Former M players tweet during OSU

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Former Wolverines tweet on Game


Several former Michigan players used Twitter to express themselves during the 37-7 loss to Ohio State. Among those who tweeted were Jay Feely, Jamie Morris, Jonathan Goodwin, Steve Breaston and Desmond Howard. Feely, Breaston and former U-M players Alan Branch and Gabe Watson -- all currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals -- apparently watched the game together.

• @jayfeely: @SBreaston15, Branch, Gabe Watson all if us are beside ourselves watching this shell of what Michigan used to be.

• @JMorris23: We are the Best Big East in the Big Ten....... Bar none!!!

• @jgoody76: This just got even more disgusting. Is it time for a change?

• @SBreaston15: Yikes! Smh

• @desmond_howard As a Wolverine who NEVER lost 2 the Buckeyes, I think U should worry less about a tie and MORE about the product on the field. #wrongfocus



Its a shame our former players are out there saying this, but I guess I get it.


U Fer M

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What's the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?" I remember for years wishing we had the team speed to keep up with all those flashy teams from the SEC and PAC 10, those years way back when, when we'd play them and get tore up, especially by the PAC 10, we were the slow, plodding Big 10.

Now, we went for the speed and the flash, but left big and tough far behind, and now we are getting beat by the big and tough. Kind of damned either way we go, but I do think we need to pick an identity and stay with it, and make sure we are the best and what we chose to do.

Not drunk enough yet today to be completely coherent, oh, and Hillshire Farms summer sausage, club crackers and Blue Moon together is crazy delicious.


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. . . who cares what some guys now playing in the NFL (who once played four years at Michigan and won championships) think? What do they really know about Michigan football?  I would much rather hear what 20-year-old current students who have been watching Michigan for three years think.  They are the ones who have all the answers. 

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My default attitude toward former Wolverines who have played in the NFL is "worshipful."  For me to go out of my way to publicly criticize them, it takes some doing on their part.

I'd like to think that if Steve Breaston, or Braylon or Jay Feely or any of those guys want to have a word with Dave Brandon, all they need to do is to call him.  That's the way it ought to be, and that's the way I very much expect it is.

But when those guys start blabbing away on Twitter, then they are the ones who are acting like "20 year-old current students" on MGoBlog.  Actually, as far as their Twitter content goes, it's not even really up to MGoBlog standards. 


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We aren't hearing a lot of former M players speak up in favor of RR. If they were doing so, we'd hear about it one way or another. I can think of Graham, who voiced support at some point during the season. That's about it. Am I missing others? Or are there no others?


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I think the key here is that many of the comments are being made by guys who now play in the NFL.  They are comparing teams of years past that were loaded with NFL talen to a team that was highly talent-depleted upon RR's arrival.  Michigan has had very few players drafted in RR's tenure, and none of his own recruits have been here long enough to be drafted.  The implication (which we on here already know) is that the team Lloyd handed over was not up to the typical Michigan standard.

Like somebody said above, Hart, Henne and Long got drafted into the NFL, and none of them beat OSU either.  They are correct that Michigan is a shell of its former self, but if they are implying that this is entirely due to RR, they are mistaken.