3rd, 2010 at 1:15 AM

We all know the football team had their annual banquet tonight.  Here are the team award winners:

Award Winners
Earlier in the evening, Denard Robinson was presented with the Bo Schembechler Award, given to the team's most valuable player. Other award winners included:

• Dr. Arthur D. Robinson Scholarship Award (top senior scholar): Zac Ciullo.

• Hugh R. Rader Memorial Award (top offensive lineman): David Molk and Stephen Schilling.

• Roger Zatkoff Award (top linebacker): Jonas Mouton.

• Robert P. Ufer Bequest (enthusiasm): Mark Moundros.

• Richard Katcher Award (top defensive lineman): Mike Martin

Denard even got a little choked up accepting his Bo Schembechler Award...

Love that kid.

Also, I know we still have one more game to play, but I wish all the best to the departing seniors.  They've endured a lot over their college careers.  I wish them all the best.

Go Blue!

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December 3rd, 2010 at 1:30 AM ^

I didn't realize this was at Laurel Manor. The people that own that are like my third set of grandparents. I would've tried to make it back for that. 


December 3rd, 2010 at 8:03 AM ^

I'm used to other teams fans picking on our program and kicking it while it's down. Now my fellow fans are picking on this guy who deserves much better. Maybe he should leave. He had an uphill climb from the beginning. It began to unravel when FREEP started it's Jihad. Now it may end with his own teams fans shooting him in the back. Shame on you people that are doing this shit.


December 3rd, 2010 at 7:37 AM ^

Do they still award the "M Champion of the Year" for unsung hero?


"I smell a lame duck."

Hard to not agree with that.  I was supposed to attend but it was my son's birthday yesterday.  I got a call from a couple teammates on their drive home and they relayed the same sentiment to me.  Sad but it seems inevitable at this point.


December 3rd, 2010 at 8:20 AM ^

He always will be a Michigan Man in my heart.  He definitely pour his heart and soul into the Michigan program.  Did he make mistakes?  Yes, but who hasn't made any mistakes?  Regardless, RR was dealt with bad cards right from the start and it's a shame that he never really have gotten a full support from Michigan(both the athletic administrator and the fans).  The only support that he got was his team, his family and some of the loyal Michigan fans.  If the bowl game is RR's last game, it'd be amazing if RR can go out with a big bang with a resounding victory with a complete game from both side of the ball plus a special team.


I will support RR wherever he'll go to coach and I'm sure that he'll succeed with a much better support.  Wouldn't suprise me if he can make the program relevant as a national championship contender like he always have done in the past.


December 3rd, 2010 at 11:02 AM ^

I see a growing sect of people who are tired and simply agitated with the "Because we are Michigan" arguement, I was simply wondering if there was room within the "Prohibition of Coaching Change Opinion Act of 2010" to deal with this issue.

I present this because the statement "because we are Michigan" offers no real fact, arguement, or opinion and makes the rest of us sound unintelligent and like entitled whinners.

The Denarding

December 4th, 2010 at 11:40 PM ^

By all the fuss on should Rich stay or go.  Oregon is going to the BCS championship game.  Auburn is going to the BCS championship game.  They both run very, very similar offenses to Michigan.   It appears both of those times have very senior upperclassmen heavy offenses and are performing at high levels.  Shouldn't we expect Michigan to potentially achieve a comparable level of success next year?

Does everyone here that is pro "fire RRod" think that Wisconsin, MSU and OSU could beat Auburn or Oregon this year easily?  I'm assuming the rational thinker would say no yet all of you believe the spread and shred won't work in the Big Ten?  Really?  I just find this peculiar.

I mean what exactly are we "entitled to" at Michigan?  BCS championship games?   Well we've never been to one.  BCS bowl games?  We've been to a few but not appreciably larger number than WVU under RRod.   Perfect seasons?  Well none since 1997.  In fact I bet RRod has had either more or similar number of 10 win seasons to Lloyd Carr.   RRod beat Georgia, and a team he put together smoked a very good Oklahoma team.   GIve him his talent and his time and we will be successful.

I guess what I am saying is what is replacing him going to do exactly?  Make the defense older and wiser?  Make the offense faster, less mistake proven or effective?  The guy has never lied.  He said special teams would suck and the defense would be challenged this year and they were.  He said the offense would be very good and it was.  I think actually his emotion at the bust shows how "all in" he is.  No one would have laughed at Lloyed whenever he was emotional or said "Dead Man Walking".   What are we supposed to go back to?  Losing to App State?  Even in all these dire times RRod has never, ever lost to an FBS team with as much talent as that Michigan team had.  He deserves a chance to prove himself with his recruits.  A guy this successful doesn't just forget how to lose games.  He will start winning more and more if we give him the chance.   

I was disappointed when we lost to Penn State.  We should have played a straight 4-3 lineup and we got cute.  RRod also needs to leave the defensive side of the ball to the defensive coaches whoever they maybe.  But every other loss was expected to some degree wasn't it?  I mean OSU, MSU, Wisconsin, and Iowa are very senior heavy teams.  These are teams that are either more talented or just older (and consequently bigger and more experienced) than our squad.  I expected us to lose and lose handily and that's what happened.  Now everyone is pissed because we lost be twenty to Wisconsin?  That with out starting qb for an entire half we only managed seven points against Ohio State?  What did you expect?

Because we are Michigan doesn't mean as much to me as because we are patient enough to accept change.  We will become champions again - I believe RRod when he says it and I know it in heart to be true.  It might all be moot but it is going to be painful to watch him be successful at another school.  Very, very painful...